Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3 MORE books to add to your halloween TBR

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With Halloween a week away, I think we all gotta get in gear to read some horror books and watch some horror movies. I am a scardy-cat so I don’t read halloween-y books all the time and when I have horror recommendations, they are the same books regurgitated. That’s why, instead of resharing old recs, I am going to just keep the list short and recommend three books out this year that would be great for that Halloween TBR.

1. And Then There Were Four by Nancy Werlin

I did a Like/Try/Why for this book a while ago but if you’re too lazy to check it out (which, I feel so no hard feelings), AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR is a psychological thriller with turns to turn your head. Also, the adults are trying to kill the kids so its a sort-of reverse on the Children of the Corn plot.

2. The Last Harvest by Kim Liggett

While I didn’t love this book, I still found the horror aspects of it to be chilling. Also, if you live in the midwest, this book is THE horror read for you.

3. The Girl With the Ghost Machine by Lauren DeStefano

This book isn’t necessarily a horror but it is very much in the spirit of halloween with its gothicness. The Girl With the Ghost Machine isn’t the book you’ll want to read when you want to be scared but rather the book you will want to read when you’re ready to sob your fucking eyeballs out. AND REALLY, AREN’T FEELINGS THE SCARIEST THING OF ALL?? Dun Dun Dun.



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  1. Valerie

    So The Girl with the Ghost Machine sounds incredibly interesting, more so than I thought I would be? Only because I really like reading about ghosts though 😛