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Surviving A Redeemer: Guest Post by O’Dell Hutchison + Giveaway!

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I’m very happy to welcome O’Dell Hutchison on the blog today after the release of his newest book, Fingers in the Mist. I had the chance to read this way back before it got published and I loved it! If you love horror this one is not to be missed! Here’s a bit more about the book, and then O’Dell will tell us how doomed we all are!

Surviving A Redeemer: Guest Post by O’Dell Hutchison + Giveaway!Fingers in the Mist by O'Dell Hutchison
Published by Month9Books on February 24th 2015
Genres: Horror, Paranormal, YA
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Sixteen-year-old Caitlyn Foster never believed in the legend of the Redeemers. That was before the trees started to whisper her name. Before a murder of crows attacked the town. Before she and her family came home to find a bloody handprint on their front door, marking one of them as a sacrifice. As Caitlyn’s friends are ripped from their homes, she knows it’s only a matter of time before the Redeemers come for her. Caitlyn has the power to stop the terror, but she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to sacrifice herself to save those she loves.



Guest Post by O’Dell Hutchison

Surviving in the Face of a Redeemer… or Not.

The normal, everyday Joe would not be able to survive a Redeemer. In fact, until Caitlyn came along, no one has ever (to the knowledge of the townsfolk of Highland Falls) been able to survive them. The rules are simple:

    1. First of all, stock up on nonperishable food and lots of water. You’ll need it.
    2. The Redeemers select seven people from the town as sacrifices. If your house isn’t marked with a bloody handprint, congratulations! The amount of terror your family will face is limited over the next week. The most you’ll have to deal with is staying in your house without running water and electricity for the next seven days. No internet, no TV, no cell phones, but you get to live. Provided you…
    3. Stay in your house. No matter what, you cannot step outside during the lockdown period. If you do, you’re fair game. Even if your family wasn’t selected and you decide to take a stroll in the fog (because, you know YOLO and all that craziness), you’re dead. Done. Shredded by Redeemer claws. Your soul sucked out your ear and your body pulverized. Sound fun? Didn’t think so. Stay in your house!
    4. If your family was selected, well, my condolences to you and yours. There’s really nothing I, or anyone else, can do for you. When they come to take their sacrifice, let them do what they came to do. Don’t go after them! You can’t stop them. You can’t save your family member. You’ll end up dead as well. (See #3 above).

I know. It sucks. There’s basically no hope for the families of those selected. I mean, they can pray for the Redeemers to take the annoying drunk uncle, or the drama-causing aunt, but, that isn’t how it’s gone down in the past. They always seem to take the kids. Some say it’s because of something, or someone, called Malahas, but that’s just an old Native American legend. Right? If I were you, I wouldn’t bother trying to find out. Follow the rules… unless, of course, your name is Caitlyn Foster. If that’s the case, go on with your crazy self. You possess something special, something that just might put an end to this terror… if it doesn’t end you first.

As always, thanks for having me on the blog, Giselle! You rock.


About the Author

O’Dell was born in a small rural town in Idaho. There were no Redeemers living there (that he knows of). After attending college in the Pacific Northwest, he found his way to the Houston area. By day, he is a Business Systems Analyst and at night you can either find him sitting at home, dreaming of random super powers he wishes he had, or directing plays and musicals at various theaters around Houston.

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  1. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    I don’t know if I want to meet these Redeemers. I don’t need this list because I’m never encountering one. It has CLAWS. *shudders* I’d rather lock myself in my basement!
    This sounds fun, Giselle and I love that cover. Thanks for sharing! 🙂