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In My Mailbox (6)

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“In My Mailbox” is a meme, created by Kristi at The Story Siren, that features books I’ve 
received/ purchased/ borrowed during the current week. 

How are you all doing this week? I had a pretty uneventful one, really. It’s getting cold and steady rain is kind of boring, but great for reading (glass half full, right?). So this week I suddenly got a bunch of ARCs that I had requested as well as a few author review requests, so the list is a little crazy. I’m glad the release dates are scattered or I’d never be able to get them all posted in time. 
What I got for review (click on cover for Goodreads synopsis):
I want to thank Random House, Harlequin, Walker Chilren’s Book, Entangled Publishing, Taryn Browning, Jodi Lamm and Ali Cross for the review copies.

I have won
 Thanks to Mari of Escape In A Book & Avery of Avery’s Book Nook.
I have bought:

So I think I’m all set for a little while (or until next week at least). I’m currently reading Liesl & Po and so far it’s incredible I love it. I’m also really excited about Hunting Lila and Witch Song I have been looking forward to them for months and I only got them now. 
What have you all gotten? Make sure to leave me a link so I can drop by.

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129 Responses to “In My Mailbox (6)”

  1. KTJ

    oooh sooo jealous about Obsidian!! I can’t wait to read it!! The Girl of Fire and Thorns is amazing! and I have Hunting Lila and Witch Song on the way to me in the mail! and Lola sitting on my shelf waiting to be read!

    Happy reading, you got a fantastic haul this week!

  2. Sagacity Quest

    yay! You got Liesl & Po too,I’m looking forward to start it soon! The other books looks great; all of them I’m excited to check out! Enjoy your books and Happy reading!

  3. Giselle

    I actually JUST finished Liesl & Po like an hour ago and I LOVED it! It’s such a sweet feel-good book! My review will be posted this week 🙂

  4. Shirley

    Fantastic haul this week!! Lola and Hunting Lila are both AMAZING books! Hunting Lila especially! It needs more love and recognition <3 I received Dark Seeker as well; can't wait to read it! I've heard great things about Obsidian! I think the average rating on goodreads is like 5? Can't wait for its release!

  5. Lindsey (A Storm of Words)

    I haven’t yet read any of these titles save for one, but they all sound interesting so I shall be adding them to my tbr list and looking forward to your reviews! The one book I have read from this batch is Lola and the Boy Next Door and it is AMAZING. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂

    My IMM is here 🙂

  6. TG

    I’ve still gotta get The Girl of Fire and Thorns. It’s the only book from last month I didn’t get, but I love high fantasy, so it totally sounds like my kind of book.

    I really want to read Hunting Lila, too. Oh, and Demon Lover looks great.

  7. Grace Fonseca

    Oh i’m so jealous that you got Fracture. I want that one so badly. Good amount of books. Rae Carson will be at Books of Wonder in November. Great haul. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

  8. Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks

    Oh wow, you do have a number of lovely books this week. I see a few familiar ones:
    Liesl and Po and Fracture – seems to have been shared to quite a number of book bloggers recently. Nice!
    Among the titles you have here, I am interested in “The Girl in the Dark” and “Titan Magic.”
    You do have your reading cut out for you. Have fun!

    Here’s my IMM:

  9. Alison

    Wow lots of interesting books! Hope you enjoy Liesl and Po.

    [FYI, I’m having problems with your blog on Firefox. The XX comments text covers up the Post comment button so I’m unable to post any comments. Is there something you could maybe tweak to fix it?]

  10. Ron C. Nieto

    What a great, huge pile! Stress on the huge 🙂

    I’ve been wondering about the Girl of Fire and Thorns for a good while now. Demon lover and Dark Seeker both look promising. I’ll be looking forward to your comments on them!

    Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  11. Chloe Booklover

    Everyone’s saying great things about Liesl & Po! I really want to read it now! Lola is fantastic 😀 I also have Witch Song but haven’t read it yet. I want to read Hunting Lila really badly as well 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Chloe @ YA Booklover Blog

  12. jowearsoldcoats

    I really want to read Liesel and Po… I’ve heard it’s a beautiful book 🙂

    Brilliant selection here, Giselle.
    Hope you enjoy them & I’m looking forward to your reviews!

  13. Justin941

    Great IMM this week. 🙂 I’ve been hearing a lot about Liesl & Po recently, will have to try and pick up a copy of it eventually. And you also got some really awesome books for review.

    Here is my IMM for this week: IMM(4)

  14. storyseekers

    Ah, so awesome! I want most of the books, and have a few of my own! I can’t wait to read Lola and The Boy Next Door!

    Thanks for commenting on ours!


  15. LillyReader

    Wow! A lot of books I haven’t heard of, but I might have to check out! I hope you enjoy your books. Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Happy Reading! 🙂

  16. Anna

    I bought Lola and Liesl and Po last week 🙂 They both look amazinggg 🙂 I can’t wait to read them! And you got so many review books! HOLY CRAP! Jealous.

    My IMM

  17. Amanda

    Become looks really good! Going to have to look into it.

    I’m wanting Obsidian so bad, but know there’s no way I can get to it. 🙁 Too many books!

    Hope you enjoy them all! Thanks for stopping by mine. 🙂
    Amanda @ Letters Inside Out

  18. Jacquelynne

    Holy awesomeness batman!! lol. You have gotten such a fabulous haul of books this week! How will you ever read them all? haha. I am so incredibly jealous you have gotten The Demon Lover for review!! lol. I am looking forward to what you think! 🙂

    Happy Reading!! And thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!!

  19. Jennifer

    I just found the hottest IMM of the week. I’m sooo jealous that you received On a Dark Wing. Jordan is my favorite author. dying to read this one. Enjoy!

  20. Sky

    Great books! I love The Girl of Fire and Thorns and Lola and the Boy Next Door. Obsidian and Fracture look great. I want to read Hunting Lila so bad!
    -Sky My IMM

  21. readingdate

    You had an epic week in books! Glad you are loving Liesl & Po. I’m reading Fracture now and it’s pretty good so far. And I thought Graffiti Moon was incredible.
    Enjoy all your awesome new reads!

  22. Michelle

    That is an amazing IMM this week, you have some really great books. Fracture, Fire & Thorns, Witch Song, and i love the cover for Dark Seeker.

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM

  23. Bookworm1858

    Wow-what a haul! You are going to be super busy juggling all of those books plus the ones you already have and then life in general-what an awesome problem 🙂

  24. Andrea

    Great haul! I can’t wait to read Obsidian. I have Lola and Girl of Fire and Thorn, too, but don’t know when I’ll get to read.Hope you enjoy all the books!
    Thanks for stopping by The Bookish Babes!

  25. slayra

    Oh wow! This is a great mailbox! So many great books, some of the covers are gorgeous! Enjoy your books and thanks for the comment. ^_^

  26. Kara_Malinczak

    Yes Giselle, I am participating in the Pyxis blog tour. I’m the very last stop on December 7th. I’m very excited to read it.

    Great haul of books you have. I am jealous you got Obsidian. I am a huge fan of Half-Blood.

  27. BookBreather

    You got a ton of awesomeness in your mailbox this week! And the books you bought are all books that I really want to read. Savor was also REALLY good 😀

    Happy reading 😀

  28. Liza

    Oh wow! Awesome week for you. I want to read Obsidian and The Girl of Fire and Thorns sound great too. Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by!

  29. P.E.

    W-O-W… You got so many awesome books! Hunting Lila, Lola and the Boy Next Door, the Girl of Fire and Thorns, Demon Lover, Obsidian, Fracture, to name a few. You just reminded me of a ton of books I need to be adding to my TBR. Thanks and have a blast reading them all!

    -P.E. (now following!)

  30. Tiffany Drew

    Wow, amazing group of books this week. Some I haven’t heard of but I will be heading straight to Goodreads to check them out. Very jealous of The Girl of Fire and Thorns!

    Thank you for stopping by Book Cover Justice 🙂

  31. Shadowrose96

    Wow! You have a lot of great books this week! So jealous. I’m a new follower! I’ll be looking forward to the reviews of some of these.

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM at In Libris Veritas

  32. Louisa

    Nice! I love the cover of The Girl of Fire and Thrones, and Fracture is an amazing book! I loved it, and I think, based on these books here, that you will, too 🙂

  33. Sarah

    Wow you got some amazing books this week!!

    I just finished Lola and I LOVED it!!! Hope you enjoy it as well 🙂

    happy reading and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  34. Agrippina Legit

    Wow, some great books this week 🙂 I feel like I’m a bad Australian for not having read Graffiti Moon yet. It’s on my to-read list, if that counts! 😉

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  35. Brodie

    Ooh jealous of Obsidian!! And Fracture and On A Dark Wing. Super excited to read those three in particular. SQUEEE I LOVE LOLA AND LILA!! Really hope you will too 😀

  36. Lizzie

    Look at all these books! *is jealous* I’ve never heard of Fracture but the cover is really pretty, I will have to look it up. I bought Lola too, and I ALMOST got The Girl of Fire and Thorns. =P Liesl & Po looks good, I need to get that one soon too. Enjoy these! 😀

  37. Christin

    You got Obsidian – lucky you! I cant wait to read that one. Looks like you have a lot of great books this week. Happy reading!

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM 🙂

  38. Vivian

    I’ve been dying to read Obsidian!!! Love Jen! Fracture & Demon Lover look very interesting, can’t wait to hear what you think about them!

    I can’t wait to read Lola & I’ve been wanting to get Girl of Fire. You def got some awesome books!

  39. Mist@BookaholicsBookClub

    Wow so many great books, I’ve heard fracture is amazing and that cover for become is really cool.
    I haven’t made up my mind about if I want liesl and po because I wasn’t a big fan of delirium so you’ll have to let me know how it is.
    I really enjoyed girl of fire and thorns and I have hunting Lila on my kindle to read 🙂

  40. Marie

    I don’t really know any of the books you have to review but some has awesome covers !!!
    Lola and the boy next door is great I liked it even more than Anna :).
    I really wnt to buy The girl of fire and thorn I heard great things about it !
    Happy reading !

  41. SweetMarie83

    Wow, that’s a lot of loot! I have quite a few of these on my TBR list, and I own Witch Song and Lola and the Boy Next Door, too. I’ll be curious to read your review for Demon Lover when you get to it, I really want to read that one!

  42. Nomes

    oh i am SO curious about ‘obsidian’ (although not overly fond of the cover, haha)

    and i LOVE graffiti moon and had so much fun with Hunting Lila

    this whole post is pretty awesome, actually 🙂