Friday, December 15, 2017

Reading for the Holidays

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‘Tis the season and you might be craving a book reflective of the season to read. Well don’t you worry, I did ~some~ work to compile a list of some recent-ish releases to get you in the mood for the holidays!


Picture Books

Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas by Pamela Ehrenberg

If the title and cute cover doesn’t sell you on this one, I don’t know what will. I heard the title and I knew I needed this adorable picture book in my life.

Fred and the Lumberjack by Steven Weinberg

This adorable little picture book isn’t centered around any holiday but its still such a goo read for the season. Its got a little beaver who just wants to make a new friend and a home. 10/10 cuteness rating.

Middle Grade

The Girl Who Saved Christmas by Matt Haig

NYT said it was Roald Dahl meets Charles Dickens meets Christmas. It looks so adorable and I’d definitely watch a movie if one was made.

La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman

Maybe I am just biased because I’ve only been waiting for this trilogy for a decade but while I haven’t read La Belle Sauvage yet, it just seems like such a good book to curl up to on a cold winter night. Someone is embarking on an adventure thats delightful and builds up to something big.

Young Adult

The Chaos of Standing Still by Jessica Brody

I haven’t read this one quite yet but it features a girl stuck at an airport because of a storm, secret New Year Eve’s parties, Illuminati conspiracies and more. Just as an FYI, the main character is dealing with her grief post the death of her friend so be aware if that’s something that will impact you.

The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

I HAVE read The Afterlife of Holly Chase and while I struggled with the book, I decided to feature it anyway because I think that is has a really interesting take on a beloved classic and I think it will be a fitting read for the right reader.


Hiddensee by Gregory Maguire

The cover to this book is so fascinating and draws me right in. I know Gregory Maguire is known for his takes on classic fairytales and I am really excited to see what he does with nutcracker!

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa de la Cruz

I discovered this while finding books for this post and was shocked I’d never heard of it??? It’s a gender-swapped retelling of P&P around Christmas time!! Which is already sounding like a win. The reviews are a mixed bunch so do keep that in mind but I certainly think it has the potential to at least be a cute little read for the wintertime.


Any books you think I should add to ~my~ tbr? Is there a book from this list you really want to read? Let me know!

Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life

Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life

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Holidays are officially in season! I mean they’ve technically been in season for a while but… its all official now. Happy first day of Hannukah to those who celebrate! It’s last minute but today I am bringing you a list of bookish goodies to buy the bookworm in your life. I promise it’ll be more helpful than last year (but, okay, if anyone got me any of those things, I’d be a happy person.) A little last minute shopping never hurt anyone!

1. Puffin Classics

They are fairly inexpensive and come with jaw-dropping covers. Know a bookworm in your life who appreciates classics and gorgeous covers? Cannot go wrong with one of these:

2. Notebooks

There are lots of them out there and a bookworm will always cherish a bookish…

Bookish Confessions

Bookish Confessions

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The new year is just around the corner and it’s gonna be a new year, new me (probably for like 5 seconds.) To aid my journey of reinventing myself for 2018, I thought I’d get some deep, dark, confessions off my chest. I hope you’ll still want to hang with me after learning about some of the horrifying things I’ve done but if not, I understand.


1. Like a regular person, I like to eat while I read but one time, while I was reading Breaking Dawn which I had borrowed from my review, I accidentally dropped the slice of pizza I was eating inside the book and never told my friend. She never said anything and didn’t disown me so I guess she never found out.


Fresh Batch (December 10th-16th)

Fresh Batch (December 10th-16th)

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Fresh Batch, posted weekly, keeps you up to date on the hottest releases of the upcoming week.

Flavor of the week:

The Truth Beneath the Lies Amanda Searcy Publication date: December 12th 2017by Delacorte Press

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Fight or Flight.

All Kayla Asher wants to do is run. Run from the government housing complex she calls home. Run from her unstable mother. Run from a desperate job at No Limit Foods. Run to a better, cleaner, safer life. Every day is one day closer to leaving.

All Betsy Hopewell wants to do is survive. Survive the burner phone hidden under her bed. Survive her new rules. Survive a new school with new classmates. Survive being watched. Every minute grants her another moment of…

Book Girls Don’t Cry… They Angst About How to Arrange Their Bookshelves

Book Girls Don’t Cry… They Angst About How to Arrange Their Bookshelves

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If you identify as a bookworm, it is likely that you at least own a couple books. If you own a couple books, you’ve probably spend at least a little time wondering how you should arrange them. Author’s last name? Rainbows? Sizes? So many options. What it comes down to is

aesthetic vs convenience

Some people are fine arranging their books in color because they are really familiar with the color on the spines of the books they own. I am not that person. It takes me 5 mins to find a book when my shelves are in color vs the handful of seconds it takes me when they are arranged by authors last name. But, both ways have their pros and cons and I think it just comes down…

The Five Stages of a Book Slump

The Five Stages of a Book Slump

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I have a shameful secret. I’ve sorta of been in a book slump these past couple weeks. I am still reading but nothing really calls out to me and I’d honestly rather just watch TV than read a book. I wonder if its because I have a craving for a certain kind of book and cannot find something that fits the bill or if its just because I am extremely exhausted (emotionally & mentally) and don’t want to do anything anymore.

1. No book looks good.

You’ve tried starting five but have DNFed 10. Will a book ever look good again?

2. So you start watching TV.

You are now 6 seasons deep into a show you started 3 days ago, with no end in sight. Will this be over?…

Fresh Batch (December 3rd-9th)

Fresh Batch (December 3rd-9th)

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Fresh Batch, posted weekly, keeps you up to date on the hottest releases of the upcoming week.

Flavor of the week:

Foolish Hearts Emma Mills Publication date: December 5th 2017by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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A contemporary novel about a girl whose high school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream leads her to new friends—and maybe even new love.

The day of the last party of the summer, Claudia overhears a conversation she wasn’t supposed to. Now on the wrong side of one of the meanest girls in school, Claudia doesn’t know what to expect when the two are paired up to write a paper—let alone when they’re both forced to try out for the school production of A Midsummer Night’s…

The Hamilton-Insipired Romances You Didn’t Know You Wanted: Hamilton’s Battalion

The Hamilton-Insipired Romances You Didn’t Know You Wanted: Hamilton’s Battalion

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Hamilton’s Battalion is one of the most unique romance anthologies I’ve had the pleasure of reading, ever. You’ve probably heard of Hamilton unless you live under the rock. The musical has really brought a lot of attention to Alexander Hamilton and given way to a lot of other media that adapts and retells historical events. This trio of romances is not only perfect for fans of historical romance but also for any Hamilton fans who just want ~more~.

This anthology is not only unique because it is one of the first ones that are inspired by Hamilton but also because even though it is three different stories by three different authors, the stories have a common overarching story.

Eliza Hamilton is collecting stories about her late husband and has reached…