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In My Mailbox (25)

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“In My Mailbox” is a meme, created by Kristi at The Story Siren, that features books I have

received/ purchased/ borrowed during the week. 

Guess what lovelies? Spring is in a few weeks! EEP. Can’t wait to go out again in the warm sun *sigh*. This week was pretty busy here on the blog. Zombie month is over and I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous zombie posts. March is already starting with a bang: have you all seen the gorgeous Black City cover reveal? You can even read the 1st chapter, AND win an ARC: Click here! It’s even open internationally so that’s pretty awesome – big thanks to Penguin Books for Young Readers. I also revealed the cover for Karice Bolton’s upcoming New Adult book – Lonely Souls. Check it out!

In other Xpresso news; in case you missed it, The Weeping blog tour dropped by on Tuesday for an awesome dream cast, my review and a chance to win a SIGNED copy – have a look! As for future tours, you can look forward to April 23rd when I’ll have the Siege tour dropping by. This is the 3rd book in Rhiannon Frater’s As The World Dies zombie trilogy, which is an incredible series that you REALLY have to read! You can read my glowing review on the first book here. Well, that’s all for highlights this week. Moving on to my mailbox!

I received for review:
 This cover is SO shiny and pretty, I really love how it looks in real life. 
I just finished it too and it’s awesome!

*I big thank you to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Taryn Browning, Kendall Grey, Random House Children’s Books and Random House Canada for the review copies!
I also received this awesome swag from two of my favorite bloggers: Andrea from The Bookish Babes, and the really neat Hunger Games charm bracelet from Savannah from Books with Bite.
So this is my haul this week!
What pretties did you get?
Leave me a link! :)
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103 Responses to “In My Mailbox (25)”

  1. Shawna Johnson

    Awesome swag and even better books! I also got Inhale this week and I am SO excited to get started. I have seen The Stone Girl twice now this week and I have never seen it before. I love the cover so I really need to go check it out. Great haul and I hope you enjoy all of your reads!

    You can check out my IMM here.
    Dreaming In The Pages

  2. Rebecca (Kindle Fever)

    I can’t wait to read Hanging by a Thread myself! It sounds super good. And I’m real curious about The Stone Girl as well ;o And Inhale… And Starters. LOL. Should we just say everything?

    Awesome IMM! Hope everything’s as good as it seems! I wish spring came here in a few weeks, but it’s rather a few months to go :( Blah. Want warmth!

  3. Heather

    Those are all pretty fantastic covers. And I’m seeing a trend, but one I like. My mailbox was empty this week but I’ve placed a few orders that should have it full by next week!

  4. Tara

    i hear great things about Grave Mercy!!! how exciting!!! great books and Inhale sounds great also!! im so adding it to my list!
    that is some awesome swage also!!!

    did you know i did my first vlog today? and guess what? your in it!!! hehe great week!!

    Tara’s IMM

  5. Nick

    Awesome books Giselle!
    I’ve been wanting to read Grave Mercy since a very long time! I can’t wait to read your review for it!

    Happy reading :)

  6. Mel

    What a fantastic selction of books! I finished Grave Mercy this week and I loved it. I really want to get my hands on Hanging By A Thread – I adore Sophie Littlefield. She’s one of my favourite authors since I read the Aftertime trilogy!

  7. Sam

    I love the hunger games bracelet thing! I want me one of those. ;) You got some awesome books this week, Giselle! I can’t wait to hear what you think of them all, especially Grave Mercy. Everyone seems to love that so far! :)

  8. Carina

    Love this IMM – it’s full of pretty books. :D I really hope that you’ll enjoy all of these – can’t wait for your reviews!

    Have a lovely week,

    P.s.: Can’t wait for spring either. I’m definitely in the mood for warmer temperatures and sun! :D

  9. Amy

    Great mailbox! I got Grave Mercy and Whispering Hills too! Hanging By A Thread sounds really good. Yay for swag! That bracelet is really awesome too. :)

  10. Lindsay

    LOOOOOVE the charm bracelet… it is so friggin’ adorable!

    Great mailbox this week… some titles we both got so I know you have some seriously great taste ;) Enjoy

    Here is my IMM

    Happy Reading!
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages

  11. Celine

    So many people got Grave Mercy, haha! I got it too, and I’m very much looking forward to read it (:

    Oh man, summer can’t come soon enough for me. Reading in the sun with a nice cold drink.. Heaven.

    Have a great week! (:
    Celine ~ Nyx Book Reviews
    My IMM

  12. Simply Kayla

    AHHH!!! Starters looks and sounds amazing! I can’t wait to get the chance to read it. You got some wonderful books :D Great Swag also! I hope you enjoy reading them all! Happy Reading.

    Kayla @ Simply Kayla’s Book Reviews

    Here is the link to my IMM: Click Here

  13. Rachel

    Incredible goodies this week Gisellle! Love the bracelet–the movie is so close now. Squee! I really wanna read Grave Mercy. It looks awesome.

    Happy reading <3

  14. BookStacksOnDeck

    Aw, I love that bracelet! I’ve seen a lot about Starters lately – sounds pretty good. Glad you liked it! Hanging By A Thread sounds good too – had to go rush & request that one & add to my TBR list! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!
    -Heather/My IMM

  15. A Backwards Story

    I loved GRAVE MERCY and am excited the embargo is over so I can finally read it! I just requested THE STONE GIRL off NG this morning. I received a physical ARC of STARTERS this week at work, which is awesome, since the e-ARC is expired, I think!

  16. Michelle

    I loved Starters and the book cover looks amazing, I must buy a copy soon. I have seen Grave Mercy but not the other books so I will checkthem out :D
    Love the swag you got, check out My IMM

  17. Heidi

    I got Grave Mercy (okay, who didn’t?) and The Stone Girl this week as well! I’m currently halfway through Starters, hoping to finish it today because you’re right. It’s freakin’ awesome. I love that I don’t know where it’s going. Enjoy!

  18. kimba88

    Lovely! We have some of the same books..great minds think a like ;)
    I won a finished copy of Starters and cannot wait to see the shiny cover. Jealous of your swag!

  19. Andrea @The Bookish Babes

    Hi, Giselle!

    I’m so glad you got the bookmarks! They’re pretty gorgeous. I am really happy you took Inhale for review. Kendall is an amazing writer. I can’t wait to see what you think. I hope you enjoy all the books!

  20. Lexie

    Okay, so you got a lot of REALLY awesome books this week–Starters, Grave Mercy (which I’ve heard so many good things about), Hanging by a Thread–but the star of the week is undeniably the Hunger Games charm bracelet. SO JEALOUS. I need one.

    My IMM

  21. Marmaladelibby (aka Ange)

    Awesome bracelet!! Great mailbox; I added Starters and Inhale to my TBR list! I just grabbed up Grave Mercy from NetGalley this week and have seen people gushing about how great it is so I think it might need to jump to the head of the list! :) Check out our IMM this week!

  22. Elodie

    Awesome haul Giselle !!
    I can’t wait to read both Grave Mercy and Starters !! I love the swag, especially the Hunger Games charm bracelet !!
    Happy reading :)

  23. JJ iReads

    I heard Grave Mercy was on NetGalley this week and somehow I was under my usual rock and missed it. Gah!! I love the cover for Starters. I didn’t manage to snag an ARC so I’ll be waiting for it to be released to read it. I keep hearing great things about it.

    Happy Reading!

    JJ iReads
    Check out what I got In My Mailbox this week

  24. A. Knight

    Oh, so awesome that you got Grave Mercy! Is there ANYONE who ISN’T excited for it? Historical Fantasy + Paranormal = let me have it!

    I LOOOOVE your Hunger Games bracelet. That is quite simply adorable :)


  25. Jessirae

    I’m sooo jealous of your shiny copy of Starters! I’m so going to get my own copy for sure. lol. I also want that bracelet! :) Love all the books you got too. I’m going to put them all on my list! Happy reading Giselle! Will be waiting on your awesome reviews <3

    My IMM

  26. Novels On The Run

    Wow STarters cover looks gorgeous and love all the other reads you have. I have Grave MErcy on netgalley and whopping thick book!! I am looking forward to reading Whispering Hills.

    Have fun reading !!


  27. Little Miss Becky : )

    OOOH, look how pretty and shiny Starters is!! Great stuff! I’ve been trying to resist requesting all of the fantastic stuff that’s been showing up in Netgalley! :D Hanging by a Thread looks so good, though!

  28. Mel

    I’ve been wanting to read Starters. I am bookmarking this post so I can add the books you’ve mentioned to my horribly long to read list. Thanks for some great ideas. Grave Mercy and Whisping Hills both look good!

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