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Blogger Zombies Guest Post

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This post is part of Zombies vs Unicorns month co-hosted with Literary Exploration, YA-Aholic and YA Bookmark

Last month, I asked some of my fellow team zombie bloggers to drop by and explain why exactly, team zombie? Why are zombies so incredibly awesome that they will always be awesomer than unicorns? This is what they had to say!
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Andrea from The Bookish Babes

I’m going to take a semi-unpopular position here because I don’t love all zombies. Nope. They’re gross and I can’t even watch The Walking Dead without gagging. But, as it turns out, I do love some zombies. I was reading Dearly,Departed by Lia Habel, when I finally found a zombie who stole my heart, Bram Griswold. Bram, and his cohorts are not your typical zombies. Through the marvels of science, they have managed to slow their decay and retain most of their humanity. Their body parts are largely intact and they keep the shuffling to a minimum. Best of all, they do not eat people. In fact, Bram satisfies his protein cravings by eating “Nummy, nummy tofu”. They are soldiers, fighting the bad zombies. You know, the ones who actually do want to eat you. Day after day, as they inevitably rot away, they are out there, fighting for you. Kinda hot, right? So if you are like me, and thought you could never be “Team Zombie”, talk a walk on the “dead, but civilized side”. Go Team Zombie!

Bonnie from Sweet Tidbits
A good zombie story is always one of my favorite type of reads because when zombies are involved, you’re always in for a wild, exciting ride. They’re so unpredictable you never quite know what to expect! Honest and truly, the idea of zombies/a zombie apocalypse is truly terrifying. The dead returning to life with the sole intent of feasting on your body? That’s crazy talk, yet I’m somehow completely fascinated at the possibility. I think a lot of the appeal has to do with the state of the world when the apocalypse hits. The riots and the looting and the overall ‘survival of the fittest’ frame of mind would be a drastic change from the world we live in now, but it’s also a bit exciting if you ask me. 

Ashley (aka THE zombie queen) from The Bookish Brunette

Zombies are the SCARIEST, but also most diverse (in my opinion) of monsters. Yeah, I totally went there- right? There are no ‘vampire’ apocalypses, or ‘unicorn’ apocalypses… You only hear of the savagery of the walking dead annihilating the human race. To me this is freakier than ANY other sort of fiction.
Zombie… TEAM Alpha baby!
Besides the fact that zombies are by far the MOST awesome, rocksauce FABULOUS of supernatural creatures… I am their Queen… so how could you be Team anything else?? 🙂

MaryAnn from Chapter by Chapter

Zombies: The creatures that can haunt your nightmares and eat you alive without any signs of mercy whatsoever. The idea of zombies have been around probably since the beginning of time, when the cavemen were afraid that their fellow dead cavemen would rise from the grave and have an all you can eat buffet on every caveman tribe. Now obviously that hasn’t happened, but my point is that the fearful idea of the undead has always been real. You can’t go anywhere on the planet without hearing some countries superstition on how a once living person can return from the bright (or dark) beyond with a serious hankering for some flesh on a stick. Now I know that you are probably wondering why zombies just get to be so awesome? The answer is simple, zombies can be anybody. Any time, any place. Like right now; While you’re sitting behind that computer screen reading this an outbreak could be taking place and right outside your window your neighbors are turning into the undead. Or maybe it’s your best friend? The best and scariest part is that they will never stop their hunt for living flesh. But don’t be offended or anything! It’s nothing personal, they’re just hungry. And to prove my point that these zombies don’t stop is Bicycle Girl from The Walking Dead she doesn’t even have legs anymore and yet she continues patriotically try to eat you (now you should all feel so honored).

Katie from Katie’s Book Blog

I’m team zombie for many reasons but mainly because I figure if there is a zombie apocalypse, they might let me live.  Just kidding.  They would totally eat my brains but still, that’s why you just have to love them.  They certainly don’t discriminate.  Hehe.  Zombies are just pure awesome.  They don’t care about appearances (while some still manage to be good looking i.e. Warm Bodies and Dearly, Departed), they don’t break down when they lose limbs, and they certainly don’t worry when food supplies run out (always plenty of brains.)  Really, zombies are just made of awesome and it’s hard not to see why they would kick unicorn ass.  

Gabbi from Book Breathers

Why do zombies rock my polka-spotted toe socks? That’s like asking why the Weasley twins are so great–there are so many answers! First of all, zombies are the only creatures that can really rock that rotting corpse look. And, hello! They are going to take over the world one day. I’ve tried doing that before and it wasn’t easy. ;D Obviously, zombies are the best ever. 

Shellie from Creative Reads

*looks at title, looks around* Really guys…did you read the title? Who do you think will win this match? Will it be the one-horned-horse Unicorn or the Zombie who eats living things as snacks? Of course the Zombie is going to win because 1) They’re awesome 2) They’re already dead – what do they have to risk?! And 3) They aren’t the nice guys in this scenario, they are the gruesome ones. I honestly don’t see a Unicorn taking out a Zombie, which they might be able to do if they spear the head but this is a Unicorn we are talking about, I don’t think they even hurt flies let alone jab their horn through someone’s head, dead or not. On another side, when do you ever see Unicorn’s besides kids cartoons or in 1980 movies whereas Zombies still have their own show *cough, The Walking Dead* AND still have movies being made about them (current date, not umpteen years ago people). So in an a all out battle who do you think would win? The girlie Unicorn that prances around, or, the Zombie who nom noms on any living being? I’m going to go with the Zombie and you should too!

Christy from Love of Books
Confession: I was once Team Unicorn.  When I was very young, I had everything imaginable with unicorns on it.  When I was about 9-years-old I got up in the middle of the night and turned the television on.  That night I switched teams.  Forever.  What on earth could have caused such a change?  Night of the Living Dead was playing – the old black & white one.  From then on, I was absolutely fascinated with cannibalistic dead people. Unicorns can hold their own, but there is something utterly frightening about hoards  of rotting dead people wanting to eat you. Would you rather have a world full of horses with horns, or a world full of flesh eaters?  Zombies already win the psychological war, because when people are scared, they get stupid and make mistakes.  Zombies rule, hands down.   

Why do YOU think zombies are made of awesome (and decay)?

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16 Responses to “Blogger Zombies Guest Post”

  1. Amy

    Best post ever!! Obviously zombies are awesome!! I mean really Unicorns are all pretty and nice and stuff. Besides, there can’t be many Unicorns left living. They are super rare. Zombies come in huge hordes. No way Unicorns can compete with that. I don’t care if they are magical or not. And if Zombies are like in Dearly, Departed, we don’t really have too much to worry about. Yeah, there will be bad seeds, but if we have enough good ones we are all set.

  2. Rebecca (Kindle Fever)

    “Would you rather have a world full of horses with horns, or a world full of flesh eaters?”

    LOL, when you put it like that… Full of horses with horns please. We already have plenty of horse-like animals with horns up here where I live. 😉 *cough* rain deer, moose *cough* LOL.

    BUT I totally have to agree with Andrea up there. No doubt. And I so believe zombies would beat unicorns, sadly. o:

  3. Bonnie

    I am team zombie all the way and Andrea’s “talk a walk on the “dead, but civilized side” comment really cracked me up (I’m a little bit that way myself). This post is just pure awesome! 🙂

  4. Giselle

    Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the post with all these awesome bloggers! 🙂

    @Vidya-BooksAreMagic: Yeah I thought of it last month, glad you liked it! 🙂

    @Rebecca: When she puts it like that I think I’d like the horses better myself! Teehee We have plenty of moose and deers here too! I’ll be prepared! baha

  5. Greever Williams

    I have to agree with the majority of comments here: Zombies rule. Sure, they’re slow, but they are legion! And they have the additionally benefit of being someone you potentially knew before they became a shambling mass of flesh, so they can work that advantage as well. But please, oh please, keep my zombies glitter free…I hope nobody Twlightizes the walking dead…