Friday, November 18, 2016

Diverse #QuietYA Recommendations

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You may or may not have read my post from earlier this week talking about how I was doing after the election. The answer is that I am not okay but so many other people aren’t either. I’ve been struggling to do books lately but I recently finished my first book post-election and felt so much love for it. Post-election, one of the biggest things we can focus on in this bookish community is supporting #ownvoices and buying more diverse books. Today, I put together a list of some great #quietYA diverse reads. I’ve read a majority of these books and can vouch for their amazingness so without further ado, here are some books to add to your TBRs. Buy them, check them out from a library, give them some love because they deserve it. Please also feel free to comment with more diverse #quietya recs!


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