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What I’ve Been Reading: April Update

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Happy May everyone!!! New month new me?? Who knows. I ended up spending most of April in a funk. I didn’t get a lot of reading done but I am starting to feel a little bit more productive so we’ll see and hope May is a better month personally and for my reading aspirations.

Okay so I didn’t read any backlist sequels this month because again, I was in a funk but, I am counting the two sequels I did read in this update so I can give myself a pat on the back.


Both these books were anticipated sequels and coincidentally, both were pushed back to this year so I’ve been waiting on them for quite some time (After the Wedding for 2.5 years.) Trouble Never Sleeps was a bit of a let down but I still enjoyed being reunited with my OTP. After the Wedding was the book I needed desperately and kind of helped get me out of the funk I was in.

Again, not too much backlist TBR reading this month but I did manage to read two books that were on my backlist TBR (technically never added Mindy Kaling’s to my TBR but I’ve wanted to read it since 2015 I think.)


April was a pretty slow reading month but both these books were absolutely worth my time. City of the Lost I just finished last night and I’ve been reading it for a weekish and recommending it to EVERYONE because it was so worth my time. Also Kelley Armstrong keeps writing heroes that I fall in love with and it’s not fair. Reading Kaling’s autobiography also made me fall down a binge watching hole. I haven’t seen The Office in years so I decided to watch EVERYTHING AGAIN.

I DID READ SOMETHING I WOULDN’T USUALLY this month which I haven’t seen January so look at me go!

This is like a fun fact, humorous book and like I never really read those but I had a blast with this one.

So since I didn’t really read a lot of books this month, this is the only one I can feature for my underrated reads. There is mild hype for this one BUT I NEED THERE TO BE MORE. The Summer of Jordi Perez is absolutely delightful and worthy of the hype. It’s the gay summer rom-com we deserve.

What have you been reading this month? Anything you loved I should definitely check out?

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    • Rashika

      omg definitely read the Courtney Milan book! It’s SO GOOD. Kelley Armstrong is one of my fav authors and I’d definitely recommend City of the Lost!