Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween-y Book Recommendations

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN, FRIENDS! I hope everyone has a creeptastic day and that this Monday will be better than most! My real life horror story for today is that I had a finished draft for a final essay due today and I started it last night so who knows how that will turn out. But anyway, I am here to do what I do best and recommend some horror books to celebrate this day.



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Rashika has been tired since 2013. There are very few things that spark joy for her besides a nice cup of tea, warm, baked goods, good books and good TV shows. She is here to pile onto your giant TBRs and to-watch lists. Offer her a cookie and she might be nice to you.

6 Responses to “Halloween-y Book Recommendations”

  1. Al

    Anna Dressed in Blood sounds great, so that’s gone on my to-read list. The first two were already there and now I’ve just been reminded why I added them in the first place. Great list!

  2. Valerie

    I know Halloween has gone and past, but close enough. I actually want to read The Dead House now because it seems to be a pretty hyped up book! AND NO TO AMITY. You know what that book reminds me of? That kids movie of Monster House. Or whatever it’s called. It was a weird movie, but it reminds me of this book because it’s a haunted house.