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9 Books I Wish I Had Read in 2016

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There were SO MANY good books that came out this year but this year has not been a good one for reading for me. There are books I was eagerly anticipating but ended up never reading. This post is a shout-out to some of those wonderful books and maybe you’ll read them and shower them with the love they deserve. These books are listed in no particular order 😉

1. A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

I read Ember in the Ashes back in December 2014 and the cliffhanger at the end of that book had me eagerly anticipating this one. I WANTED THIS BOOK SO BADLY but ended up never reading it because wow time. I might still be able to squeeze it in before the year ends but I doubt it’s actually gonna happen because of what my TBR looks like RN.

2. When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

To be fair, I actually checked this one out and started reading it but never finished it because of time constraints and because it would take me forever to read. The 30 pages I did read clearly showed me that I NEEDED TO PICK this book up again because the writing was absolutely gorgeous and I was already falling for the characters.

3. Lucy and Linh by Alice Pung

I swear I am reading this next year. Its #ozya which I LOVE and I hear there are some mean girls (and the MC becomes part the group of mean girls.) WHO DOESNT WANT TO READ BOOKS WITH DRAMA and ANGST all set in an exclusive private school. Also that cover is hella cute.

4. Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

I’ve wanted to read this one so badly especially lately because its been getting so much praise but also because Caleb Roehrig seems like an A+ person. BASICALLY, I already have a large 2017 TBR pile. Featuring a maybe murder mystery and a kid who’s gonna be realizing some things about himself. Mysteries are always such a good ‘setting’ for discovering something about yourself.

5. As I Descended by Robin Talley

I am actually really disappointed in myself for not reading this one because I’ve read and loved everything Robin Talley has written and have the sads for not reading this the year it came out. ITS A GAY RETELLING OF MACBETH. DOES THAT NOT SOUND AMAHZING?

6. Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund Hodge

I’ve also read and loved everything Hodge has written and I AM ALSO disappointed in myself for not reading Bright Smoke, Cold Fire this year. To be fair, I read the first page during finals but finals is not a good time to read books no matter how much that first page hit the mark. I am also still holding out hope I might be able to squeeze this one in before I bid adieu to this shitty year but we shall see. That cover is creepy af and I KNOW this book is gonna take me on an emotional roller coaster but my body is ready. HAS BEEN FOR A LONG TIME.

7. Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

I was definitely attracted to this one because of its beautiful cover but I loved the premise to and am sad I didn’t get to read it this year. Summary in a sentence: #thatfeelwhen you make your entire family disappear into thin air on your birthday.

8. Beast by Brie Spangler

I am trash for Beauty & the Beast retellings so I’ve obviously had this on my TBR 5ever. GOTS TO READS IT TOO. One more for 2017 please.

9. Scythe by Neal Shusterman

I never did read the Unwind series but Challenger Deep was one of my favorite books of 2015 so I knew I would want to read this one even before I heard the premise. This book features assassins called scythes and I am also trash for assassins so please 2017, be good to me and give me time to read this book. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I HAVE A COPY waiting for me back in my dorm.

What books do you wish you had had more time to read this year? Do any of you have a time turner and know where I might be able to get one?

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15 Responses to “9 Books I Wish I Had Read in 2016”

  1. Morgan @ Gone with the Words

    I still need to read Labyrinth Lost and An Ember in the Ashes before I can move onto the sequel! Gosh there are always books I wish I had made time for, including quite a few series enders like The Winner’s Kiss- need to read book 2 first! Whoops. So many books so little time 🙂

    • Rashika

      I hope we both love Labyrinth Lost! Also seriously, its great that whenever you read AEitA, book 2 while be out because that book is INTENSE! You know what’s also great? I was SO excited for The Winner’s Curse when the book came out and I NEVER READ IT. I’ve wanted to for a bit though so maybe I can binge read the series in 2017? And seriously, we need so much more time. This year especially has been a mediocre reading year since lots of things happened :/

  2. Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews

    I swear A Torch Against the Night taunts me every time I go to the library and I see if on the shelf.

    I really wanted to read The Midnight Star by Marie Lu to finally get some closure with that story. Maybe I can squeeze it in over Christmas…

    • Rashika

      LOL I FEEL THAT SO MUCH. I’ll go to the library, check out all the new book shelves, have 7 books in my hand and then remember I already have 10 checked out and put the books back because I am so bad at getting through books.

      I hope you enjoy TMS!!!! AND GET CLOSURE!!!

  3. Lizzy

    This is such an awesome list. So many good books came out this year and I have managed to read so few, it seems like, so I totally feel you. Labyrinth Lost is definitely worth the read when you do get to it, just for the record. 😉

    • Rashika

      RIGHT?! Whenever i am looking at best-of lists I keep wondering what I actually read since it seems like I read noting?? Thanks for letting me know! I hope I ADORE Labryinth Lost!!!

  4. Amanda S

    Scythe and Labyrinth Lost were INCREDIBLE!! I’m eagerly awaiting book 2 for both of them! Many of the others on your list are ones I have copies of staring at me. I feel your pain! but I’m hoping I can get ahead for 2017 and read them in January 🙂

    • Rashika

      AHHHH. I am glad to hear that about those books! I HAVE TO READ THEM. We are gonna give 2017 a run for its money and try to read ALL THE BOOKS (i’ll probably fail tbh)

  5. czai

    Scythe is definitely at the top of my tbr right now. I’m still waiting to get it on the bookstore though. hopefully early next year 🙂

    • Rashika

      I still need to read Wrath and the Dawn *hides* Highly recommend Girl Against the Universe and The Star Touched Queen though! Both were 5 star reads for me!