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Monday, February 19, 2018

10 Stationery Items To Help You Organize Your Life in 2k18

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I love love love love writing tools and notebooks and nice paper and literally everything that gives me some semblance of control in my life. So, I spend a lot of my time window-shopping for these things and decided to compile some of the things I’ve had my eye on into a nice, handy-dandy list. Note that I am not an affiliate for any of these sites and receive NO money if you choose to click on buy links. But you know, lemme know so I can turn green with envy.

1. Brush Pens

I feel like brush pens have become a much bigger deal since bullet journaling has taken the world by storm but if you’re like me, and not really a bullet journaler, I think the pens are still gorgeous and just make me want to //do// things.

2. Tackle Box

I realize this isn’t ~really~ a practical thing but its cute and you know WHAT? CUTE HELPS WITH MY PRODUCTIVITY. Don’t shame.

3. Stickies that Smell like Macarons

I am sorry, you don’t want post-its that smell like your fav macaron flavors?? Who even are you???

4. Wooden Storage Desk

I’ve been all about the rustic/minimilist vibes lately and am really into this tiny storage desk. Like idk if all my stationery would fit in it, but it’s still hella cute.

5. Novelty Pencils

A cute, fandom pencil is definitely gonna make me more likely to get work done. For sure. How exciting.

6. Weekly Desk Planner

I am a planner and usually like having a million different things to write my to-do lists on and a weekly planner makes the task even more fun. ALSO THIS SET COMES WITH STICKIES AND I LOVE STICKIES.

7. Thank You Cards

I’ve really gotten into Thank You cards these past couple years so I always try to have some. These are pretty $$$$ but they are cute! TJ Maxx has some cheaper ones that are also hella cute if you wanna stock up!

8. Flower Paperclips

Okay but like we could all use some cute-ass paperclips. TBH, I don’t think I could ever use them to turn in assignments because I’d be really sad to see one go.

9. Holographic Sloth Tape Dispenser

10. See Through Highlighters

These are all the rage right now and honestly, I am here for these fancy-pants highlighters. Will they fix my life? Maybe not but a girl can hope.


Rashika Turns 5

Rashika Turns 5

Posted by on 02/13/2018 • 4 Comments

I don’t mean so alarm anyone but I promise I am not actually a 5 year old waddling around in this community. Although, if I were, that would be pretty cool. I //have// however been blogging for five years which is wild. I really didn’t think I’d still be around??? But hey, this is a great way to reflect on my time within this community.

I’ve been blogging for a quarter of my life now. In the time I’ve been blogging, I graduated High School and I graduated College (Cum Laude ;)) Talking about books has always been an important part of who I am. In 7th grade, I got a bunch of people sitting at my desk hyped about The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. In 9th grade, I got…

New Adult and Romance

New Adult and Romance

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Discussion posts are sometimes really hard to write when you have a lot of thoughts and feelings and it usually requires a backstory. So here is a short one. Recently, on twitter, there were discussions happening regarding how homogeneous New Adult lit is. A lot of the criticism was centered around how romance and sex heavy a lot of New Adult books are.

I think no one will ever disagree that we are definitely short on the range of experiences that are usually found in New Adult novels. We need change in that regard but, I don’t think that the demand for change should come at the cost of dismissing the New Adult that already exists?

For one, New Adult isn’t really a genre. It’s a demographic, its an…

Just Finished Watching: Grace and Frankie

Just Finished Watching: Grace and Frankie

Posted by on 02/05/2018 • 2 Comments

Hi. Yes. I recently finished bingeing another show and it was a good time. Maybe this will become a regular feature with the amount of shows I’ve been binging? Not promises though because I don’t want to pressure myself into watching something. ANYWAY. SO. Grace and Frankie. It is a SHOW. I had no idea it was really a show until my friend mentioned it to me right before season 4 came out. She pitched it to me and I was vaguely intrigued and in need of a sitcom and whoops. Look what she made me do. BINGE A 4 SEASON SHOW in 8 days.

Did you ever watch the cult-favorite Golden Girls? Surely you’ve seen the 100 million gifs of it floating through the webosphere? Well anyway, I never watched…

What I’ve Been Reading: January Update

What I’ve Been Reading: January Update

Posted by on 02/01/2018 • 3 Comments

I’ve never done a roundup. But, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I challenged myself to read more sequels and more backlist books this year. I started 2018 by doing a cleanse of my Goodreads TBR shelf. I got rid of 300 books on there and it’s still a work in progress. I’ve also realized that for me to truly catch up on all the sequels, I need to SERIES so I’ll have to work on that this year too!

I read 6 sequels in January!!! There are still 139 more to go (plus even more as I add more sequels) BUT at this pace, I might read around 60 sequels in total this year which is NOT BAD AT ALL.




6 Film Adaptations of Books I Am Looking Forward to 2018

6 Film Adaptations of Books I Am Looking Forward to 2018

Posted by on 01/31/2018 • 14 Comments

2018 is the year I am finally gonna be hyped about film adaptations of books. Maybe you know this or maybe you don’t but I avoid film adaptations of books like the plague. I hate them and am always wary of them. There are so many good ones happening this year and there are so many books I ~know~ would be great on the big screen so I AM FINALLY ON BOARD.

1. Crazy Rich Asians

I absolutely adore the novel and am gonna die when I finally get to see the movie. I am 100% on board with the casting and cannot believe this movie is happening. Everyone is invited to my funeral once I pass away after watching the movie…

2. Love, Simon

I was a little wary…

5 Questions Bookworms are Tired of Answering

5 Questions Bookworms are Tired of Answering

Posted by on 01/29/2018 • 14 Comments

If you’re a bookworm and openly identify as one, people will sometimes ask you questions that you cannot help but role your eyes at. We bookworms love spreading our love for reading but sometimes, people are just a hassle and we wish we were with a book instead.

1. Aren’t ebooks putting print books out of business?

No? but also, Let’s not pit the two against each other? Whatever format the book is in, it’s still a good old book and fun to read.

2. What kind of books do you like to read?

Maybe it’s just me but this is such a hard question to answer. I read more commercial fic that adult literary fic and I can feel the judgement pouring in from some groups of people when…

Just Finished Watching: The Good Place

Just Finished Watching: The Good Place

Posted by on 01/22/2018 • 13 Comments

While I am an active connoisseur of TV shows, I rarely talk about them? In fact the last time I did anything was actually end of 2016 which is just sad for someone who can sometimes finish a tv show a week. Anyway, I have time on my hands because I graduated which means I CAN DEDICATE MORE TIME TO WATCHING TV SHOWS. YAY. My life is SO EXCITING. So. I recently finished watching The Good Place. 

The Good Place takes place in the afterlife. Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in The Good Place and she does NOT BELONG. The Good Place is a sitcom but unlike most sitcoms it has an overarching plot that is addicting and exciting.

Of course, while the poster for season 1 (and season 2, tbh) doesn’t…