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How to Support Diverse Books (aside from buying them)

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Here is the thing, even though you may think that there has been a huge influx of diverse books, there really has not been. Diverse authors, especially people of color, still face many barriers when it comes to getting their books published. You can check the CCBC Publishing Stastisitics for more info. We might not always be able to buy every single diverse book that comes out (even if we will try) because our wallets aren’t infinite but there are more things we can do that also supports diverse books!

1. Request upcoming releases at your library if they don’t already have them pre-ordered. Even if you are planning on buying a copy.

Libraries are always welcome to open recommendations from patrons!

2. Check diverse books out from the library! Especially from the backlist!

I cannot emphasize how important it is to do this. For books to keep circulating, they need to be checked out. Libraries, especially smaller ones have to constantly weed collections to make room for more books which means books that don’t get checked out, get chucked. And sometimes, these just end up being diverse books that deserve a much longer shelf-life.

Maybe you don’t live near a library so cannot always do these things… that’s valid! There are other things you can do that will support them!


3. Talk about them

I mean this is like basic stuff and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me but talk about diverse books! You don’t have to review them, feature them in a list if you have a blog. Recommend to friends, IRL. If someone is looking for a specific book and a diverse one fits their description? TELL THEM TO READ IT.

4. Goodreads Lists

A lot of people use Goodreads lists to find their next read. I know I’ve spent many hours scouring through them. So, add them to lists! Upvote them on lists so people can see them near the top! Don’t just limit yourself to ‘diverse’ lists, they should be on all lists they can be on!


Here is the thing, we cannot always buy all the books but there are still other ways to support diverse books. Part of the work is just raising awareness, especially for more quiet-releases that don’t get as big budgets. We are readers with platforms we can use but we can do other things aside from featuring on our platforms that still helps promote diverse books. Keep in mind that these suggestions aren’t substitutes for actually buying the books, thats still the best thing to do BUT, we cannot always buy every single book. Anyway!!! I hope this was helpful?

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  1. Valerie

    Yayaya I agree. I also recommend them to a bunch of people. Though tbh (and I’m pretty salty about this), I recommended that we read The Hate U Give in book club, but it never appeared on the vote list??? Like…what. My other recommended book did but not that one and it made me sad and salty and I DON’T WANNA MAKE ASSUMPTIONS BUT….sorry to vent