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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

7 Bookish Stores to Spend All Your Money At

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*This bookish list was sponsored by Uber Prints*

A major part of being a bookworm is owning a LOT of bookish merchandise. Be it candles, book markers, prints and all that jazz. This list will feature some of my fav places to window shop, shop and drool at goodies over. List is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

1. Frostbeard Candles

At this point, Frostbeard is probably the ultimate place to buy candles from and has been around since before I was born (JK), but I thought I’d feature it anyway BECAUSE THEIR CANDLES make my heart beat faster.

2. Novelly Yours Candles

When you go home for a day to get some stuff done, sometimes one of those things is taking more candle photos 😂 I just couldn't resist! ⠀ 🕯⠀⠀⠀ The Currently Reading candle is still one of my favorites from when I added the Bookish-Type collection to the shop last year in April! I wanted to add a candle to the shop that appealed to #bookstagram as well as readers in general and I had so much fun coming up with the scents for it too! You wouldn't think book pages, coffee, and clean cotton with a hint of fireplace go together but they really blend to make an interesting and unique combination! I really love when unlikely scents combine to make a really neat overall scent! ⠀⠀⠀ 🕯⠀⠀⠀ Who out there already has the Currently Reading candle? I love hearing the reactions when people first get them! I think my favorite one was when someone said it smelled exactly like Barnes & Noble! 😳😍⠀ 🕯⠀⠀⠀ The shop is still closed for a while yet but thank you to everyone keeping it alive with all the pictures you continue to post!! I'm glad I still get to chat with everyone while the shop is on break because I just love this community so much! I also have MANY new and exciting things coming when the shop reopens, in many different ways. I can't wait to share them all with you! I'll continue to share updates and even some sneak peeks or hints on my Instagram story so don't miss those! I'll continue to update until the shop is back open! ⠀⠀ 🕯⠀⠀⠀ So the real question is, what are YOU currently reading?! I started binge reading the Jackaby books and I'm in the middle of Ghostly Echoes now and listening to The Way of Kings on audio! Then I think I'm starting The Valiant as my next read!! ⠀⠀⠀ 🕯⠀⠀⠀ #currentlyreading #amreading #candle #candles #novellyyours #etsy #etsyshop #books #instabooks #bookstagram #bookandcandle #literarycandles #bookishcandles #bookcandle #bookcandles #candleaddict #candlegram

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Brittany, the shop owner, is also a book blogger which means she knows exactly what it is that we want book nerds want. Her candles look gorgeous and I love the wide range of fandom-y things she has!

3. Out of Print

'Tis the season… ☕️❄️🔥 #OOPholiday

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The best thing about this store is that “each purchase helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.” They don’t have as many specific fandom things but they have SO MANY FUCKING cute things for classic books and also general bookish merchandise. They make the perfect gifts to friends, family or yourself (because, baby, you’re worth it.)

4. Litographs

NEW #WizardOfOz design based on William Wallace Denslow's original Tin Man illustration!

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This store is the epitome of bookish words. They take words from your fav books and turn them INTO ART. Products are a little on the pricier end but also hella gorgeous.

5. Skinny Hues

"Friends don't lie" *ponders ideas for more ST bookmarks*

A photo posted by Skinny Hues (@skinnyhues) on

Crini is super talented and her bookmarks jump out at me because of how esthetically pleasing they are. Super simple yet gorgeous and I want to own them ALL.

6. Happy Hello Co

I didn’t really use magnetic bookmarkers all that much until a friend gifted them to me but they are my literal fav now and Happy Hello Co has some of the cutest magnetic bookmarkers I’ve seen on the internet.

7. Madame Bricolage Press

I am not really into prints but I love those done on dictionary pages. This small etsy store definitely deserves more attention because the prints here are gorgeous. They are less bookish and more general but still super cute!

Uber Prints

Uber Prints is the perfect site for someone who is looking to wear their own designs. If you just wanted to make a t-shirt for yourself and had a specific design in mind that you had not seen anywhere on the internet, Uber Prints would be the place to go to. It is a little on the pricier end but their shirts are really good quality and you get to choose the shirt your design goes on. Its really nice because of the artistic freedom it allows you.

*Note that I received no monetary compensation for this post & that all opinions stated are my own*

(Some of) My Most Anticipated Books of 2017

(Some of) My Most Anticipated Books of 2017

Posted by on 01/04/2017 • 16 Comments

I was planning on doing this post at the end of last year (I cannot fucking believe 2016 was ‘last’ year) but a lot of things came up so HERE I AM with my most anticipated! I also have a giveaway on Twitter for some of my most anticipated books if you are interested (it includes some books not mentioned here but also I am limiting myself to 15 here SO I CANNOT INCLUDE EVERYTHING.) This list is not even the top of the iceberg because there are SO MANY GOOD books coming out this year and IDEK how to handle it. I am going to stick to the first half of 2017 in this list.


1. Here We Are… edited by Kelly Jensen


Xpresso Reads’ Best of 2016

Xpresso Reads’ Best of 2016

Posted by on 12/29/2016 • 3 Comments

For the end of this year, I am here with some of my favs (and not fav) reads of the year AND I AM NOT ALONE. The #squad got together to bring to you this list of awesomeness. Hopefully you’ll find some books to add to your TBRs or give to friends! 🙂

A book with a title that SCREAMS ‘read me’ A cover that made you swoon because of the gorgeousness A sequel that lived up to book 1 A trilogy that concluded with you dying of heartbreak because you were so sad to see it end. A love to hate romance that made you feel all tingly on the inside A book with a kiss worth dying for A book with a super cute romance A book…

6 Shows I Am Adding to My Watch List (and you may want to add to yours)

6 Shows I Am Adding to My Watch List (and you may want to add to yours)

Posted by on 12/21/2016 • 7 Comments

Two days ago, I asked the internet for some TV show/movie recs that featured, were produced by or directed by more diverse people so that I could be consuming more diverse media in general as opposed to just reading diversely.

The internet was on point and gave me A LOT of recommendations. I am not making a list of everything that was recommended because that would be a long list but I thought I’d share a couple of shows recommended to me so that you might also add them to your to-be-watched lists! 🙂

1. The Get Down (a Netflix Original)

The Get Down was recommended 5 times and because I live under a rock, I hadn’t heard it prior to this. It sounds right up my ally though and…

5 Books to Read if You Love Books About Books (AND INKHEART)

5 Books to Read if You Love Books About Books (AND INKHEART)

Posted by on 12/16/2016 • 11 Comments

Yesterday, I posted a review for The Book Jumper talking about my disappointment because I am really into books about books and thought I’d do a follow-up today recommending some A+ books about books (most I’ve read and others come highly recommended by friends.)

1. The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

Whenever I make recommendation lists, I don’t have any particular order in which I list the books in but The Invisible Library is #1 on this list because it was one of my fav books of 2016 and I didn’t have a lot of favs. IT IS ULTIMATE BOOK PORN. Blurb in a sentence: Detective Librarians who venture into alternate universes to find and protect different versions of books or find new ones that only exist in that universe.

2. Ink and Bone by…

9 Books I Wish I Had Read in 2016

9 Books I Wish I Had Read in 2016

Posted by on 12/12/2016 • 15 Comments

There were SO MANY good books that came out this year but this year has not been a good one for reading for me. There are books I was eagerly anticipating but ended up never reading. This post is a shout-out to some of those wonderful books and maybe you’ll read them and shower them with the love they deserve. These books are listed in no particular order 😉

1. A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

I read Ember in the Ashes back in December 2014 and the cliffhanger at the end of that book had me eagerly anticipating this one. I WANTED THIS BOOK SO BADLY but ended up never reading it because wow time. I might still be able to squeeze it in before the year ends…

Rose Lerner on Jewish Representation in Media

Rose Lerner on Jewish Representation in Media

Posted by on 12/06/2016 • 4 Comments

Hi friends! I don’t want to say much because I want this to be Rose’s space to talk but brief background. A while ago, after reading Lerner’s short in Gambled Away, I invited her to do a guest post about why representation in literature is important to her and being the kind, wonderful soul she was, she agreed to do it. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, PLEASE PROCEED TO READ HER INCREDIBLY WELL WRITTEN and THOUGHT OUT POST.

When Rashika asked me to write a blog post about Jewish representation, I really struggled with where to start. How to focus. I had so much to say. I wrote thousands of rambling words, and felt dissatisfied with them.

Then I read this, from Aaron Lansky’s memoir Outwitting…

Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Posted by on 11/28/2016 • 7 Comments

Looking for some gift ideas for the bookworm(s) in your life? Fear not, I’ve got your back!

1. Library from Beauty and the Beast

You’ll be sure to please the bookworm in your life with a gift like this!

2. A time-turner

Bookworms are desperate for more reading time and whats better than gifting them a time turner so they can have all the time they need?

3. A $1,000,000 gift card for any bookstore

Don’t look at me like that. Bookworms tend to hoard and we would appreciate a nearly unlimited budget for when we go book-shopping.

4. Their fav author so they can fangirl and cry

It may require you to break some laws (since you might have to kidnap their fav author), but the smile on their…