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In My Mailbox (26)

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“In My Mailbox” is a meme, created by Kristi at The Story Siren, that features books I have

received/ purchased/ borrowed during the week. 

I don’t know about you all but I’ve had a fabulous week. I’m just in an awesome mood for some reason. You know, just all around giddy – I’m sure some may have noticed on Twitter I guess my tweets have been a bit random and full of epicness, and I  LOVE you guys for joining along in my happy dance mood! *ahem* So yeah, did you miss anything awesome this week at Xpresso Reads? Well there was the Channeler’s Choice blog tour stop – a series I’m really enjoying and you can maybe win something! There was also a cover reveal with TWO gorgeous new covers – check it out! I still have a bunch of open giveaways too so check out the sidebar to go and enter! Last thing – if you missed it last week, I’m on Formspring now! You can ask me anything you want here:

ARCs I got this week (click on cover or title links for Goodreads):

Siege by Rhiannon Frater (Already read and it’s EPIC! See how the cover is all bent – THAT’s how intense it was!)

*HUGE thank you to Penguin Books, Rhiannon Frater, Matt Merrick,  St. Martin’s Press, Entangled Publishing and Random House for these awesome pretties*

Ok so, if you follow my tweets AT ALL, you have to have noticed my borderline psychotic ravings of Rhiannon’s As the World Dies series (BLEW my MIND [And my heart!]). Aanyways, I then got out and bought every thing else she’s written because I’m a stalker that way. So this section is particularly Rhiannon-esque, and my paperbacks haven’t even arrived yet! >.<  
And also because of Rhiannon’s rec, I grabbed Jenny Pox which is FREE (here) – a Carrie-like (adult) horror. I’m reading it now and so far it’s awesome!

What a freaking epically awesome week!!
So what did YOU all get!? 
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97 Responses to “In My Mailbox (26)”

  1. Grace Fonseca

    LOL. This is all Book Brunette’s fault that you have fallen in love with Rhiannon Frater’s book. Plus she is awesome and great. Hope you enjoy your new books. Come visit me as well. I’m having a $15 Giftcard Giveaway.


  2. Rachelia (Bookish Comforts)

    Wow, looks like you got some great books this week Giselle!

    I’m interested to see how you like One Good Hustle, it sounds pretty interesting! Pretty Amy sounds like a really fun contemp. I have Jenny Pox on my eReader, but I still need to get to it. I see from Twitter that you are liking it so far 🙂

    My (very first) IMM

  3. Marla

    Great mailbox, Giselle! It looks like you got some really good books this week. I hope you have fun reading them all! 🙂

  4. Kim

    Everyone seems to be getting Black City this week and oh my gosh I’m soo jealous of you all! But wow, really awesome haul! I’m excited to read your reviews for The Waiting Sky, Cold Fury and of course, Black City! Really hope you enjoy all your books, Giselle! 🙂

    Kim @ The Paper Planes

  5. Katie @ BlookGirl

    LOL. Giselle, I love you – as much as a stranger/blogger can love another stranger/blogger. You make me laugh! <3

    I see that you have a few similar books in your mailbox, namely Pretty Amy (which I got RIGHT after I made my IMM post) and Yesterday. Very excited for those!

    I may or may not have already stolen your copy of Black City, so… yeah… 😉

    I’ve been following your Rhiannon stalking on Twitter and have thoroughly enjoyed it all. I’m actually hosting Rhiannon next Monday and am excited to start reading her work! Especially after seeing you gush about it so much, haha!

    Annnnyway, GREAT mailbox, as usual! Hope you enjoy every single one of them! <3

    My IMM:

  6. margie c {the bumble girl}

    Wow, look at all the pretty books you got this week, I am in awe! Black City seems to be the popular one this week! and I am so sorry to say that I have never heard of Rhiannon’s books, I’m afraid to look them up since I have so much to read already, lol! They looks so good!
    Enjoy your stack 🙂

  7. ♥Katrina♥

    I’m going to check out the “As the World Dies series”. I love a god series! I cannot wait to read Cold Fury and Black City. Great haul of ARC’s!

    Happy Reading,

    Katrina @ Kindred Dreamheart
    My IMM

  8. Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic

    Hi Giselle!

    Oh wow, so many ARCs – hope you enjoy ALL of them. They look so awesome, I can’t wait to read Black City, everyone seems to love it! I’ve been seeing your *raving* about the As the World Dies series, I’m seriously thinking of reading it even though I’m terrified of zombies.

    Happy reading!!

    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
    My IMM!

  9. Lexie

    SO MANY AMAZING-SOUNDING BOOKS. *-* Black City, Cold Fury, Yesterday, Pretty Amy, The Waiting Sky . . . so much awesome in this mailbox. *-* Also, I REALLY need to read the As the World Dies series, because I can’t remember seeing you this in love with a series before. o_o That alone makes me want to check it out.

    My IMM

  10. Freak-YA-tastic

    Can I say I’m jealous of you because of Pretty Amy and Black City? Can I?

    Seriously, you’ve got many great books in your mailbox. I’m glad because I want to know what you think of Jenny Pox and the Hunt. I’m quite curious about these books. Good reads in view!

  11. Carina

    Aaah, Giselle, I’m sooo jealous of COLD FURY and BLACK CITY – I’m dying to read these two sooo badly. The other books look awesome, too (esp. THE HUNT, which I got for review as well), so I hope that you’ll enjoy all of them! 🙂

    Have a lovely week,
    Fictional Distraction

  12. Elodie

    Great haul Giselle 🙂 !! I’m glad you had such a great week .. I can’t wait to read Black City, it sounds AMAZING !! Happy reading 🙂

  13. K R Weinert

    Fabulous haul! I started out enjoying Jenny Pox, but it all started unraveling for me about a third of the way through, and I was disappointed with the ending.
    Black City sounds wonderful, can’t wait to hear what you think of that one.
    My IMM

  14. Amy

    Awesome books this week. I just got Pretty Amy last night, but it’s going in next weeks IMM. I loved Exiled and Shift!! So good. I have Jenny Pox, but haven’t read it yet. Black City and Cold Fury both sounds awesome!

  15. Sam

    I hadn’t heard of Seige but it’s definitely going on my TBR now! I can’t wait to see what you’ll think of Black City. That book sounds amazing and I’m looking forward to reading it myself. =) Awesome haul!

  16. A Backwards Story

    The weather has been making everyone feel happy and awesome, I think! 🙂 You have a lot of great titles! I haven’t heard of them all, but have heard of several. BLACK CITY excites me the most! Enjoy everything!

  17. Kat Balcombe

    Awesome books! I love Rhiannon Frater – I need to read book 2 of As The World Dies as I loved the first book and I’m slightly green at your ARC of Siege!

    I’ve also heard great things about Jenny Pox – another one that I have to get to soon – if only I could read two books at the same time, argh!

    Happy reading 🙂

    My IMM @ The Aussie Zombie

  18. Ailsa

    Ooh, that’s a lot of books! I love the cover for Black City, I’m looking forward to learning more about that one.

    You can check out my IMM here, although I did only get one book this week.


  19. BookStacksOnDeck

    Amazing haul! I’ve been looking forward to reading The Right & The Real – I love that cover. I still have to read The First Days, but I’m going to have to really soon! That’s cool that she recommended Jenny Pox! I’m going to have to get to that one too! <3
    -Heather/My IMM

  20. Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks

    Hi there Giselle, it’s always great to note your enthusiasm about books, so infectious! My husband and I are doing a Walking Dead marathon and it seems like the Rhiannon tales (are they graphic novels) fit that theme to a T. You also have a great mix of e-books and physical books here, which is always great! I’ve been seeing The Hunt a lot lately, do drop me a line if you think it’s any good. 🙂

    Here’s mine over at GatheringBooks:

  21. Marmaladelibby (aka Ange)

    Cold Fury AND Black City look SO good! Great mailbox this week! I’m glad someone’s happy since I’m not…sick little Monkey #2 and ridiculously hot weather in Wisconsin…I HATE hot weather! Canada is looking better and better! LOL! Here’s our IMM this week! Happy Reading!

  22. Heidi

    I just read an awesome review of Exiled this past week from Amy at Into the Hall of Books, and now I’m just itching to check that series out. I hope you enjoy it as well! I picked up Jenny Pox a while back as a Kindle freebie. Haven’t gotten to it yet, but I just put it on my calendar as a reminder to read (I’m kind of terrible about reading books I actually own).

  23. Rebecca (Kindle Fever)

    Ahhhhhh, The Hunt! Sounds so freaking awesome. I so hope it proves to be. 😀 Can’t wait to read it myself! And Cold Fury, Black City and Siege?? They all sounds seriously awesome too. *wants* And I can’t wait to pick up my copy of Jenny Pox either. Definitely an awesome week, Giselle! 😮 Woot!!

  24. Bookish Brunette

    OMG!!! Yes!! This mailbox OOZES of EPICNESS!!!!

    Seriously! Dude! Right & Real has been on my NEED list FOREVER!!! And I’m checking out Yesterday… Never heard of it and it looks AWESOME!

  25. Tara

    yea for happy giselle!!!!! One good hustle sounds amazing! lucky! and black city!!! damn i wish i could get that book!!! i will have to check out this Siege!!! great books this week!!! Happy Reading!!!
    Tara’s IMM

  26. Mo

    Hey there… I just saw “The Hunt” posted on the blog just before I hit yours and I am so jazzed to read it. That I see it listed here just seals the deal for me!

    btw – what a spectacular haul! Happy reading girlie!

    My IMM

  27. Taneika

    Wow! Amazing haul this week Giselle 🙂
    Cold Fury, Black City and THE HUNT! OH I’M SO ENVIOUS! I am hanging out for The Hunt!!
    You lucky, lucky woman!

  28. Pocketful of Books

    These are all pretty and make me jealous! I especially like the look of ‘Hunt’.

    I got ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss this week…eeee! Exciting! Looks epic x

  29. Natalia Belikov @ Dazzling Reads

    I knew you received the same packaged too! woohoo! we all did and it totally made my spring even more pinkish! =DD I was only expecting Black City and then WOW!!! O_O I emailed Penguin right away to thanks them cuz I couldnt contain my happiness!! Enjoy your books my dear! In two more weeks Im finally finishing school and then I only have one exam left…and them IM TOTALLY FREE AND 100% DEVOTED TO MY GORGEOUS BOOKS!! WOOHOOOO!! I CANT WAIT MY DEAR! School is taking so much of my reading time XDDD LOL!!

    muah!! love you tooooo lalalala XOXOXOXOXOXO

  30. Sarah (saz101)

    Oh my goodness… Giselle, your IMMs are always amazing crossed with intimidating 😀
    Black City and The Hunt! I want to read these SO bad!
    I swear I think you have SUPER POWERS. I don’t knwo how you get through these all! <3

  31. Avery

    So many good books! I can’t wait to read Cold Fury and The Waiting Sky! Oh, and Jenny Pox? I feel like a booger, I’ve had that on my Kindle forever and have still yet to read it.