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Worlds We’d Never Want To Live In

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Worlds We’d Never Want To Live In



  • Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis: Reading this book made me so thirsty and exhausted while lounging on my couch reading, I couldn’t imagine actually having to live like that at all! Very bleak, very sad world.
  • Wither by Lauren DeStefano: Women only live to be 20 in this series. And well, I’m 29 so really I’d already be dead and typing this from beyond the grave!
  • Blood Red Road by Moira Young: This world is terrifying in so many ways! Not only is it incredibly desolate, people get used for cage fighting against their will and there are giant killer worms!! Giant. Killer. Worms!
  • Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston: This world makes no sense at all. It has illiterate people who can read, police called the Willie Winkie patrols and then zombies, nymphs, drakons, polar bears…. I would be utterly confused and likely schizophrenic if I lived in this. (Also FYI I hated this book!)
  • Rot & Ruin by by Jonathan Maberry: Yep. I definitely had to have a zombie book in this list (duh!)! This is probably one of the scariest as far as world situation. Zombies are not even the scariest evil in this place. Though realistically, I would have likely been one of the first to die so I’d be one of the shambling ones in this story which may not be so bad >.<



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  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer:  Because if I had to live in a world where there are vampires I would want them to be creepy night-crawlers not douchebags who sparkle.
  • It by Stephen King: Because I would never want to live in a world where Pennywise was an actual thing that could grab me from the storm drain.
  • Pure by Julianna Baggott: In this world a bomb went off leaving few survivors. Those who did survive were fused together with random objects that were near them when the blast went off. This left people with doll heads for hands, fans fused into people’s necks and all sorts of other messed up pairings. Me. Not. Want.

What worlds would you never want to live in?

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35 Responses to “Worlds We’d Never Want To Live In”

  1. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    Pretty much any dystopian society is a world I don’t want to live in.
    Just thinking about the world in Not a Drop to Drink scares me and to think that it might actually happen in the future is even scarier.
    And ugh, It! Clowns need to go away!
    Great post!

  2. Siiri

    Agreed on Blood Red Road, Giselle! Love that world, but wouldn’t want to live there. As for Frozen, I won’t even start with that lol. “not douchebags who sparkle” HAHAHAHAHAHHA OMG I THINK I JUST DIED LAUGHING HAHA :’D Pure sounds freaking creepy O_______O I wouldn’t survive a minute there.

  3. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    This is why I used to never read dystopias. I’ve started liking them more recently but I would never want to live in them.
    I’ve only read Wither, Twilight, The Hunger Games and Delirium but I agree on all of them. Wither and Delirium scare me the most!

  4. Maya

    I’m reading Fuse, the sequel to Pure at the moment…yeah, I wouldn’t want to live there either! Not to mention The Hunger Games, Delirium – all so brutal! I haven’t read any of Giselle’s choices but they don’t sound much fun either 😉

  5. Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain

    Haha totally agree about Wither and The Hunger Games! Like I’d only have six years left in my life and I haven’t even done like a fourth of the things that I’ve wanted to do in my life. How depressing would that be? Seriously! And also the concept of a Hunger Games freaks me out so much because omg you would actually like DIE *dies* Anyway thanks for sharing you too! <33

  6. Pili

    As much as I love reading dystopians, I know I wouldn’t survive in any of those worlds! And a world without love would be too horrible to ponder…

  7. Kelly

    Definitely Dustlands. The world turned to crap, four ominous horseman take off with your twin and leave you with your annoying sister. You’re basically living in a dustbowl, captured to cage fight only to have a group of chicks bail you out. No thanks. I won’t be signing up for that one either.

    Awesome lists.

  8. Wendy Darling

    Giselle, I am soooo with you on NOT A DROP TO DRINK–I was EXHAUSTED after reading that book, hah. At least there’s candy and pretty clothes in WITHER. And cute boys and giant killer worms in DUSTLANDS.

    With you on THG too, Jenni. And who the hell would want to live in a Dome-world where people have terrible things fused to their bodies? Not me not me not me.

  9. ShootingStarsMag

    These all make a lot of sense. I haven’t read that many books with “awful worlds” so it’s hard to say…

    I would definitely not want to live in a world with zombies…like This is Not a Test. that feels so real!

  10. Amanda @ Book Badger

    I can agree with your choices here girls! Giselle, I am so with you on the Dustlands, it’s so damn scary in a vast kind of way. And Jenni, I can see what you mean on Twilight; I want some scary Vampires and not stupid sparkly ones.
    Great lists for each of you! 🙂

  11. Tizzy Potts

    Great picks. Delirium, Wither and The Hunger Games were also on my list. I’m going to check out Not a Drop to Drink and Pure-they both sound like books I would enjoy.

  12. Tina

    I’ve never read any of Giselle’s books so I’m not sure about those but Jenni’s list made me laugh out loud. I completely agree like a million percent!

  13. Terri Bruce

    Great list! Hunger Games is the only one we have in common – I don’t read a lot of dystopians precisely because they depress me so much. OMG, your description of Pure freaked me out, I couldn’t even…::shudder:: And PENNYWISE! O.M.G. – I think I’d rather fight my way to the cornucopia than deal with him!

  14. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    Giselle–I agree about Not A Drop To Drink. It was such a torn down world that felt unsafe to live in. But I loved the book in general.
    Jenni–“I’m 99.9% sure I wouldn’t even make it to the cornucopia” AGREED.

    Fab post, ladies! <33

  15. Savannah

    Not A Drop to Drink is an amazing world. And…IT! Yeah ever since I was a kid I could not simply walk by a side walk drain without thinking he is going to stick his arm out to get me! LOL…..not so funny…I’m scared…