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Binge Read a Series: Hidden Legacy by llona Andrews

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Series: Hidden Legacy
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The covers for these series may not be even remotely exciting but I can promise you that these books are worth the read. If you don’t live beneath a rock, you may be familiar with the works of powerhouse Ilona Andrews. Kate Daniels was all the rage back in the day (and I think the series is still ongoing??) and almost everyone I knew loved those books. I enjoyed them but never fell in love the way so many of my friends/acquaintances had. However, when I read Burn for Me back in 2014, I was sucked in forever and ever.

I was so upset when I found out that White Hot had been pushed back to 2017 because that meant I had to wait 2.5 years for a sequel. 2.5 YEARS PEOPLE. THATS LONGER THAN A HUMAN SHOULD HAVE TO WAIT. Fortunately, Ilona Andrews delivered and made that wait worth it. Unfortunately, with books 2 & 3 coming out in quick succession, I had to say goodbye to these characters and was s.a.d.

However, dear reader, you have the opportunity of BINGE READING this series and savoring these books without the long painful waits I & many other fans have had to endure. So should you read these books? I might be being a tad redundant here but the answer is yes yes & yes. If you’re a fan, idek what you’re waiting for and you need to get out of here and pick the books up but if you’re not, then perhaps I need to put a little bit more effort into being persuasive.

Maybe you are a fellow connoisseur of adult urban fantasy novels and might agree that coming across new, intriguing worlds is hard. The world in the Hidden Legacy series is well developed and brings something new to the genre. It’s been a while since a UF series has caught my attention the way Hidden Legacy which is unfortunate but also just means that this series was THAT GOOD.

Nevada Baylor is the kind of character that Ilona Andrews nail. She is smart and takes no fucking shit from anyone. This doesn’t mean she is a recycled version of previous characters that they have done. SHE ISN’T. She is a born leader and perhaps doesn’t always ask for help when she should but that’s okay because she has a pushy family that would never let her feel as she is on her own. Good characters are fun to read about but they wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if they didn’t have good support systems and a good supporting cast to enhance their journeys and the Baylor clan is my fav.

There is also a steaming hot, banter-y romance for those that care. Rogan is a little pushy sometimes but it works out because Nevada pushes back with twice as much strength. They complement each other very well and honestly, their banter is so so SO GOOD.

Basically, you need this series in your life for several reasons but if you want to find a new bookish family to love in a magical, scary world, the Hidden Legacy books are the way to go.


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One Response to “Binge Read a Series: Hidden Legacy by llona Andrews”

  1. Valerie

    I’m so glad that she ended up releasing the last (?) two books within a month. I can’t IMAGINE how hard it was for you to hold out for 2.5 years.

    I still need to get to these sequels. ONE DAY.

    You’re right though Burn For Me was really really good. I should reread it.