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5 Questions Bookworms are Tired of Answering

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If you’re a bookworm and openly identify as one, people will sometimes ask you questions that you cannot help but role your eyes at. We bookworms love spreading our love for reading but sometimes, people are just a hassle and we wish we were with a book instead.

1. Aren’t ebooks putting print books out of business?

No? but also, Let’s not pit the two against each other? Whatever format the book is in, it’s still a good old book and fun to read.

2. What kind of books do you like to read?

Maybe it’s just me but this is such a hard question to answer. I read more commercial fic that adult literary fic and I can feel the judgement pouring in from some groups of people when I tell them what I am into.

3. Are you an introvert?

People should stop equating being a bookworm with introversion. I am an introvert (and a proud one of that) but people seem to have this image of what bookworms are like which sucks.

4. How many books do you read in a year?

Eeeeep. I mean this is kind of a valid question but it makes reading feel like a number as opposed to a hobby. You can read 1 book a year and still be a bookworm.

5. Whats your favorite book?

WHY WOULD ANYONE ASK A BOOKWORM THAT QUESTION??? It’s hard to choose our favorite baby when there are so many good books. To be fair, I have asked people that question before but I tend to ask more about a recent fav as opposed to all time fav.

What questions are you tired of answering? Anything in particular bug you?

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14 Responses to “5 Questions Bookworms are Tired of Answering”

  1. Annette Mills

    I hate the “what’s your favorite book?” question. Ugh… And I hate when students come and ask me for “what’s a good book?” I ask them, “Well, what’s a book that you’ve read and liked?” If they can’t answer that, then I have a hard time!!

  2. Dena @ Batch of Books

    I hate the favorite book question. I also HATE getting asked what I like to read. I read children’s and YA books, mostly. Once they hear that, people tend to brush me off and give me a judgy, sideways look that says, “oh, you’re one of those weirdos that refuses to become an adult.”

  3. Jordan

    Oh my god, I get all of these questions so often and it’s so tiring! I particularly hate the ‘ebooks putting physical books out of print’ and ‘what types of books do you like to read one’ the most. There is so much misinformation out there regarding print/ebook. And it’s so hard to describe what type of books you like to read… anything we might say has some sort of ‘stereotype’ that will go with and they will automatically jump to that one thing. I could never answer the favorite book question, it’s impossible! Fantastic post!

  4. AngelErin

    Yes! Great list. The one I hate the most from your list is what kind of books do you read? Um… everything lol. I also get asked often if I’ve read such and such book and if I say no people act shocked. Like I read a lot so I must have read every book published. LOL! Drives me nuts.

  5. Catfairy

    OMG, I am tired of the question about the ebooks too! And I also hate the question about how many books I read! There is so much competition lately with how many books we read! I wrote a post about the pressure I feel to meet my Goodreads challenge and how hard of a time I give myself sometimes when I don’t meet my challenge! So frustrating!

  6. Randi

    Ugh, the ebook question. Makes me rant every time. I can’t be the only person whos wrist gets sore trying to hold a print book open and at an angle I can read. Maybe I am, who know? Not to mention how heavy my purse would be if I had to carry physical books around all the time.

  7. Jamie

    Ahh the first question though, since I’ve started meeting people I’m asked that question all the time by non-readers, and they always go on to tell me about their preference for hardcovers despite never trying an ebook… I also hate being asked the favorite book question because I have a list, I usually just default to answering with my favorite genre or naming a favorite author when asked. Great list, it’s funny and depressing how trust it is.

  8. Valerie


    Honestly I think the worst question some rando can ask me is “what book are you reading”, because how am I supposed to explain it if you don’t even know what it is? DO YOU EVEN WANT TO KNOW WhAT I’M READING? no YOU DON’T. You just want to INSErT yourself into the conversation and find a way to relate to it.

  9. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    The introvert one KILLS me- I feel like I get that even from the book community and I am like. Look, I like books and I also like socializing so don’t stone me or whatever. I love “what should I read?” without telling me a single thing about their interests- and then claiming they HAVE no idea what they like when I ask. Like, I am a book blogger, not a psychic! This post is just so true and I love it.

  10. Larry Trasciatti

    I agree that you should have a right to be annoyed at these questions but you should also try to understand that they’re all legitimate. People mean well and shouldn’t have to apologize for such minor things.