Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello (not the song by Adele) from Rashika…

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In a kingdom far far away there lived a person named Rashika. She sometimes talked to people and other times she hid. Now, you are going to have to deal with her all because she will be taking over Xpresso Reads with her telepathic powers.

But on a more serious note… SURPRISE.


I am going to be joining the amazing crew at Xpresso Reads and blogging here from time to time. Here is a little itty-bit about me to those who do not know of my existence (how dare you, btw?)

-My name is Rashika
-I am in college, majoring in English Literature.
-I am a huge booknerd (I mean how much more obvious can that be?)
-I also blog over at The Social Potato with Faye (who blogs here too… poor Faye, I just keep following her around)
-Amy told me I purr in my sleep
-I played the tuba for a year
-I’ve read 1000+ books in my life time according to Goodreads *does the monkey*

I am so excited to be here since I have admired Giselle and her blog from the beginning of time (read: before I started blogging). I am also pumped that I will be coblogging with such amazing people here and hopefully, I’ll be able to bring cool things to the table (so they won’t kick me out of the cool kids club.) I am kind of awkward but please don’t be afraid to talk to me or tweet me a simple hi! I promise I don’t bite. šŸ˜€


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Rashika has been tired since 2013. There are very few things that spark joy for her besides a nice cup of tea, warm, baked goods, good books and good TV shows. She is here to pile onto your giant TBRs and to-watch lists. Offer her a cookie and she might be nice to you.

22 Responses to “Hello (not the song by Adele) from Rashika…”

  1. Pili @ In Love With Handmade

    RASHIKAAAAAA!! *tacklehugs* I’m so happy to be reading your posts here and at the Social Potato! Now I’m gonna be more confused about what blog a link is whenever I see your name or Faye’s if I don’t look closely at the blog name!!

    • Rashika

      I AM GLAD YOU KNOW ME. It would be real awkward otherwise! šŸ˜› I am finally in the cool kids club and can take over the world because YAAS. Thank you, Cait šŸ™‚

    • Rashika

      You are a sweetheart, Micheline <3 You can stalk me whenever you want, IT'LL ALWAYS MAKE ME HAPPY!

      I am cracking up at you pun, tho. Maybe they'll even want to keep me after a while!

  2. Jasprit

    I’m sorry but who are you? Kidding, you know I can’t go without talking you like every single day, so I’m thrilled that I will get to see more of your wit and amazing reviews on Xpresso reads too. I know you’re going to have a blast here! šŸ™‚