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Friday, January 18, 2019

Chef Heroes & Road Trips: Three Little Words by Jenny Holiday

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I received this book for free from Forever Romance in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Chef Heroes & Road Trips: Three Little Words by Jenny HolidayThree Little Words Published by Forever Romance on January 29th, 2019
Genres: Action, Contemporary
Source: Forever Romance
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Gia Gallo is officially in bridesmaid hell. Stranded in New York with her best friend's wedding dress, Gia has six days to make it to Florida in time for the ceremony. And oh-so-charming best man Bennett Buchanan has taken the last available rental car. Looks like she's in for one long road trip with the sexiest - and most irritating - Southern gentleman she's ever met...

Bennett's pretty sure that if there was ever a woman to break his "no flings" rule, Gia would be it. Sure, she's stubborn. She's also funny, smart, and the attraction between them is getting hotter with every state line they cross. While Bennett doesn't do casual, Gia doesn't do "relationships." But if they break the rules, this unlikely pair might discover that their impromptu road trip could turn out to be the best ride of their lives.

Trigger Warning for eating disorders, drug abuse in the past

I had not read a single book by Jenny Holiday in the past (including the two other books that precede Three Little Words) but when I saw Nick shouting about it, I AM INTRIGUED. Chef heroes own my soul. Nick, who has known me long enough to know I am super picky with contemporary romances, said I would at the very least like Three Little Words SO of course I had to read it because CHEF HEROES.  So, I went in expecting to like it since Nick said I would but I ended up completely engrossed in the lives of these characters and finding a new author to binge. Three Little Words takes you on quite the journey – quite literally because its a road trip book.

When Bennett and Gia find themselves stranded in a snow storm just days before their friends are getting married, they are left with no other choice but to drive themselves to the wedding. Neither really has a good first impression of the other but over the course of the trip, they get to know each other and fall slowly in love.

Maybe you read that para and are wondering if this book has an insta love romance? In terms of the timeframe, it certainly does but Holiday writes the progression of their relationship REALLY well. It makes sense at the end of the day that they fall in love because they are both wonderful people who are supportive of each other and their friends. 

Gia comes off as aloof to everyone around her and isn’t the kind of person that makes friends everywhere she goes. BUT. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and would cut someone for them if she needed to. That’s why when flights are cancelled days before her best friends wedding, and she has the dress, she freaks out. Holiday truly brings Gia’s character to life in these pages and I felt myself empathizing with her career problems even if I couldn’t relate to them. ALSO, as an FYI, Gia struggles with an eating disorder. 

Bennett may have come from money once upon a time but after being disowned by his family and left with no resources what so ever at a time when he was recovering from drug abuse/addiction, Bennett basically had to find his own way in the world. He is, in many ways, a self-made man who is incredibly passionate about food and giving back to the community. 

As they embark on a road trip together, Gia and Bennett learn about each other and their biggest fears. They provide each other with much needed support and come out of this road trip better people who have a better grip on what they want from their futures. 

Three Little Words was truly a joy to read and I cannot wait to hunt down all the other books in this series plus anything else Jenny Holiday has written!


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