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10 Stationery Items To Help You Organize Your Life in 2k18

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I love love love love writing tools and notebooks and nice paper and literally everything that gives me some semblance of control in my life. So, I spend a lot of my time window-shopping for these things and decided to compile some of the things I’ve had my eye on into a nice, handy-dandy list. Note that I am not an affiliate for any of these sites and receive NO money if you choose to click on buy links. But you know, lemme know so I can turn green with envy.

1. Brush Pens

I feel like brush pens have become a much bigger deal since bullet journaling has taken the world by storm but if you’re like me, and not really a bullet journaler, I think the pens are still gorgeous and just make me want to //do// things.

2. Tackle Box

I realize this isn’t ~really~ a practical thing but its cute and you know WHAT? CUTE HELPS WITH MY PRODUCTIVITY. Don’t shame.

3. Stickies that Smell like Macarons

I am sorry, you don’t want post-its that smell like your fav macaron flavors?? Who even are you???

4. Wooden Storage Desk

I’ve been all about the rustic/minimilist vibes lately and am really into this tiny storage desk. Like idk if all my stationery would fit in it, but it’s still hella cute.

5. Novelty Pencils

A cute, fandom pencil is definitely gonna make me more likely to get work done. For sure. How exciting.

6. Weekly Desk Planner

I am a planner and usually like having a million different things to write my to-do lists on and a weekly planner makes the task even more fun. ALSO THIS SET COMES WITH STICKIES AND I LOVE STICKIES.

7. Thank You Cards

I’ve really gotten into Thank You cards these past couple years so I always try to have some. These are pretty $$$$ but they are cute! TJ Maxx has some cheaper ones that are also hella cute if you wanna stock up!

8. Flower Paperclips

Okay but like we could all use some cute-ass paperclips. TBH, I don’t think I could ever use them to turn in assignments because I’d be really sad to see one go.

9. Holographic Sloth Tape Dispenser

10. See Through Highlighters

These are all the rage right now and honestly, I am here for these fancy-pants highlighters. Will they fix my life? Maybe not but a girl can hope.


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  1. Valerie

    I hate you because I want all of these. I HAVE THE BRUSH PENS THOUGH.

    Also you should check out Passion planners. They are my fave. I bought my mom one and she loved it.

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