Friday, June 24, 2016

Epic Cover Battles #7: Series Redesign Edition

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Welcome to yet another edition of Epic Cover Battles. I absolutely hate it when a series gets a complete redesign mid-way through the series but sometimes the change is for the better. So today you can voteeee for whether or not you like the covers before the redesign or after… Can redesigns be for the better good? WE WILL FIND OUT. (I feel like an MC for a tv show as I write this)

Epic Cover Battles #7


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9 Responses to “Epic Cover Battles #7: Series Redesign Edition”

  1. Em

    I don’t like when cover redesigns are done part way through the series either! I do like them, but only if it’s done after all the books in the series are out, so that they can all be the same. It’s more fun that way, I think, so that you can collect the different versions of the series.

  2. Chrystal

    I don’t like when they do that either. My picks are the before for Across the Universe, after for Anna and the French Kiss and before for Uglies.

  3. Sarah

    I have to agree, I hate when cover designs change midway through a series. My Across the Universe ones don’t match at all 🙁 I also feel it makes my bookshelf look out of sync… do you agree?

  4. Lora

    Usually I like the original best, like with the Across The Universe series, though the new Anna and the French Kiss redesign is adorable!

  5. Genni Eccles

    My picks were before redesign for the Across the Universe series. I was so upset when the covers changed. I love the Anna and the French Kiss redesign! It’s so cute and screams contemporary. 😀 However, I don’t like either of the covers for Uglies.