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6 Shows I Am Adding to My Watch List (and you may want to add to yours)

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Two days ago, I asked the internet for some TV show/movie recs that featured, were produced by or directed by more diverse people so that I could be consuming more diverse media in general as opposed to just reading diversely.

The internet was on point and gave me A LOT of recommendations. I am not making a list of everything that was recommended because that would be a long list but I thought I’d share a couple of shows recommended to me so that you might also add them to your to-be-watched lists! 🙂

1. The Get Down (a Netflix Original)

The Get Down was recommended 5 times and because I live under a rock, I hadn’t heard it prior to this. It sounds right up my ally though and I WANTS TO WATCH IT.

2. The Fosters

I usually don’t watch a lot of family dramas but I am sure there will be a little comedy anyway and I JUST WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW.

3. Queen Sugar

Another family drama set in Louisiana where a fam moves back to Louisiana to claim their inheritance- an 800 acre sugarcane farm. I can already feel the intenseness of this show. Plus it comes highly recommended.

4. Luke Cage (a Netflix Original)

Netflix has been doing a pretty great job I think with having more diverse superheroes on screen so I am pretty excited to see Luke Cage!

5. Dark Matter

This sounds like a great show for the 100 fans? Like I havent watched the 100 but I KNOW LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE IT.

6. Pitch

A lady in a sport dominated by dudes? WANT. NEED. I was told there is a chance it may not be renewed for another season though and that is so disheartening.

For more recs, go click on the image of my tweet and feel free to scroll through replies! 🙂

Are you adding any of these shows to your watch list? Do you have any recs for me or want to push these shows on me even more? LET ME KNOW.


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7 Responses to “6 Shows I Am Adding to My Watch List (and you may want to add to yours)”

  1. Jordan @ForeverLostinLiterature

    Ooh, Queen Sugar looks really good! I think Luke Cage sounds wonderful as well, I’m hoping to finally watch it sometime. This is such a great list of shows! I’ve actually watched The Fosters and it’s overall pretty good! They handle soo many different topics, and although it has its ups and downs, it’s definitely still a show I would recommend for people to check out. I need to find more shows, so I’m glad to see this list!

  2. Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous)

    The Fosters started out really good but then just started to be too much drama for me and kind of repetitive. Plus, one of the main actors left and they just replaced him with another dude like no one would notice. I still will pop in from time to time but I can’t binge watch it anymore.

  3. Valerie

    I’ve wanted to watch Pitch, because it looks pretty amazing. But I’m not a huge fan of baseball, so I don’t know if I’ll love it or not. ACTUALLY I HAVE WATCHED NONE OF THESE. Currently I’m trying the X files. I still need to watch Luke Cage and Daredevil S2. TV SHOWS ARE JUST SO LONG SOMETIMES. I WISH I COULD WATCH STRANGER THINGS FOR THE FIRST TIME.

  4. Yasmine @ Swissbookworm

    I got stuck somewhere around season 3 of The Fosters, but I really need to pick it up again!

    Also I really want to watch Luke Cage, maybe even Dark Matter. But there are so many series that I’m still watching or need to catch up with :0 Great list!