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Book Girls Don’t Cry: The Bad Boy!

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Thanks to Mel of The Daily Prophecy for suggesting this week’s topic!

The Bad Boy: When Bad… Is Too Bad

Has anyone else noticed a trend this past year? A Bad Boy trend? You know, the bad boys that are literally jerkfaces that you want to slap rather than swoon like we’re meant to be doing? I know I have, and this lady *points at self* is not biting!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the bad boy type, the one who gets rough and gritty (get your heads out of the gutter now!!), but, and this is the important part ladies, underneath that tough exterior he needs to have a heart! I will never understand how I’m supposed to swoon over guys who are complete asses, who control and manipulate, who think they own woman, think it’s ok to demean them, treat them like a prize. What annoys me the most is when books with a guy like this gives out the message that they can be changed–we only need to help them! *eyeroll* I’m sorry, but that is just not a turn-on for me and it will never be. And it’s unfortunate that I’ve started seeing more and more of this kind of character in YA books as of late.

Anyways, I’m on a rampant here obviously, >.<
So let’s see who made the jerkface cut:

Β Ahem *clears throats*, ok so, here is a direct quote from Venus City:
“The link that bonds us”, he said […] “has nothing to do with mind control, as you suspect. It’s merely a tool meant to make you do as I say”


And one from Of Poseidon:
“He scours his memory for a sweet-natured Syrena who would take care of him, who would do whatever he asked, who would never argue with him.”

You turned on yet? Does this tickle anyone’s fancy? O_O

As for Enclave, the dude is a rapist, a gang rapist, and she begins to for him. *barf*

Now, to be honest, I didn’t even read Fifty Shades and Nobody But Us because I was warned. I doubt I have to explain myself about Fifty Shades. I’ve read enough reviews, seen enough sickening passages from the book to know better. I mean, isn’t the girl scared she’s gonna get beat up for half the book? Eeh no thanks. This book has the perfect example of this ridiculous “but you can change him!” mentality.

And it’s funny because I’m friends with Rhiannon Frater who wrote a Dracula story and describes Dracula as this sick bastard who rapes and beats up woman, using them as his slaves; his vampire brides. And you would not believe how often she’s asked by a hopeful fan if Dracula is going to be a love interest. Eh, no? Gross! When did misogyny become romantic or sexy? When did woman start fantasizing about abusive love interests? Is it the danger? Sure, danger can be sexy, but there needs to be a line!

The wall of bad boy fame!

The bad boy can be good. He can have a heart and a kind soul, he’s simply a damaged individual who’s had a bit too much to deal with. I consider them more like a tortured hero! πŸ˜‰

So without further ado, here are some bad boys to swoon over!

These all became favorites of mine as well because I really DO love bad boys–my favorite kind of love interest, even. But they have to have heart, ladies, because you know, without a heart, they can just suck it!

So, I know you all have something to say, now, don’t ya?
Le me know what YOU think of this truly bad bad-boy trend!

Also, don’t forget to leave suggestions for future topics you’d like to see! πŸ™‚
You know you love me!
Xoxo, Book Girl!

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74 Responses to “Book Girls Don’t Cry: The Bad Boy!”

  1. Nick

    Wait, in Enclave the girl falls for that rapist (I can’t seem to remember his name) ? :O :O :O
    Is it in the sequel, because I don’t remember that happening in the first book!
    Anyways, I completely agree with you. This bad boy trend is driving me NUTS.
    I like a bad boy too, but like you said, he needs to have a heart underneath it all. I can’t stand all these jerk bad boys.
    Travis Maddox needs to be included in that list too. He basically forces the girl to change her clothes! O_O
    That quote from Venus City traumatized me. I’m never touching that book.
    Thank goodness, I’m not the only one to find jerk-face from Of Poseidon to be a jerk. He was creepy and annoying as well. Gah! I hated that book so much. Giselle, you’re resurfacing negative book memories! πŸ˜›
    One bad boy I’m actually really confused about is Warner from Shatter Me. Here’s the thing, I know he’s a bloody psychopath who murders people all the time, but in Unravel Me, dude actually shows some growth and emotional side to him. I’m not sure what to think of him anymore.
    Great post, Giselle! I’m loving this new meme of you guys! πŸ™‚

  2. Mary @ BookSwarm

    Yeah. Right there with you. I love a bad boy, especially a nice alpha one but a douche, too? No. KICK HIM TO THE CURB, ladies! A fun bad boy is one thing but a total wanker (don’t you just love the English? Great expressions.) with very few–if any–redeeming factors is something that turns me off completely.

  3. Sirtsu

    Bhahahhaa! Fifty is so ridiculous, I can’t even.. Ugh! I head that Nobody But Us is pretty insane, too. I thought it’d be my kind of a book, but I’m not so sure now, because as you, I’ve been warned, too.

    As for GREAT bad boys, Noah is definitely one of my favorites. I like Daemon Black and Kaidan Rowe, too! They’re the good kind, in my opinion. I love this discussion and as you pointed out, Anastasia Steele was afraid of Christian throughout half the series so wth was she doing with him in the first place? I like my bad boys with good hearts and there are some things one just wouldn’t have to put up with in fiction nor in real life.

  4. Aa'Ishah

    I completely agree. I really can’t stand the jerk-type boys. And with books like Fifty Shades, they go way beyond jerks. I don’t understand how characters or readers can fall for someone like that. And characters like Ana don’t even have the consistency or will to keep away from characters like Christian. What I DO love is reading about guys who seem bad but really have a heart gold. Noah Hutchins is a particular favourite, of course. <3 Fantastic post, Giselle! πŸ™‚

  5. Jenni @ Alluring Reads

    OMG Enclave, right? So bad! I don’t understand how that is even a possibility of a love triangle. Needless to say, I will NOT be continuing with that series because it makes me feel all icky icky poo poo. Admittedly I haven’t read many of the ones in your post but I really want to read Graffiti Moon now! I wanted to read it forever ago and actually forgot about it!

    • Giselle

      Someone did confirm to me that the sequel to Enclave does have a love triangle with the rapist so nope I’m not reading it either!! Icky poo! Bahahaha <3

    • Kathy Ann Coleman

      Graffiti Moon is an absolutely gorgeous novel. The writing reads like a painting. I know that makes absolutely no sense, but trust me, you’ll “get” it if you read it. <3 Ed!

      As for Enclave… I’m not sure how I feel about that. Ann Aguirre didn’t make it clear enough (for very obvious reasons) how much involvement Stalker *had*… I can certainly understand why people might be “WTH!” at the idea of him as a love interest, though. I couldn’t get behind him and Deuce either, and I wanted to because admittedly that kinda pairing (not with this particular issue, just to be clear, but “in general”) is my thing. I think I was too busy worrying about her X Fade.

  6. Amy

    Ohh Will from Nobody But Us is one that I rant about!! And Noah from Pushing the Limits made my win list!! Ugh! That quote from Venus City is just so wrong!! I liked Enclave, but never read Outpost because I heard that rapist dude ends up being a love interest and I’m not okay with that at all! I won’t say anymore since my post goes up on Saturday. πŸ˜‰

    • Giselle

      Nobody But Us I avoided mostly bc of your review and Christina’s, but you’re not the only one that mentioned the assholism in that book! Too bad about Outpost it could have been so good–but it just HAD to have a triangle…. with a rapist. W.T.F?

    • Amy

      I won’t even read Outpost now just because the rapist becomes a love interest. That’s so not okay. Ugh!! I can’t wait for you to see my post tomorrow. I get a bit ranty. Okay, maybe a lot ranty lol!! There are so many just asshole bad boys that it makes me sick that people actually see them as a love interest. There’s a big difference between a broken boy who uses the asshole thing as a shield, and an actual douche how is mentally or physically abusive. Okay, I need to stop typing now. I’m getting all spastic in your comments haha!!

  7. bookittyblog

    I don’t think you are missing anything by not reading 50 shades. Ugh!! I didn’t know about Enclave! I’ve been wanting to read that book, now I’m not sure if I want to do that. Love your post!!!

    • Giselle

      Enclave is only hinting at a romance with the rapist but the real thing happens in the sequel I’ve been told. So I’m pointing a finger at the whole series *glares*.

  8. Kristin@BloodSweatandBooks

    I haven’t read the majority of the books referenced but I completely agree with you on wondering when misogyny become sexy. I like the bad boy but its a fine line between misunderstood but has a heart of gold and the jackass who is downright cruel but OMG he’s sooo super hot!! I’ll never understand women who want the latter.

  9. Giselle

    There are small hints in the first that he was becoming a love interest for a triangle, and someone confirmed me it does happen in the sequel. *barf*

    Who’s Travis Maddox? Is that the Beautiful Disaster guy? I haven’t read that one.

    Venu City was terrible! Stay away from it! lol So was Of Poseidon. I don’t get that people love that type of guy at all. He was a total creep and controlling mofo.

    I read Shatter Me so long ago I don’t remember much but I do want to read Unravel Me. If he has a good side of you can see he’s not an asshole at heart then he might fall on the ones I like side πŸ˜‰

  10. Megan K.

    Amazing topic, Mel!

    Oh, Giselle. I can’t say how much I agree with you on this. Granted, I haven’t read many books with bad boys in them (I was never a fan of them, if you believe it!), but there’s definitely a line between swoon-worthy bad boys and just plain assholes, and I think you’ve marked it out pretty perfectly. I mean, nothing good can come out of a relationship where the bad boy is some controlling jerk who only wants you because you’re easy to control. Seriously. Anyone who even LIKES that kind of guy should be shot and killed. I’m sorry. But girls have to stay strong and stand up for themselves!

    LOL. I’ll make sure not to touch any of those books, or at least not to look forward to the romance in them!

    Great post, Giselle!

    • Giselle

      LOL I love how blunt you are! Let’s go on a witch hunt! I love the bad boy type but only when they’re actually good but just broken or trying to appear tough you know what I mean. There is definitely a line to cross! When your guy tries to control or manipulate you, thinking you’re his prize that’s just gross to me.

  11. Giselle

    I read a few awful reviews of Nobody But Us, and more than one complained about the ass guy in it so I know I’d hate it.

    I haven’t read Sweet Evil–I remember him being a Kaidan eh? And I did like Daemon, mostly because was he did was more to be a jerk on purpose, to rouse the “human” than a real dick you know.

  12. Jenea Whittington

    I am for a hott bad boy, but sometimes they are a bit much even for me. I think I was one of the few that didn’t care for Beautiful Disaster, so I guess you can say I am picky when it come to my bad boys. πŸ˜‰ 50 Shades is one that I have no intention of picking up, probably ever. I might have to rethink my wanting to read Enclave.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

    • Giselle

      Beautiful Disaster is one I’m still curious about. Some people who agree with me on this topic still liked it so I dunno. I kind of want to see what all the fuss is about πŸ™‚

  13. Nickie

    Ack, that’s one of the things that killed Enclave for me. I’m not sure why Deuce and Fade even allowed that jerkface to come with them. Seriously. They should have fed him to the freaks.

  14. Mel@Thedailyprophecy

    Ah, cool, my topic! πŸ™‚

    I have exactly the same opinion. I just don’t get it! There is nothing wrong with a slight bad boy who has a good heart, but the real bad boys? I don’t see it. What is so hot about a boy who beats up his girlfriend, who calls her names, who manipulates her and thinks she has no rights other than obeying him? But what really annoys me is the fact that the MC just keeps swooning over his good looks and the fact “that he doesn’t mean it that way” GIRL, you are a disgrace.

    • Giselle

      Thanks for the topic, muffin! πŸ˜‰

      The “he can change” mentality is an unfortunate consequence of books like 50 Shades who paint a pretty ridiculous picture. Blah!

  15. Christianna Marks

    Oh, the bad boy. You’ve got to love him, but not when he’s an asshole. I totally agree with everything you have to say. I like a good bad boy, but I’m over the truly bad bad boy. People need to stop writing him, unless he’s actually evil, than write away. I love a truly evil bad boy as well, but not as a love interest. Never a love interest.

  16. Bonnie R

    I think it’s really unfortunate the increase in bad boys in YA too… and not the bad (but so good) boys. Like Camden. I completely agree with ya there. πŸ˜€ The bad boys that are trending though are not charming, should not be given the time of day, and I don’t think it sends the right message at all. It may be easy for us adults that read YA to see what’s wrong with it but I’m not sure teen girls are able to.
    The one bad boy that really stood out for me last year was Jackson in Poison Princess. Did you read that one?! Bad. Bad bad bad.

    • Giselle

      I <3 Camden!! I haven't read Poison Princess but I did see very mixed reviews on it. He's an ass, then? Good to know I'll prob hate that book then. I'm kind of freaked by what message books like these give out to teenagers nowadays.

  17. Ellen

    I haven’t read Enclave, though I do have it. Didn’t know about the rapist part….hmmm…weird. I haven’t fed let to read Fifty Shades of Grey though. It just doesn’t appeal to me – maybe someday. I’m sorry girls, but I love Travis Maddox and could wrap him up and eat him for dinner….I loved Beautiful Disaster. It is one of those books you either love or hate though, so I can see where you are coming from. I can’t wait for Walking Disaster, which is in Travis’ POV – I’m dying to get inside his head and find out what he’s thinking. I absolutely love Noah from Pushing the Limits, but who wouldn’t right. πŸ™‚

    • Giselle

      The rapist in Enclave only has a few hints that he “might” become a love interest, but it happens for real in the sequel. That’s just gross IMO.

      Beautiful Disaster I haven’t read but I want to! It does have very polarizing reviews and some say Travis is a dick and others say no so I kinda want to see for myself.

  18. Ashley

    UGH Fifty Shades of Grey. Run for the hills. I wish I did when I still had the chance.

    I have my bad boys that I love, and my bad boys that I hate, but the thing I love most is the bad boys who you know you shouldn’t love, but they take you by surprise and you can’t help but love them.

    * Warner in Unravel Me
    * Caleb from Captive in the Dark / Seduced in the Dark

    Those are the guys who are so evil, so messed up (and even they know it), but somehow the author makes you see a different side to them and love them. It makes me feel like a psychopath or a masochist for liking them, but what can a girl do?

    • Kathy Ann Coleman

      You’re so not alone about Warner. I was intrigued by him from the first book and from what I’ve been hearing I really need to read Destroy Me and Unravel Me asap. Haven’t heard of Caleb, but now I’ll need to do some googling / looking around on GoodReads.

    • Giselle

      Hmm I don’t think I’ve heard of Captive in the Dark I’ll have to check it out. Unravel Me I haven’t read yet and I forgot almost everything about Shatter Me so I think a re-read will be in order before I read the sequel.

  19. Jennifer Messerschmidt

    I’m not much of a bad boy fan even when he has heart underneath. Maybe because I had enough jerks in my real life. LOL There are a few exceptions but mostly I prefer the sweet best friend that never gets the girl.

    • Giselle

      Haha we can’t all be a fan. I do love the best friend though! I really enjoyed Catching Jordan because of that. Have you read it? You should! πŸ˜‰

  20. Michaniya Cunningham

    There’s definitely a bad-boy trend going on and normally I hate trends, but this I don’t mind. In fact I love it and seem to get more attached to the bad boys in a series. I agree with you though, there are some bad boys who verge on being abuse (and IS abusive) and I just don’t find that ok at all. Like you, I haven’t read FSOG for exactly that reason. Another one on my sh*t list is Consequences by Aleatha Romig, that book was a DNF because Anthony was a crazy, abusive, psychopath that made me sick. How does anyway find these guys attractive/desirable?

  21. Sam

    I love a good bad boy as much as anyone, but I completely agree that there has to be something worth investing in underneath all of that. I think that’s the crux of it, really. Uncovering the good in a bad boy is what makes falling for them so exciting for me. πŸ™‚

    Great post, Giselle lovely!

    • Giselle

      Thanks, Sam! And yes it’s all about what he’s REALLY like. Like Noah, he’s such a great guy with a huge heart–the way he was with his brother (or was it brothers?) was just .. *sigh*. That’s how I like my bad boys! πŸ˜‰

  22. Candace

    I definitely agree with you on this subject. I hate when a bad boy is a straight up jerk. Some of those who did mention as not liking the bad boy cause you felt they had no heart I do disagree with, but I read the second books too which maybe helped a bit.
    I have never had an urge to read Fifty Shades, it just doesn’t sound good. At all.

    • Giselle

      Sometimes a second book can give you more insider on the character’s perspective so maybe it helps. The only thing I would do with 50 Shades is cook marshmallows with the fire it’s burning in.

  23. Molli

    Awww, Noah is DEFINITELY swoon-worthy material. I really hate the “bad boys” who are just an empty plot device, and who are jerks. I’m good with a “bad boy” as long as like you said, he’s got a heart. Anything less than that, and ew, NO.

    I am so sick of people telling me I “have” to read 50 Shades. No, I don’t. Thank goodness the hype over it is finally dying down a bit.

    • Giselle

      I bitched out my 15 year old cousin for asking me if she should read 50 Shades. Then she read it anyways! I’m scared to think what these books are doing to our innocent children, Molli! >.< For real, though!

      And Noah! I loved him!

    • Kathy Ann Coleman

      Yeah, that sounds like a teenager. *laughs* You do have my sympathy, though. You blog awesome books that are aimed at YA and she picks that stuff? Ouch! I wouldn’t take it personally, though–it’s likely that you’re family and teens need to feel they made their own call about stuff like entertainment.

  24. Rhiannon Frater

    We’ve had this discussion so many times in the last year it’s been a bit disheartening. I remember you showing me excerpts from the books you list and I was sick to my stomach.

    Whenever I get an email from a fan who desperately wants Glynis (the protagonist in THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE) to choose to be with her murderer/rapist/creator, Vlad, I feel sickened. The argument is that her love can change him. Glynis doesn’t love Vlad. She hates him. She wants to completely escape his power. I studied sociopaths to develop the character of Vlad, so it scares me that so many find him so damn alluring. It reminds me of the Ted Bundy groupies. Even when I point out the abhorrent things Vlad has done, the fans of the character say he can “change.”

    I’m not sure why women are falling for these jerks inhabiting YA and Urban Fantasy novels.

    • Giselle

      Why would she even want to change him? I’d be so grossed out by what he already did. I think books nowadays are really changing what readers think is a good love interest and it really is disheartening. Especially in YA where younger readers might not know better, or something. *shakes head*

  25. Brooke Banks

    I’m with you on this one! I know to stay the fuck away from 50 Shades but I haven’t read a thing about Nobody but Us being douche infested. There’s a lot of giveaways for V-day giving out that book too. =/

    I don’t really do bad boys at all because I’ve dealt with and unfortunately dated the really, really horrible guy before. I’m done with that mess.

    Honestly, it’s so hard in real life to tell between the genuine and those that play out the tortured soul angle to trap you. It’s different in books because you usually get inside the guys head but still, even douches with heart creep me out. I think it starts a bad line of thinking, “Oh, I can change him. I can save him. He’s really a good guy underneath it all”, which in real life can have some really terrible consequences.

    I know I thought the exact same things when I was in an abusive relationship. Hence the aversion to “bad boys”.

    The fact this kind of shit is getting told as totally okay, especially in YA a lot is really, really worrisome for me.

    • Giselle

      Oh really? (about Nobody But Us). I’ve seen it mentioned in a couple of reviews and Amy (book loving mom) warned me off of it. It hasn’t gotten very good reviews overall either.

      It is getting OK and it seems like books like 50 Shades are giving others the message that we love that kind of guy. It seems like some people fall for it too by the popularity of it it’s sick.

  26. Kathy Ann Coleman

    I absolutely love this topic and I actually covered it today too, albeit from the POV from a self admitted fan of Bad Boy fiction.

    But even I think there is a limit, and I think it definitely has to do with whether the guy in question has heart. It also has to do with the presence (or lack) of a redemptive arc that mirrors the “badness” of the boy, and whether there is a heroine who is the right type of strong (read: she is or becomes able to stand up for herself) for him to fall in love with.

    What really bothers me about many of the Bad Boys we are seeing in current YA is that the types of bad are things which have very blurry lines and which, disturbingly, our society–and the books it is creating–are teaching teen girls to find acceptable. I think I commented above saying I’m totally Team Warner; and I really am. Would I date a Warner in the real world? Heck no. But Tahereh Mafi has made sure we know where he’s coming from (villain) and I’m fairly confident that for there to be an inkling of hope for him and Juliette, we would have to see tremendous change. (And I doubt it’ll happen–it would be rather unprecedented.)

    On the other hand, we have crap like 50 Shades of Gray, which admittedly isn’t YA (not sure if this should be attributed to New Adult or not? Someone help here?) This story, despite its glamour, could actually happen and it’s really quite disturbing. It’s not the BDSM that bugs me–rather, as I said about several books in my own article, it’s a power imbalance which (I’m guessing, as I DNF’d book one after buying all three–ugh!) likely never gets REALLY resolved. (Ana struck me as being really weak. I need to do an article on what I feel strength means in a female protagonist… *jots down*)

    I really love your post today, Giselle, and I think you made some really awesome points. You make me very happy that I skipped Of Poseidon because I think I almost bought it twice (and one of my best friends keeps begging me to get it so she can read it… *sigh*) And as I said above, I’ll need to get to Pushing The Limits–Noah sounds very interesting! As for Enclave…I will confess I am torn. On one hand, I felt Aguirre did a great job of showing growth with Stalker. On the other hand, making him a full fledged love interest, in a book aimed at teen girls, when we know he has gang raped people… There are some places so dark even I don’t wanna go there.

    Have a great day!

    Kathy Ann

  27. Jesse Burgoyne

    I don’t really know what to say about this subject. I think it’s a fine line between bad boys who are bad because they’re broken and hurting and hide it under snark and dubious behavior, and bad boys who are well and truly messed in the head. And whether or not they’re swoony also has a lot to do with how the author portrays them. If the author romanticizes their bad behavior then that’s probably not a good message to be sending people. But, then again, there are plenty of people in this world that are drawn to bad relationships and people simply for the danger and drama of it.

    Take Beautiful Disaster for instance, which I believe you’ve said you haven’t read. The love interest is basically a huge ball of testosterone. He’s jealous and has anger management issues, yet the heroine still falls for him even when he beats the snot out of some guy right in front of her. And I mean a put in the hospital sort of beating. Most people wouldn’t find that romantic. A lot of people would be scared that he could snap on them at any time. But if you watch one episode of Dr. Phil or any reality show you see that exact behavior coming across. I think we aren’t always meant to swoon over a character even if the heroine of the story is supposed to. Sometimes people are just messed up and in a bad relationship but that’s the way they like it, no matter how unhealthy it is.

    Although I do think it’s probably a bad idea to be flaunting these romanticized bad boy ideals around in books clearly targeted at the younger readers, especially if there isn’t a scale with which to compare the bad behavior to good behavior. That’s why so many middle school kids go around getting into fights after watching and imitating reality TV, like Jersey Shore. They see it and think it’s an acceptable way to act.

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  28. speculatef

    o0o0o this is a great article. I enjoyed it immensely. I think yeah, Travis Maddox from Beautiful Distaster needs to be on this list, he was really bad!

    Actually it’s funny right but I read a story online once, who knows how true it was, about a woman who had done like a gender issues class at uni. And basically they spent a week on signs of abusive behaviour – controlling someone, cutting them off from their family and friends, publicly humiliating them, etc. And then they had like a mini-worksheet to complete while they watched …. Beauty and the Beast. The Disney movie. And the fascinating thing is, according to this lady, the whole class watched in horror as the movie everyone had loved, became this horrifying display of an abusive relationship where the Beast isolates Belle, terrifies her and then wins her over by being hot then cold, hot then cold.

    And like the basis of the whole movie is that if someone is really bad to you, you just need to love them more, and if they’re abusive, it’s your fault for not loving them enough. Everyone can be good and wholesome and loving if you love them enough . Needless to say this story horrified me.

    Maybe this is where those authors are coming from as well, form a similar place, where they want to show the, in my opinion, very incorrect scenario, that enough love can change the baddest boy? I definitely don’t agree with it, I’m glad you chose to highlight the issue, and I’m staying away from those books you mentioned!

    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic.

  29. Micheline D

    Great discussion Giselle! Like you, I love the bad boy type but he MUST have a heart underneath that tough exterior like you said. There is a startling trend now to have them boy REALLY be a douche and I just can’t understand it. I’m SO with you on Christian Grey *barf* That quote from Venus City is repulsive…I can’t even… I really wanted to read Enclave until I heard about that monster becoming a possible love interest in Outpost…don’t think I’ll even attempt the series at this point. Another example that comes to mind for me were the dual love interests in Masque of the Red Death. Both were douches, I couldn’t even pick one to hate less >.<

    On the other hand a lot of people thought Barrons was (had) a HUGE dick but I still fell for him hard! But for me he had a heart underneath it all β™₯ Also I want to read Sins & Needles based on your review but I’m scared HAHA Anyways thanks for another great post!

  30. Christina

    I haven’t heard of Venus City…and I’m okay with that. So, I actually wasn’t bothered by Enclave when I read it, but who knows how I would feel now.

    *kicks Galen to a bloody, serial-killer-eyed unidentifiable mass of merasshole*

  31. kimbacaffeinate

    I do not mind bad boys they have their place, but what gets my panties in a bunch is seeing them show up in YA. I am in my 40’s so I recognize them for who they are and know the statistical probability of them changing their behavior is liked 1 in 100! But a true young adult reading this with no experience, romanticizing over these boys scares the crap out of me..

  32. Shirley

    Thanks for the heads-up about Enclave and Venus City! Definitely won’t be reading them now.

    Hehee you’re officially my BFF for adding Noah to your list<3 HE'S MY FAVOURITE BAD BOY!<3 And I love Camden too!

    Love the post Giselle πŸ™‚

  33. Alexa Y.

    OH YES. It’s so difficult for me to fall for a bad boy when I can’t find anything redeeming about him! I’m especially loathe to like them when they feel too manipulative or controlling over a woman. *sigh* It’s a trend, but there’s a GOOD way to write BAD boys people!

  34. malvoliosStockings

    This whole post was pretty humorous. Just so we’re clear, it was amusing in the way that you wrote it. Not in the way that girls stupidly think they can fix guys that don’t want to be fixed. Thats pretty special all right. It was all well put lets just say.