Monday, May 19, 2014

25 Responses to “Cover Madness Giveaway Hop Sign Up”

  1. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    Oh yay! I’m glad to see this. I was just looking for a giveaway hope to join this past weekend because I feel like I haven’t done one in ages, so I got excited when I saw this. It’s like you read my mind! 😀
    Thanks for hosting, you guys! 🙂

  2. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I already have a few recent covers that were revealed in mind, but unfortunately this hop happens right around my wedding so I won’t be able to participate this time around. I’ll be sure to check-out some of the giveaways though when I get back from my honeymoon. 😀

  3. Candace

    This should be a fun one! I hope you’re planning to send out reminders though, I have a tendency to forget about hops. 🙁 I’m all signed up though!

  4. Athena

    I would love to join this cover hop giveaway, seems so much fun. One question though, does it have to physical books or can it also be e-books you can give away?

    • Giselle

      It can be e-books if you like yeah, just make sure that it’s clear that it’s not a print copy on the post/Rafflecopter. And maybe a good idea put from where (Amazon/B&N) so people will know if it will work with their reader. Glad to have you on board, Athena! 🙂

  5. Annabel

    This sounds like so much fun!! I’ve not done a giveaway on my blog before, and this sounds like the perfect one to start me off. Looking forward to it!

    • Giselle

      Not yet I haven’t had a chance to design one but there will be. I’ll be sending it over when I send the reminder email to everyone before the giveaway starts, so you can just add it on 🙂