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Sequel Smashers: The One Where Rashika Takes On Sequels

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I have a problem. It’s called me picking up shiny new series and never reading sequels. It doesn’t matter if the sequel was the most anticipated thing or the least, I DON’T READ THEM. A quick browse through my Goodreads showed I have ~at least~ 100 sequels I have NOT read. This is not even including series where more books come out after the sequel I didn’t read. This year, I have decided enough is enough and decided to fix this problem; especially because I even BOUGHT a lot of my anticipated sequels and never read them. Basically, I seem to have a problem where I buy books I am looking forward to and then never read them? Last year, I focused on reading more backlist books and this year, I am enlisting some buds (Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway, Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight, Val @ The Innocent Smiley)to take on a reading challenge with me this year. Together, we are gonna SMASH some SEQUELS. I will be reading some sequels coming out this year too (because omg, there are at least 5, I NEED SO BADLY) but I want to focus on reading some of the books I already own and other series I’d really like to finish.

Here is my tentative list of sequels I ~really~ want to get to this year. I’ll try to do check-ins so I keep myself on track but we’ll see… I HOPE I AM NOT A TERRIBLE SLACKER. Also my getting to some of these books is really contingent on accessibility and I hope I am able to find books I don’t own at the library because my book buying budget is non-existent :’)

1. Queen of the Night by Leanne Hall

2. Necromancing the Stone by Lish McBride

3. Of Dreams and Rust by Sarah Fine

4. Until the Beginning by Amy Plum


5. The Nightmare Charade by Mindee Arnett

6. Whisper the Dead by Alyxandra Harvey

7. Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini 

8. Crown of Embers by Rae Carson


9. Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

10. Goddess by Josephine Angelini

11. Unbreakable by Elizabeth Norris

12. Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger


This isn’t a strict list of sequels per-se, just because my list is over 100 and if I get to even 25% of those this year, I’ll be v. happy but because I own physical copies of 6 of the books on this tentative list, I am really hoping I’ll read them and FINISH SOME SERIES this year!

What about you? Do you have sequels you need to get on top of as well? ARE YOU JUST AS GUILTY AS I AM when it comes to reading sequels?

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6 Responses to “Sequel Smashers: The One Where Rashika Takes On Sequels”

  1. Valerie

    I AM HOPING TO READ NECROMANCING THE STONE TODAY BECAUSE I JUST REREAD THE FIRST BOOK AND LOL I LOVE THE MAIN CHARACTER and also mainly because I seem to be on a paranormal, urban fantasy kick lately. Need more in my life.

    • Rashika

      I know you already finished it! Was it worth it? Also isn’t it nice that like you actually read it because of my challenge? HA HA HA. Do you need pnr/uf recs?? Good for you, buddy.

  2. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    Okay, want to hear something funny? I HAVE a lot of these sequels… only I haven’t read any of the first books. Rashika, I think I need an intervention. And apparently, I am not as guilty as you hahah. I should have put Thunderhead on my list because I’d have already finished one, I suspect that was a fail on my part.

    • Rashika

      So basically, we have the opposite problems. I don’t even own like all of these sequels, I just need to get my shit together and read them. Also like, I have a lot more sequels not on my master list of 100 because sometimes, I’ll read first books and not add sequels. Not because I don’t want to read them but because I am a dummy and forget to add them. I’ve read over 1800 books and thats a lot of sequels to check for. I am focusing on cleaning out my TBR first though and then working on finding all the other missing sequels. AND JFYI, my 100 sequels don’t even include books out this year :’) :’) :’)

  3. Bhairavee

    Hey Rashika,
    I haven’t read any of the sequeals you have listed so this is a good blog for me to search some new books and add them to my TBR!