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Waiting on Wednesday (69)

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine 
and spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating. 
My pick this week:

Dirty Little Secret
Jennifer Echols
Release date: July 16th 2013 by
MTV Books (S&S)

From the author of the “real page-turner” (Seventeen) Such a Rush comes an unforgettable new drama that follows friends-turned-lovers as they navigate the passions, heartbreaks, and intrigue of country music fame.

Bailey wasn’t always a wild child and the black sheep of her family. She used to play fiddle and tour the music circuit with her sister, Julie, who sang and played guitar. That ended when country music execs swooped in and signed Julie to a solo deal. Never mind that Julie and Bailey were a duet, or that Bailey was their songwriter. The music scouts wanted only Julie, and their parents were content to sit by and let her fulfill her dreams while Bailey’s were hushed away.

Bailey has tried to numb the pain and disappointment over what could have been. And as Julie’s debut album is set to hit the charts, her parents get fed up with Bailey’s antics and ship her off to granddad’s house in Nashville. Playing fiddle in washed-up tribute groups at the mall, Bailey meets Sam, a handsome and oh-so-persuasive guitarist with his own band. He knows Bailey’s fiddle playing is just the thing his band needs to break into the industry. But this life has broken Bailey’s heart once before. She isn’t sure she’s ready to let Sam take her there again…

I love how completely different and fun this sounds. Plus I’m a total country girl so this could be pretty cool! Yep. I love country music! Sue me! >.< Also, I've never read anything by this author before but she's getting some pretty rave reviews on her past books so that's a good sign, too!

What are you waiting on this week?
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58 Responses to “Waiting on Wednesday (69)”

  1. Jen (A Reading Daydreamer)

    Giselle, this book sounds awesome! I’m not the biggest country girl, but I do love reading about people in the south and people wearing cowboy boots. 😉 This seems like another great contemporary by Echols! Awesome pick this week, Giselle!

  2. Literary Cravings

    This sounds like its gonna be filled with drama, yesss! I love Jennifer Echols stories and just from reading the synopsis I already feel for Bailey and what she’s going through. I’m interested to see how this story plays out. Thanks for putting this on my radar and for checking out my blog! Following as well!

  3. Ransom Reads

    I’m not a big fan of country music, but I really do love the sound of this. It sounds like something I’d read when I want a break from my action-packed, violent(ish), plot-centric novels. Thanks for highlighting it.

  4. Megan K.

    Ooh, great pick, Giselle! 😀 I haven’t heard of this one (typical, hah), nor have I read anything by Echols, but this one sounds GOOOOOOD. I’ve always been a sucker for great romances, so I hope this doesn’t disappoint!

  5. Christina

    Whoa, a new Echols book. I didn’t know about that! Then again, I have yet to read anything by Jennifer Echols, so I don’t exactly track what she’s doing. Also, I just have to say that I HATE country music. Reading about it would probably be okay, though. :-p

  6. Amy

    Okay first I want to say OMG I didn’t know you loved country music!! I do too!! See totally even more reason we are soulmates. 😉 And two, this book sounds great! Thanks for sharing babe! Great pick!

  7. Audris

    You’re not the only one who hasn’t read anything by Jennifer Echols yet. I have Such a Rush so I should probably get on that. This one sounds great! This will definitely be going on my never ending tbr 🙂

  8. Carmen B.

    I also haven’t read anything by Jennifer Echols yet, though I’ve felt drawn to Such A Rush for a while. This book also sounds really interesting though! I like that it focuses on music so much and on the different ways people make careers with it (or maybe sell out?) The comparison between the sisters should be intersting! Thanks for highlighting the book 🙂

    My WoW

  9. Alexa Y.

    Now this sounds amazing! I’m a Jennifer Echols newbie, but this is one title that I definitely want to get to right away, based on the synopsis alone! Too bad we have to wait :p

  10. Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue

    *splutters* How did I not know about this book? Nashville is my favorite place EVER. And I adore country music. *eyes Giselle* We should talk about favorite musicians. This book sounds totally amazing. I’m off to add it to my TBR.

    (Oh and your S&S comment? TOTALLY bragging, BUT I forgive you because I like you. *winks*)

  11. Gabby

    THIS. JUST THIS. I was going to make it my WoW but it might make an appearance next week! I am not keen on the release date, I am mean July is 7 months from now!!

    FANTASTIC Pick Giselle!

    My WoW

  12. Bailey

    1000 times YES! OMG I love Jennifer’s books and I cannot wait to read her next bestseller! 😀 And that cover…gorgeous!!! Also, this book is totally meant for me since the main character has my name. 😉

  13. Maji Bookshelf

    omg Giselle! I can’t believe you haven’t read anything by Jennifer Echols! I have basically read every single book she has written and they are all AMAZING! especially her latest one, Such A Rush! You NEED to read it!

    great pick!

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  14. Sam

    Glad I’m not the only one! I haven’t read anything by this author either… even though I keep promising people that I will. 😉 This does sound pretty good, and I love the cover. Great pick, Giselle!

  15. Bonnie R

    This one sounds really good actually. I admit, when I first saw this cover and saw cowboy boots I immediately passed over it. lol But because it showed up on your blog I actually read the summary and now I’m intrigued. Great pick, Giselle. 🙂
    My WoW Pick!

  16. Mary Gray

    The cover is really different, too. And I’ll listen to country music when my husband isn’t in the car. 😉 Reminds me of the cowboy I used to date, but don’t tell him that!