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Authors We Own The Most Books From!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list top bookish things.
Note that Giselle and Jenni often decide to split it and each do a Top 5.

Hello, our names are Giselle & Jenni and we are author hoarders!


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  • Ellen Hopkins: I officially own every book this woman has out.  I was a fast fan after reading the Crank series so I went out and got all of the others.  Even though I haven’t loved all of the others as much as I did the Crank series I still always get really emotional from all of her stories.
  • Jennifer Brown: Brown is another one that I hoarded upon reading my first book by her.  I get all of her books as soon as they come out because I know that they will not disappoint me!
  • A.S. King: I’m really running out of things to say here… loved the first book I read by her…. ran out and bought the rest… And that’s the end of that.
  • Sarah Dessen: This is an interesting one.. I own 7 books by this woman and have not read one.  Yeah.
  • Stephen King: Prior to starting my blog King was the only author I really read.  I would read through his books soooo sloooooowly, like I mean, I would take a month to read one.  I just always had one on the go.  Now the thought of slogging through one of those books kind of frightens me.  Slogging *snickers*




  • Charlaine Harris: Just her Sookie Stackhouse series takes up about 3/4 of a shelf on my bookcase! But I also have a few of her books from other series, but I haven’t read them yet. Loved the Sookie series up until book 8 or so (I actually never finished it O_O)
  • Rhiannon Frater: Well duh! Who couldn’t have guessed this evil girly would be part of this list? >.< I love me some horror and she’s one of the best and most creative (and most evil to her characters ><), so of course I have to get every book she writes! 😀
  • Kate Brian: Kate’s Private series is one of my guilty pleasure reads. Although I haven’t read one in a couple of years, they’re just plain dramatic with a good thriller vibe, too! I also enjoyed Shadowlands more recently.
  • Nicholas Sparks: This is maybe from my more cliché days when I read The Last Song and loved it, then went on Kijiji (Canada’s Craig List) and bought his complete collection so yeah. Don’t judge me!
  • Alex Kava: I have always loved adult thriller/murder mystery books, and Alex is one of my favorite authors of the genre with her Maggie O’Dell series. I must have a good 15 books of hers on my shelf, 10 of them from this series.

What are some authors who take up a lot of your bookshelf space?

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14 Responses to “Authors We Own The Most Books From!”

  1. Pili

    Hmmm, good question I need to check my piles to see who would be after Jules Verne, cause I have his complete works and that’s a ton of books!!

  2. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    Nicholas Sparks! 😀 Can you believe that I’ve only read one book by him so far! I also own all of Sarah Dessen books and I’ve loved everything except for her last book. Richelle Mead is another author on my list!

  3. jazmen

    I forgot about Charlaine Harris but I read mostly ebooks of hers. Unfortunately I have been on a physical book buying ban for a while but I’d love to fill up my shelves with copies of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Christianna

    I think I’m going to have to look into Rhiannon’s books. They sound like something I would like. Also I have a lot of Sarah Dessen books, but I’ve only read, like, two…

    My TTT

  5. Lisa @ TenaciousReader

    King was about the only author I read for years! Though, they weren’t a slog for me (at least not that I remember, it was AGES ago!) I read one Nicholas Sparks book. It featured a 3 legged dog and a guy playing banjo (or maybe a guitar) on the front porch. Probably in a rocker. That’s all I remember other than it wasn’t for me 🙂 But I’m not judging. 🙂 I own many books others would feel the same about. Lots of authors on these lists I feel I should go check out 🙂

  6. Tech editor

    I used to be is Stephen King fan when I was younger. Then it got to be too much silly horror. But I read 11/22/63 recently, and now I’m a fan again.

    I only every book written by Harlan Coben, Dentist Lehane, Joseph Kanon, and Mary Doria Russell.

  7. Dea S.

    I wish I participated this week! Anyway, Sarah Dessen’s books are amazing and I hope you get around to reading them. They’re perfect for summer. I also agree, Ellen Hopkins and A.S. King are fantastic! I’d buy all their books if I could. I planned to read the Sookie Stackhouse series but at 13 books I don’t think I’ll be able to anytime soon.

  8. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    I’ve never read Sarah Dessen either. >-< I feel like she's SUCH a huge name of YA though, that I really really need to remedy that. XD And gosh, I wish I'd just read more of Jennifer Brown. I've only read the Hate List and it absolutely blew me away, but I haven't picked up any others of her books. I'd love to try Torn Away. *nudges it up TBR*

  9. Rashika

    Totally judging you, Giselle! 😛 *judgey eyes*

    I’ve actually read one book by Kate Brian and it wasn’t from her Private series or her recent Shadowlands one. I think I may have to check her Private one out though because.. everyone keeps on saying it’s good brain candy and I love nothing better than good brain candy! 😀

    YAY for Jennifer Brown. I plan on buying a bunch of her books soon.. starting with Perfect Escape because I am DYING to read it. SOON.

    I definitely need to read stuff by A.S. King though. I’ve heard wonderful things about her and.. yes.. soon for that too.

    I’ve actually heard of Alex Klava and I think I have one of her books on my TBR list and I cannot quite remember why I haven’t read it yet (it must be one reason or another since I am always up for thrillers).

    Thanks for sharing this, Ladies!! 😀