Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bookish Confessions

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The new year is just around the corner and it’s gonna be a new year, new me (probably for like 5 seconds.) To aid my journey of reinventing myself for 2018, I thought I’d get some deep, dark, confessions off my chest. I hope you’ll still want to hang with me after learning about some of the horrifying things I’ve done but if not, I understand.


1. Like a regular person, I like to eat while I read but one time, while I was reading Breaking Dawn which I had borrowed from my review, I accidentally dropped the slice of pizza I was eating inside the book and never told my friend.ย She never said anything and didn’t disown me so I guess she never found out.


2. Another time when I had borrowed one of the Harry Potter books from my friend, the hardcover kind of just detached itself from the spine of the book? It happened when the friend was there so she could tell it wasn’t really my fault. The real question here is why people ever lend their books to me because I would throw a fit if someone did that to one of my books (I might not but I’d be really sad and there would be tears…)

3. I used to store my books in a closet? This isn’t really the worst confession of the bunch and I mostly did it because I had no shelves and no money to buy shelves. BUT, I thought thats where people kept their books since I thought only libraries really had bookshelves. I do have shelves now :’)

4. I used to dog ear pages of whatever book I was reading. If it was one I borrowed from the library, from a friend or one I paid money for. The real irony of this isn’t that I dog eared pages, its that I’ve been collecting bookmarks since 4th grade and didn’t start using them until like 11th grade. OOPS??????


I am glad to have gotten all of this off my chest. I hope whoever reads this doesn’t leave traumatized from the suffering I’ve inflicted on many a book.

Share any confessions you want to get off your chest below!!

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6 Responses to “Bookish Confessions”

  1. Valerie

    OMG YEAH I am NOT lending you ANY of my books. A pizza? A PIZZA? omg.

    Also you can’t even extend your “new you” to 6 seconds into the new year? Wow.