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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

6 Film Adaptations of Books I Am Looking Forward to 2018

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2018 is the year I am finally gonna be hyped about film adaptations of books. Maybe you know this or maybe you don’t but I avoid film adaptations of books like the plague. I hate them and am always wary of them. There are so many good ones happening this year and there are so many books I ~know~ would be great on the big screen so I AM FINALLY ON BOARD.

1. Crazy Rich Asians

I absolutely adore the novel and am gonna die when I finally get to see the movie. I am 100% on board with the casting and cannot believe this movie is happening. Everyone is invited to my funeral once I pass away after watching the movie…

2. Love, Simon

I was a little wary about this one because I loved the book but then the trailer dropped and I lost my fucking mind.

3. A Wrinkle In Time

I love the book. I’ve only read it 4 times when I rarely re-read a book. I will die if this movie doesn’t hold up to my expectations and my childhood dreams. Like previously, you’re all invited to attend the funeral.

4. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I own the entire trilogy. I haven’t read it. BUT. I’ve been following along with the authors photos and diaries from her time on-set and I am honestly so curious and looking forward to the movie.

5. Every Day

I read and loved this book years ago and while I am still waiting on a sequel that is a continuation of the book, I’ll happily watch the movie in the meantime! Also, really hope they don’t het-wash the movie.

6. Where Did You Go, Bernadette

Where Did You Go, Bernadette took the world by storm when it came out so much that even I succumbed and acquired a copy. While that copy sits on my shelf, collecting dust, I eagerly await the release of the movie because lets face it, it’s probably gonna be a GOOD movie. I’ll try to be a good bookworm and read the book beforehand.

What book-film adaptations are you looking forward to this year?