Thursday, March 22, 2018

11 Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

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Honestly, this list is gonna expose me so hard but you know, its okay. There are only a couple authors on here I no longer read and/or support.

1. Meg Cabot – 26 Books

I am incredibly proud this queen graces the top of my list because I love Meg Cabot and I will continue to read books by her till the end of time.

2. Anne Stuart – 20 Books

Umm. Yeah. This was a time in my life. I used to adore Anne Stuart and her books but tried picking one up again a couple months ago and I could not get into it. I still think she has a couple of strong books though that are worth reading.

3. Karina Halle – 16 Books

Also a time in my life. Although, Karina Halle knows her angst okay and I love a simmering angst that will make me want to die :’) Her ghost hunting series is also so unique in terms of premise and I want more ghost hunting books. Someone give them to me.

4. Lemony Snicket – 15 Books

There are a number of reasons why I no longer want to support Lemony Snicket so I will leave it at that. Sucks that Daniel Handler is a terrible person and ruined my love for a good series.

5. Courtney Milan – 15 Books

I AM SO GLAD ONE OF MY FAV AUTHORS MAKES THIS LIST AGAIN. I read anything Courtney writes and clearly that shows.

6. Kelley Armstrong – 15 Books

Definitely one of those authors I read more back in the day but my love holds up, I think. I’ll need to pick up one of those books currently on my Goodreads TBR.

7. Roald Dahl – 13 Books

Obviously, the majority of these books were read back when I was a wee bab but you know, Roald Dahl is still pretty damn awesome.

8. Shannon Hale -13 Books

I’ve been reading Shannon Hale since 7th grade and I doubt that is stopping anytime soon. I probably won’t read everything in my lifetime but you know, I’ve read a fair amount of her backlist.

9.  Jennifer Estep -13 Books

THIS WAS A TIME IN MY LIFE. I’ve stopped really reading Jennifer Estep’s book for a number of reason but they were GOOD BRAIN CANDY.

10. Ilona Andrews – 12 Books

Hi. Yes. Ilona Andrews definitely deserves a spot here and now I am just waiting for their new books to come out. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the Kate Daniels books (I enjoyed them but not loved) but their Hidden Legacy series sealed the deal.

11. Tessa Dare – 12 Books

I am so happy to see Tessa Dare on this list. The first couple books I read by her were a miss but I’ve loved all her newer books and she has cemented herself as one of my favorite romance authors.

What are your most read authors? Any fav authors on this list? Let me know!

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5 Responses to “11 Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By”

  1. Sarah J.

    I love these kinds of lists! It’s always so interesting to see what authors have really shaped a reader’s reading phases and favorites.

    • Rashika

      Yeah definitely!!! I mean one of my most favorite authors doesn’t make the list but she doesn’t even have as many books out as some of the books I’ve read by my top 11 most read authors.

  2. Jordan Rose

    I loved looking through this list! Lemony Snicket is the only one that I’ve also read a lot by (I agree–such a disappointment regarding recent events…). I’ll still hold those memories reading them as a child close to heart, though. I remember my sister loved Meg Cabot’s books! Ilona Andrews and Shannon Hale are both authors I’ve wanted to read more from.

  3. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    Wait that one is two people? I am so confused. I am sorry that the series you loved is ruined by that guy being The Worst. I found one of the books for 50 cents at the library a few years ago, but I will have to… Idk, give it back hahah. Glad that *most* of your faves are still worthy, though!