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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Audiobook Review: The Last Ever After (The School for Good and Evil #3) by Soman Chainani

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I received this book for free from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Audiobook Review: The Last Ever After (The School for Good and Evil #3) by Soman ChainaniThe Last Ever After by Soman Chainani
Series: The School for Good and Evil #3
Published by HarperCollins on July 21st 2015
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Middle-Grade
Source: HarperCollins
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In the epic conclusion to Soman Chainani’s New York Times bestselling series, The School for Good and Evil, everything old is new again as Sophie and Agatha fight the past as well as the present to find the perfect end to their story.

As A World Without Princes closed, the end was written and former best friends Sophie and Agatha went their separate ways. Agatha was whisked back to Gavaldon with Tedros and Sophie stayed behind with the beautiful young School Master.

But as they settle into their new lives, their story begs to be re-written, and this time, theirs isn’t the only one. With the girls apart, Evil has taken over and the villains of the past have come back to change their tales and turn the world of Good and Evil upside down.

Readers around the world are eagerly awaiting the third book in The School for Good and Evil series, The Last Ever After. This extraordinary conclusion delivers more action, adventure, laughter, romance and fairy tale twists and turns than you could ever dream of!

I am going to try to do this review with no spoilers for the previous books, but seeing as it’s the third and final book, no promises. You have been warned to continue at your own risk. I have to say that this series in general was fantastic and I was so excited for this last book. It totally lived up to my expectations! I have listened to the whole series on audio and it’s one of the best audiobook series. The narrator, Polly Lee, is the perfect voice for the story. She makes it very easy to tell between the characters, and brings a fantastic story to life. This book was full of all the build up off all the things that came before and all the new dangers and lessons that they need to learn. As with the ones before, it is great story that does have romance, but is ultimately about friendship and doing the right thing.

Agatha, though a rough character, is a character that I love. Originally seeming to be more the Evil type than the Good, she is so kind and wonderful. Of course she isn’t perfect. Anything but actually. She is not the beautiful princess type. In fact, she still can’t even think of herself as a princess. She just wants to be herself, but she also wants her Ever After. She wants it with both Tedros and Sophie. Only things aren’t that easy of course. While all things are tested, love, family, friendship, and right and wrong, Agatha needs to stay strong and figure it all out. If she fails, it’s not just her Ever After that will be lost, but it will affect all of Good and Evil. She grows into such a great person in this final book, and I loved her character so much!

Sophie who is Evil, wants so much to be good. She also wants love and her happy Ever After more than anything. She is now set to be queen of Evil, but is that what she really wants? Especially when it means that she can’t have Agatha too. Sophie is one of favorite characters because there is so much to her. She has so many layers. She comes across so assured and knowing what she wants, but you know that she is very insecure and vulnerable on the inside. She really wars with herself in this and I loved seeing all the sides of her. What she was willing to do for love. Mostly, what she would do for herself.

This was so fun to listen to. I loved learning about everyone’s past and how it all ties in to what is happening now. How they are destined to take the same paths as their parents, but are determined to change it. There is so much love and hate and confusion between all the characters. With a war between Good and Evil about to happen, tension is running high. Being so young, these characters are just starting to know themselves and being confused about who they are, and they are fighting a battle of love and hate. They are thinking about their Ever Afters and what life holds for them if only they survive. This story was so well crafted and wonderful. I absolutely adored it and it is just incredible on audiobook. I know that I will be reading this series with my daughter in a few years and hope that she loves it as much as I do!!


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This was such a fun audiobook to listen to. It was a full cast which really made the book come to life. Not only was it a full cast audio, it also had sound effects and music. Each of the narrators did fabulous at the various characters. This book was fun and a bit creepy. Made more creepy by the audio at certain points. Nobody Owens was such a great character and I loved “reading” about him growing up in the graveyard and how he feels about the world outside the graveyard. He has been raised in the graveyard by ghosts ever since he was a baby and his family was murdered. This was one of the coolest audiobooks I have listened to.

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