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Thursday, July 13, 2017

K-Drama Rec Based On Jellicoe Road

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I don’t watch a lot of K-drama’s but when I do, I get sucked in and binge watch like my life depends on it. This particular k-drama was recommended to me by a close friend and just happened to be the one to introduce me to the wonderful world of k-dramas. 

But, before I talk about it, lets talk about Jellicoe Road, or as it is known in Australia, On the Jellicoe Road (a title I much prefer.) Well for one, Melina Marchetta is my queen and secondly, I don’t compare things to Jellicoe unless I mean it. If you haven’t read this life-changing book already, I highly suggest you get on it because making good life decisions is a good thing. You will sob, laugh, probably die for a hot second and SWOON like nobody’s business. Better yet, go read everything Marchetta has ever written.

For those of you though that worship the queen Marchetta as much as I do, and find yourself missing the Jellicoe gang from time to time (or ALL THE TIME), watch Healer. 

Why? I am glad you asked. 

  • Has a past and present timeline similar to Jellicoe
  • Has a group of BFFs in the past and a romance b/w two of the BFFs in the past
  • No spoilers but the past and present storylines in the show overlap in AMAZING ways, just like they do in Jellicoe
  • Swoon-worthy otps + cute boys

I hope you’re convinced, friends because I don’t know what else you want from me. Watch this show, get back to me and CRY WITH ME.