Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life

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Holidays are officially in season! I mean they’ve technically been in season for a while but… its all official now. Happy first day of Hannukah to those who celebrate! It’s last minute but today I am bringing you a list of bookish goodies to buy the bookworm in your life. I promise it’ll be more helpful than last year (but, okay, if anyone got me any of those things, I’d be a happy person.) A little last minute shopping never hurt anyone!

1. Puffin Classics

They are fairly inexpensive and come with jaw-dropping covers. Know a bookworm in your life who appreciates classics and gorgeous covers? Cannot go wrong with one of these:

2. Notebooks

There are lots of them out there and a bookworm will always cherish a bookish notebook to keep all their scribbles about books in. Or you know, about anything else. Some of us just like taking notes or making lists.

3. Socks

Maybe you didn’t know this but some bookworms are also humans so they like their toes to be warm and cozy. Maybe get them a pair of some book themed socks? Even regular ones will do, tbh. We just want our feet to be warm.

4. A pretty case for their e-reader.

It’s probably been a while since they replaced that. Or maybe that’s just me. We like to spend our money on books so if you want to give us a little something to help protect one of the most important electronic devices in our life, it will definitely be appreciated.

5. Some bookends

Book ends are so pretty. You should definitely get them some so they can make their clustered shelves look a little bit nicer

6. A mug for all the caffeine they consume

Bookworms need caffeine after pulling many an all-nighter to finish that book (even though they said only one more page.) And a mug to put that source of caffeine in is always helpful.

7. Some literary postcards

A lot of bookworms have friends across the globe and it’s nice to have some fun stationary we can use to write them letters.

8. A book protector

Preferably a waterproof one. I’ve had at least two accidents with books and water in the past 8 years and I am comfortable speaking for all bookworms when I say that we HATE it when one of our books is damaged. We fear for the books we carry around in our bags and a book protector would be a good way to get rid of at least on of those fears.

Whats on your wishlist besides books? Anything important I missed in this guide to gifts for bookworms? Do you have 1,000,000 to give to me?

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2 Responses to “Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life”

  1. Jordan

    What a great list! I’ve never even thought of getting someone a book protector, but now that I think of it–I know quite a few people who would probably love that. Those Puffin Classics are beautiful; I picked up a Little Women edition (one of her favorite childhood books) for my mom last year and she loved it, so they are definitely a great gift idea!