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Just Finished Watching: The Good Place

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While I am an active connoisseur of TV shows, I rarely talk about them? In fact the last time I did anything was actually end of 2016 which is just sad for someone who can sometimes finish a tv show a week. Anyway, I have time on my hands because I graduated which means I CAN DEDICATE MORE TIME TO WATCHING TV SHOWS. YAY. My life is SO EXCITING. So. I recently finished watching The Good Place. 

The Good Place takes place in the afterlife. Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in The Good Place and she does NOT BELONG. The Good Place is a sitcom but unlike most sitcoms it has an overarching plot that is addicting and exciting.

Of course, while the poster for season 1 (and season 2, tbh) doesn’t make it seem like it, the cast of this is actually pretty diverse which I REALLY LOVED. Towards the end of the season, a character kind is shown to be canonically non-het which made me REALLY EXCITED. I re-watched the scene 5,000,000 times. And yes, the show having a diverse cast is an important detail that vastly impacted my experience with this show. None of the characters are stereotyped and the writing is so FUCKING CLEVER.

What makes the show even better is that the plot and world building is really smart. I will say that while the show tries to separate itself from the way various religions present afterlife, it doesn’t do the best job. The very idea that there is a good place and bad place is reminiscent of Judeo-Christian-Islamic beliefs. Aside from my nitpicking about that, the world building is still fun and the plot is amazing.

I said this before and I am gonna repeat myself because why not but the writing is amazing. There are so many little easter eggs to be found. The show is so genuinely funny while having an enticing plot which I think is hard to really do in a genre dominated by short 20 min stories as opposed to season-driven seasons.

So yes, you should watch this show if you’re looking for a smart, new comedy to pick up and if you’re looking for other sitcoms that have a plotline that runs throughout the season, Trial and Error might be another one for you! I am onto watching The Magicians! 

What shows have you been watching lately? Anything I should keep an eye out for?

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13 Responses to “Just Finished Watching: The Good Place”

  1. Olivia

    We’ve just binged this and couldn’t stop. It’s different, funny and charming and basically refreshing. We can’t wait for new episodes!

    • Rashika

      I KNOW. I kind of hate myself for binging it because now I am out of episodes to watch and all of them end on cliffhangers. The waiting hurts, Olivia. SO MUCH.

  2. JoAnn Chateau

    Thanks for reviewing The Good Place, of which I was unaware. (I don’t watch much TV… on the TV.) I will catch the show on Netflix. Clever writing, an intriguing overarching plot — it sounds great.

    The last TV series I “discovered” was Graves, with Nick Nolte. I love it. A friend of mine adores The Good Doctor – and it IS pretty darn good.

  3. JoAnn Chateau

    Have you watched The End of the F***ing World, a Netflix original series? A scene or two are quite difficult to watch. At first, James, the teen boy is ready to launch his serial killer career. He meets Alissa. They run away together — she will be his first victim. They murder someone else (by accident, an actual serial killer). James realizes he is not, in fact, a sociopath. The young runaway couple capture your heart — and they are in so much trouble — I can’t wait for the next season.

    • Rashika

      I feel you. I don’t watch much TV on TV but I also don’t have cable or I probably would do that more. Actually, I take that back, I’d probably just watch a lot of fucking HGTV because I am garbage like that.

      ooooo. Thank you for all the show recommendations!! I am going to add what’s on Netflix to my queue!!!

    • Rashika

      OMG I KNOW. I LOVE GOOD JANET. Also, it really is so funny and clever. The writers for the show deserve a raise. IDK WHAT THEY GET PAID but THEY DESERVE MORE. LOL.

  4. Valerie

    YEAH i’M HOOKED ON THIS SHOW NOW BECAUSE OF YOU HAHAHA. And yes the writing is marvelous. I almost wonder if they were going to make season 1 end like that the entire time