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What I’ve Been Reading: June Update

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YAY! We’re officially half-way through the year. And my yay was definitely not sarcastic. No indeed. Nothing has really changed. I continue to be stressed and semi-functioning but I did read a bunch this month so I am pretty happy. I’ve also officially read 161 books this year and I am hoping that means I’ll hit the 300 mark this year. WHO KNOWS. WISH ME LUCK, FRIENDS. 


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It was a pretty good month for backlist TBR smashing and I am happy I got so many sequels read! I have a bunch more checked out so hopefully, I’ll get more books read and ticked off that SEQUELS-TO-READ tbr. My favorite sequels were the remaining books in the Gallagher Girl series. Omg those booksssss. They changed my life.


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I didn’t hit my backlist tbr as much this month but I definitely read a bunch of books I’ve had my eye on for ages so I am pretty happy. I actually DNFed The Near Witch but I am still counting it because I read up till 50% before I decided to give up.


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Dangerous Calling and Sacrifice are both part of a series and I think both these series are underrated and in need of more attention. WHERE IS THE HYPE. StarCrossed is also part of a series where we never saw the last book come out because there wasn’t enough hype and if that isn’t the saddest thing you’ve heard, I don’t know what is. Ballad For a Mad Girl is OZYA which is probably why it doesn’t have more hype across the ocean BUT IT DESERVES IT.

What have you been reading this month? Anything you loved I should definitely check out?

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