Thursday, February 22, 2018

6 Libraries to Visit Before You Die

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1. Qarawiyyin Library (Morocco)

One of the worlds oldest libraries, it was founded by a woman in the ninth century and hosts some of the rarest texts known to us. It was also restored by a woman which makes it doubly as cool.

2. Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt)

I think as bookworms, we can all agree we would lose our shit if the remains of the Ancient Library of Alexandria were found but in the mean time, this awesome library that they build to commemorate it is noteworthy. It was also a $220 million project so…

3. Library of Congress (United States)

I know its kind of cliche to have this library on this list but I truly think that the Library of Congress is a bucket-list item and absolutely stunning.

4. Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart Public Library (Germany)

This is a public library and I literally cannot believe something so beautiful exists thats basically a regular library. I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS if I got to curl up on a couch and just read a fun book.

5. The Library of Trinity College: The Long Room (Ireland)

I have a friend who goes to Trinity College and she posted a pic of this library when she visited and ever since then, I’ve been green with envy and aching to visit this library.

6. José Vasconcelos Library (Mexico)

Umm this library is absolutely stunning and the pictures I’ve seen show a whale skeleton hanging around? It takes up about 38,000 square feet of space and looks amazing. It was also quite a pricey project and named to honor an important Mexican political figure who was also a huge promoter of reading and books!

Any of these libraries on your bucket list? Any others?? Let me know!

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10 Responses to “6 Libraries to Visit Before You Die”

  1. Joy Lennick

    Doubt I’ll see the beautiful libraries, but I have the memories of so many wonderful books in the labyrinth of my mind, it doesn’t bother me. (I could be lured somewhere dark and mysterious by chocolate brownies though…) Yum. Cheers! x

  2. Ethan

    I visited the Stockholm library last year. It is a large, circular building with several stories of books. I was particularly impressed that they had books in a variety of languages and a large section of crime fiction.