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Review: Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers

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I received this book for free from Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae MyersInherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers
Published by Bloomsbury on February 10th 2015
Genres: YA
Source: Bloomsbury
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The Competition:

Outlandishly wealthy Grandmother VanDemere has decided to leave her vast fortune to the family member who proves him or herself worthiest-by solving puzzles and riddles on a whirlwind race around the globe, from the mines of Venezuela to the castles of Scotland. There will be eight competitors, three continents . . . and a prize worth millions.

The Players:

Seventeen-year-old Avery is the black sheep of the VanDemere clan, the ostracized illegitimate daughter. Finally, she has a chance to prove herself . . . and to discover the truth about her long-lost mother.

Marshall might be Avery's uncle, but there's no love lost between the two of them. He's her main competition, and he'll do anything to win-including betray his own children.

Riley is the handsome son of Grandmother VanDemere's lawyer. As the game progresses, Avery falls hard for Riley. Suddenly, losing the game might mean losing him, too.

As the competition takes treacherous turns, it becomes clear there can only be one victor. Who can Avery truly trust? And is winning worth her life?

This book was a fun read. I liked the whole aspect of the tests that the family had to go through to try to win the inheritance. It was especially great, because things were not always as expected. Each test that they go through has to do with the family history and traits that their ancestors had. Pretty much all of the family are entitled shits who think that they deserve everything. Most of them annoyed me to no end, but it was all what made the overall story so good.

Avery is kind of a bit of a trouble maker. I don’t really blame her though. Abandoned by her father to live with her grandmother, she is pretty sheltered. She isn’t allowed to go hang out with friends or do pretty much anything. She starts sneaking out, and after someone informs her grandmother, she is sent off to a school that is more like a prison. She is quite a spunky character, and though she could irritate me at times, I really liked her. I could understand why she acted the way she did most of the time. She is also very brave and smart. And unlike everyone else in the family, she doesn’t really care about the money. She wants to win so she can get away, but she has never cared about riches or any of that. She just wants freedom.

Riley was great. He was of course supposed to be charming, which I can see how he was. Although he has his own reasons for wanting Avery to win, he also really does care for her. He is very helpful to her throughout the competition. Not just with the tests, but as a mental support as well. I really liked him.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it had a lot of fun and adventure. The characters were also really great whether I actually liked them or not. They all made the story well rounded. I loved the puzzle aspect of it, though most of the puzzles, we don’t know the history behind. It was still interesting though. It wasn’t perfect, but it was fun. If you are looking for an entertaining read this one is for you. I will read more books from this author for sure.


3.5 Hot Espressos

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7 Responses to “Review: Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers”

  1. Kayla (The Bookish Owl)

    This looks like a great read and it kind of reminds me of the 39 Clues series what with the whole “fighting for an inheritance” thing going on. I loved the original 39 Clues so I’m definitely going to check this out. Thanks for the input! You really made me want to read the book! 🙂

  2. Ramona

    I like fun reads and spunky characters! (Even if they can get annoying at times…) The blurb is pretty appealing too. Great review.

  3. Benish

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one but I do believe I might be able to like it since the characters sound fantastic, happy to hear you liked it Giselle! Thank you for the lovely review x