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Xpresso Reads’ Blogoversary Kick Off

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Welcome to my 1 year blogoversary celebration week kick-off! 
Get ready for a week of awesome posts and epic giveaways!
Xpresso Reads turns 1!

Xpresso Reads turns one TODAY (September 9th) and I have a great week planned for my fabulous followers, readers, and friends who made it all happen! Without all of my supporters, I wouldn’t be where I am today after only one year. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I started my blog and I am overwhelmed with how much it all means to me now. The blogging, of course, but I have made friends for life as well. I have completely changed the way I see authors and publishers who intimidated me so much just a year ago. I have posts planned that will go into more details on these subjects so Today is just a kick-off THANK YOU and welcome to my blogoversary celebration week! I hope you love what I have planned for you!

What do I have planned? 

Every day I will be posting about different subjects on what an exciting year I had. I will be thanking so many people, talking about my experiences as part of the blogging community, and also answer the questions that I get on a regular basis about my blog. So, this week is all about me? Well yes, yes it is. >.< I will be posting my scheduled reviews as well so you won't miss any epic (or failed) reads!

Did you say giveaways?
What’s a party without some prizes? Every day this week I will be including giveaways where you can win some fabulous books, swag, and book related surprises. I have SO many incredible authors and publishers who were very generous to help me make this celebration the best it can be! So don’t forget to thank them along the way. They helped make this week fantastic! Plus, where would we be without these fabulous people? *gasp* So THANK YOU to the fabulous authors and publishers who offered goodies for this event. It means the world!
What better way to launch this blogoversary bash than with a chance to win a few of my very favorite books!

Giveaway day 1!
Kendare Blake, Kathleen Peacock, and Rhiannon Frater have generously offered up signed copies of their awesome books for giveaway. A BIG thank you!
Up for grabs:

There will be THREE winners in this order:
  • One signed copy of Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock (US/Can)
  •  One signed copy of Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake (US)
  • One signed copy of Vampire Bride book 1 & 2 by Rhiannon Frater (US)
    Giveaway ends September 23rd, 2012
    Use the Rafflecopters below to enter
    *There is 1 Rafflecopter for all prizes; the country you provide in the Rafflecopter will let me know which prize(s) you’re eligible to win*

    To my international readers:
    Don’t fret, some epic winnings are coming your way this week!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    64 Responses to “Xpresso Reads’ Blogoversary Kick Off”

    1. Chrystal

      Happy Blogoversary! I can’t believe your blog has only been around for one year. You have accomplished so much this past year and you are one of the blogs I check out daily. 😉

      Much love!

    2. Rebecca

      A HUGE HAPPY blog birthday to you and Xpresso Reads! *hugs* You and blog are AWESOMESAUCE. I love visiting; I love your reviews and posts but most of all, I love your personality which makes this blog what it is. Looking forward to the awesome week you’ve planned, I’m sure it will amazing!

      Congratulations and here’s to many, many, many more blogoversary’s! ♥♥

    3. Silverlight

      Congratulations, Hun!!
      You have accomplished so much in a years time and are definietly an inspiration to so many others! I can’t wait to see what exciting plans you will have for the giveaway, as well as your blog in the future! #Fan4life! <3 <3 <3

    4. Amy

      Yay!! Happy Blogoversary!! I can’t believe how close together our blogoversaries are! You totally rock chick and I wish you many more years of awesome blogging!

    5. Katie @ BlookGirl

      Congratulations, Giselle! You’ve come such a long way and I’m proud of everything you’ve accomplished 🙂 This is certainly a day to be celebrated, and I hope to see you “doing your blogging thing” for many more years.

      Love you, muffin!

    6. Aneeqah

      I am so shocked that your blog has only been around for a year!! I totally thought you’ve been blogging for way longer, because of how well you run your blog and how wonderful your reviews are. =) CONGRATS on blogging for a year, and here’s to many more happy years of blogging! <3

    7. Anonymous

      Happy Blogoversary!!!! You have the most BEAUTIFUL blog!! I love reading it and just viewing the lovely images. I wish you many more to come, well done. Thanks for adding your touch to the Book/Blog/Vlog/Goodreads Communities.

      Sunflwr38/Tia F

    8. miki

      Happy Blogoversary!
      i can’t wait to see the post about what happened during this year and of course i also wait for the international giveaway

    9. Kathy Ann Coleman

      Congrats on one year. 🙂 Seeing what you have up is one of the highlights of my day, even when I’m knee deep in writing rather then blogging. :p I wish you all the best as a new year unfolds.

    10. Eileen

      OMG! Giselle! Congratulations! You SOO deserve every one of all those followers AND I still can’t believe you’ve only been alive for a year! You’re such a genius baby 😀 Eek Congratulations again! 😀

    11. Danny

      Happpppyyyy Anniversary!!!! That’s awesome and it seems like you have something amazing planed for this week! I am truly looking forward to it!!!

      I hope the next year goes just as awesome as this one!

    12. VanillaOrchids

      Congratulations! You’d never know by looking at this blog that you’ve only had it online for 1 year. I would think you’ve been doing this for many years! Again, congrats. 🙂

      Also, thanks for the giveaway!


    13. Alba

      Happy Happy blogoversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I can’t believe your blog’s only ONE year old!!
      ~huggles blog~
      I’m sooo happy for you!!