Sunday, September 07, 2014

Jenni’s Goodbye!

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Heya folks!

It feels like just yesterday I was helping to compose my welcome to Xpresso Reads post, ah the memories! With that fond statement I’m here to say that the times they are a changin’ once again here on the blog.  I haven’t been feeling blogging as of late and  I’ve been pursuing some other interests and tasks so I feel really pressed for time (see all the recently finished furniture on my Instagram!) So I am going to be saying goodbye to blogging, maybe for a while and maybe for good.  I will definitely still be reading and doing mini reviews on Goodreads but I won’t be doing it as frequently as before.

In my time blogging I not only made so many great friends, but my eyes were opened to a whole section of the internet that I didn’t even know existed.  I had no idea it was possible to become so close with the authors I love and the publishers they work with.  Even though things weren’t always the most positive (every community has it’s fair share of drama right?) this is the most welcoming blogosphere I can imagine.  I also came to expand my reading horizons and had so many books brought into my life that I probably would have never taken a glance at if it wasn’t for my involvement with book blogging.  What brought those to my attention and made all of this worthwhile really is the people, and although it started to feel like a full time job it was one that I was so happy to do (until now!) because of each and every person I met along the way.

The one thing that has made me afraid to walk away from blogging for so long is that I am so scared of losing all of the friends that I have made on this journey.  I can’t even think of the number of people I have become close with, whether it’s on Twitter or from visiting their blogs, and I don’t want to feel disconnected from anybody.  I cherish these relationships and want them to continue to grow in the years to come.  I especially thought my co-blogger here was going to smack me one, but she knows she can’t get rid of me too easily, I have your number Giselle! MWAHAHAHAHA! You are not only my co-blogger but you have become a friend that I hope to have for life, and yes, ONE DAY WE WILL MEET! When it really comes down to it Jessica of Literary Etc. said it best when she said “I’m sure you won’t lose any friends. Books may have brought friendships, but other interests kept them around. :)” I hope this is true and that everyone still keeps in touch with me!

Be sure to remember my links to Goodreads and Twitter (note the handle change) so that we can stay in touch!

27 Responses to “Jenni’s Goodbye!”

  1. Reanna

    This makes me a little sad, but you have to do what’s right for you. I will definitely keep stalking your Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads. I hope you make a return to blogging someday, but for now I’ll just enjoy keeping up with your DIY projects and other life notes 🙂


  2. Amanda

    You will be sincerely missed, and I’m sad to say goodbye!! Thanks for all the dedication you’ve gifted “Xpresso Reads” with, and I hope you live a happy life doing what your heart desires!! We’ll be welcoming you back with open arms if you ever decide to come back to the blogging world, but if not good look on your future endeavors!! 🙂

  3. Kristin @ My ParaHangover

    Awww… you never know.. it could just be a breather! You could get the “itch” back and all of a sudden, you find that time has suddenly become available! Well, okay, that’s a long shot but you could definitely get the itch!!! 🙂 We’ll see you over on Goodreads, though!!!

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    Aw, I understand feeling like other interests are taking too much time away from blogging. So far, I’m fairly content to make it work but it’s important to do what you feel is best. 🙂

  5. Pili

    I’ll miss your reviews here for sure Jenni, but I’m glad that you’ll still be around on Twitter! Sometimes you have to do what you think it’s right, and if that’s stop blogging for you, then you do it. *sends hugs*

  6. Melissa Robles

    Aw, and just when I stopped by on the blog. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get to know you but I can see from all the lovely comments that you will be terribly missed. I wish you luck!

  7. Aylee

    Aww, Jenni, I will definitely miss your blogger voice, but at least you’re not leaving behind all your social sites. If ever you feel the urge to vlog now and then (with Stella or without), then I would love that because you guys are super entertaining!

  8. Faye D'Social Potato

    Awww, bye, Jenni! It was nice reading your reviews and listening to your videos, and it’s sad you’re leaving the blogosphere. But alas, it’s understandable that at the end of the day, real life takes priority. If you ever come back, we’d be waiting for you 😀

  9. Sarah C.

    Aww, I’ll miss reading your reviews and posts Jenni! I always appreciated your point of view. Good luck on your new adventures! (will you still be doing vlogs with Stella?)