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Book Girls Don’t Cry, They Read New Adult!

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Inspired by Book Buzzers, Book Girls Don’t Cry is a weekly feature where we each discuss/vent/advise on the chosen weekly bookish topic. Don’t miss Jenni on Mondays, and Amy on Saturdays:
This week’s topic was suggested by Nick from Nick’s Book Blog

We are Growing Up! *Sniffs*

Young Adult, New Adult, Old Adult–is that the next step? >.<

There is a new fad, and we’ve all fallen victim to it–or at least that’s what it seems, I know some are avoiding it like the plague, too. But you know what? I may only have a few New Adult books read under my belt, but I can say I’m a big fan of the genre! I know some say it’s only YA with sex, it’s what I thought at first too, but now I know that that’s false. It is not just YA with sex, it’s YA with characters who are just a little more mature in a lot of ways. They’re often in college, or college aged, which means they’re in a different stage in their life, living a more mature lifestyle but without the full responsibilities that come with being a “full grown” (for lack of a better term lol) adult– like kids, marriage, a career etc.

With characters being another step higher in life experiences, New Adult also means there is less angst and silly drama that comes with being a teenager. And if you often get irritated by either the lack of parents or overly in-your-face parenting in YA books, college aged kids are usually free of parental controls. In addition, I’ve noticed a decrease in the clichés of YA like insta-love and love triangles. I know some fall pray to these regardless, but it seems to be much less common, especially insta-love, as I’ve yet to come across one myself, neither have I seen many reviews that mention these godawful things. Perhaps because you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve so much when you’re college aged?  For me, though, what stands out the most are the relationships themselves. In NA book,  they are simply better: stronger, more powerful. The way the characters communicate and move forward in their relationships is much more compelling to me than the “first loves” of YA. While I do still very much enjoy YA novels and their romances, it is a great change of pace to read a book with a relationship that is more likely to stick, more serious, more adult. It has the passion and intensity of a grown up relationship, but the book involves of a more YA-like story/plot. And like you’d expect, college aged kids have sex, so yes there is usually some sexual content to most NA books (though not all of them–The Sea of Tranquility for example was pretty tame in that aspect. It’s also a fantastic NA book, by the way!)

So, that is my take on New Adult. No I don’t believe it’s just YA with sex at all. I think that’s a common misconception of the genre, or what’s used by those who want to described it in very simple terms, but it is much, much more than that.

A quick note on the sub genres as well, I’d love to see more non-contemporary in this genre. They all seem to be contemps/romances. Where are my paranormals, apocalyptics, horrors? Do you know of any?

Now, here are some New Adult books That I have on must get my hands on as they all come very highly recommended by my trusted NA reviewers!

And just because it’s fun and I have only so much time and so many choices, here’s a poll to help me pick which one I should hunt down and read first! 😉

What do you think of the New Adult genres? 
Do you have other recommendations for great NA reads?
Also, don’t forget to leave suggestions for future topics you’d like to see! 🙂

You know you love me!
Xoxo, Book Girl!

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101 Responses to “Book Girls Don’t Cry, They Read New Adult!”

  1. Nikki Jefford

    (Commenting as a reader.) Great topic, Giselle and Nick. I’d also love recommendations for non-contemporary romance NA titles. The first series to come to mind is Karina Halle’s Experiment in Terror. I believe that qualifies as NA? At any rate, more paranormal/fantasy/horror please! 😉

    • Giselle

      Oh I read the first Experiment in Terror book and it was great! Though I do hear the romance gets pretty steamy and the characters are about 25 if I recall so it may be considered adult. Guess I’ll have to ask Karina 😉 But yes it’s a great series I plan to continue with soon!

    • Giselle

      Oh ok I thought she was older. I was just thinking about the fact that she has a job vs still being in school (college) but I don’t think that’s a requirement either. I guess it’s just the feel of the book and it’s a lot easier to get a New Adult feel from a contemporary/romance I find. I have no idea what makes a pub/author consider their book NA vs Adult sometimes because some NA could easily be adult books (and probably would have been adult if this was pre-NA), and others could be “mature YA” which is still used. *shrugs* I only read book 1 of this series but if Karina markets it as NA I’d say it fits!

    • LTM

      Hey! Just FWIW, Rouge is contemp-style, but it’s set in a New Orleans cabaret during the Guilded Age (1900). It’s more a faster-paced historical/romantic suspense w/an 18 yr old MC. And Yaaay! Love this discussion! Thanks for including me~ *running to comment below* :o) <3 <3 <3

  2. Melanie

    What a great topic choice! I don’t read many NA books but there are a few good ones out there that I own as an ebook! I recommend you to read Hopeless first, I hear it is a tear-jerker 🙂

  3. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    I’m pretty sure you know my answer but here it is anyway: HOPELESS!!!!!
    Charade, Slammed, Point of retreat, Easy, Callie and Kayden are my favorites too. I think you would hate Avoiding Commitment and maybe even Wait For You. I haven’t read The Edge of Never and I feel like such a failure for that. As a reader, blogger and NA lover. I’m so happy you girls made this post. As a lover of NA I have been wanting to make a post about it for a long time but I just have to much to say. Then my bitchy side starts coming out and it’s best if she stays away 🙂
    I also just want to recommend One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy 🙂

    • Giselle

      I knew you would love this post! You know what’s funny? I went on YOUR Goodreads shelf of NA to find out books for the list above. I knew you had most of the books I wanted to read listed and since I’m terrible at adding books on my Goodreads until I own them they weren’t on mine >.< Your love of NA is contagious! 😀

      Also, I just got Hopeless from EW (Atria is publishing it) so I will be reading it soon before their release date in May! 😀

  4. Megan K.

    I haven’t read many NA books either, mostly due to some bad experiences I had with them. True, NA books may be more ‘mature’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the characters are more adult-ish, either! But I agree with you that the relationships portrayed in here are definitely stronger and more powerful.

    I’m quite excited to read these, especially EASY and THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY (glad to hear that you liked it!). That one’s been getting lots of rave reviews as well! Oh, and Colleen Hoover! Many people have been gushing about SLAMMED, so I will check it out… as soon as I get enough money. 😉

    Have you tried TEN TINY BREATHS by K.A. Tucker? I didn’t LOVE that one to bits, but it was definitely better than some of the NA books I’ve read.

    Great topic, Nick and Giselle!

  5. Jenn Renee

    Great post. I didn’t think I would like NA for the exact reason of “its ya with sex.” so not true. I haven’t read that many yet but a few. Some I loved and some were just ya with sex, which I didn’t love. The ones I loved were so much more than ya. You are right no insta love, or whiny, or anything teeny-boppy. I think the characters are just more mature and often I have seen more broken. Its more about them dealing with the issues than just the romance. Easy is by far my favorite. It kind of ruined me for a while. I still need to do my review. Rouge was good too. But hands down Easy beats them all.

  6. Mary @ BookSwarm

    Despite the fact that Danny and the girls over at Bewitched Bookworms rave about NA, I’ve been very reluctant to pick up books from that new category. I’m kind of an anti-hype gal and get obstinate when new things are lauded so much that I “have to try it”. No. No, I don’t.

    But I’m slowly coming around to it. M. Leighton’s book is definitely on my list!

  7. Jenea Whittington

    This is a great topic. I have only read a few NA, and from what I’ve read, I have enjoyed them. I am about to start Ten Tine Breaths soon, and just read Wait For You. Not having all the drama like they do in high school is easier to connect with sometimes. Either way, I enjoy it. 😀

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

    • Giselle

      Ten Tiny Breaths sounds great too! I’m sad they changed the cover though the initial one was amazing and I find the new one so generic and definitely not as eye catching–at least to me. I’ve seen so many underwater covers lately they’re all blending together.

  8. Aylee

    Yes!! I’m loving NA even though I’ve only read a few so far. But I think it’s the maturity that you mention that I appreciate most, as well. The characters and relationships are less likely to drive me crazy than YA. I don’t think it’s just YA with sex, but I don’t think it’s surprising that everyone assumes that – most of those covers features a couple being sexy together! LOVED this topic and loved your thoughts, too!

    • Giselle

      I was just saying the other day how the “couple kissing (or humping, whatever)” on NA covers is going to get old very soon! It’s all they are, eh?

  9. Jenni @ Alluring Reads

    I totally agree that there needs to be more sub genres in NA. I was told on twitter one day that Captive In The Dark by C.J. Roberts was a horror NA when I had asked that exact question though I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I agree that I can connect more to it because the characters are more mature than YA. They also deal with different conflicts, ones that actually seem important. A lot of the drama in YA is a bit trivial, but I still like it *shrugs*

    • Giselle

      Ooh a horror NA? I’m IN!

      And yes while NA still has drama, I don’t consider it “angst” which to me is often annoying teeny boppper problems. Drama in NA is genuine and it makes sense. You’re not rolling your eyes and the overly dramatic reactions, etc. Not all YA is like this either but it’s a great change of pace!

  10. Bailey

    Of the NA books I’ve read I’ve loved them all! I don’t think this is just about sex with these books they are all really good stories!! And I so agree it doesn’t have all the same silly drama and it’s part of the reason why I love it! Great post! I agree with pretty much everything you said! 🙂

  11. .Ambur.

    I’m really enjoying New Adult, too! 😀 And I agree, it isn’t just about adding sex to YA. It’s much more than that. The characters are more complex, and being in University myself…I can understand a lot more of what they’re going through. I still understand YA characters, but I agree that sometimes the dramatics and angst get frustrating. 😛

    Strength by Carrie Butler is NA, and it’s paranormal. 😉 I haven’t really found many others that aren’t just contemporary though. It might just take a while for other genres to seep into NA, but I’m definitely looking forward to it because Strength was awesome! 😀

  12. kimbacaffeinate

    It really cracks me up..New Adult has really been around forever it was just shelved as Adult. There have been tons of books about characters from 18 to 30…newbies at life, out on their own for the first time. I totally agree with you that it is a heck of a lot more than YA with sex..LOL. I am enjoying the plethora of new and old authors adding new books to this genre. I am also glad the publishers classified them as well.

    • Giselle

      Haha oh yeah it’s existed they were just not being noticed by the right audience which I think is why they “invented” this new genre. I also start seeing more publishers using the genre so it’s getting noticed more. At least until we all get sick of it and move on to the next fad! 😉

  13. Amy

    Great post muffin!! I totally agree. I go on and on in my BGDC post of course lol!! I have to say my top recommendations on that list are The Edge of Never, Flawed, (even though that is considered YA I totally think it’s more NA just due to the content)Wait for You, If You Stay, and The Wild Ones. I still have to read Charade, Hopeless, and Easy. I have them all, just haven’t gotten to them.

    • Giselle

      Can’t wait to watch it! Sorry I never commented on last week’s I did watch the video but then I left for the mall and forgot to leave my print! >.<

      Jenni told me Flawed is technically YA but she think NA fits and so do a bunch of others going by how many tagged is as NA on Goodreads. All the ones your rec I desperately want to read! And part of it is bc we’re #soulmates and I know I’ll enjoy them if you did! 😀

    • Amy

      Dude, I totally wanted to get you If You Stay for your Bday, but it was only available for nook and kindle. I still don’t know if it’s available for Kobo. I freaking loved that book. I think you will totally love The Edge of Never!! That book had me bawling!! Okay, before I get all freaking spazzy about my love for NA books and take up too much space I should stop. Lol!! You really do need to read more NA though. 😉

  14. Trisha Wolfe

    As an author, I usually sit back and read posts and try to keep from commenting. But what the hell, I feel compelled to say that I love this post so hard. It’s smart and bright, and speaks to the artist in me, as well as screams “common sense.” Bravo!

  15. Kristin@BloodSweatandBooks

    OK I’m still one of those who doesn’t particularly like the NA genre. I see no need for it when Young Adult can easily carry characters til age 21. Pushing personal opinion aside, I think you should read Hopeless it looks good and to be honest is the only one I’ve even remotely considered reading myself from the list.

  16. Gellie

    Great discussion, Giselle. I don’t really care much of the genre as long as it has a great story and characters. So whether it’s New Adult or Young Adult, I’d be sold.

  17. Erika

    I agree with you NA is not YA with sex. Some of the books barely have any sex or just a bit at the end. I think it is more mature content as far as language, life experiences, ages of characters, relationship paces, etc. I also think you either love them or hate them. I haven’t read any really that I haven’t really loved although some stand out above others. My first one was Beautiful Disaster and I loved it. I was hooked from then on. I can also add the Crash series by Nicole Williams to the list. I really enjoyed that one and look forward to the third book next month. I do agree that there needs to be more subgenres to mix it up a little. The contemporaries are still good but I love dystopian books and fantasy too. I think more of those are on the way though. I know Alyssa Rose Ivy has a dystopian NA, Corded, coming out this year so I’m curious about this one. Thanks for your thoughts and bringing up a great topic. I’m sick of hearing this called “book porn” because it is not all about sex and even when included is done so tastefully.

    • Giselle

      I’ve noticed that you either love or hate the genre. I can tell by some comments on here as well as the general feel towards this genre by everyone. I think some also avoid any sort of hype so they’re weary of even trying it out. There are definitely some bad apples in the genre just like another. Authors who write for the hype instead of writing quality NA books.

      Beautiful Disaster is on my list to read! And good to know about Alyssa’s upcoming dystopian I’m so curious how that will turn out!!

      People call it book porn? What do they call adult books? O_O

  18. Molli

    GISELLE, I love you forever for this post. The end.

    Okay but seriously, it is SO good to see someone actually championing NA. I’ve read EASY, and SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL and loved them both, so I’d say (so far) my track record with NA is good. There are definitely some authors who are using it as a platform to get their sexy on, and those are the ones I DON’T want to read. But the heart-felt ones, where characters are finding themselves and growing up, yeah, I DO want to read those.

    • Giselle

      YAY Love you too, muffin cups!! 😀

      Oh is Something Like Normal NA? I’ve heard it was great! My track record so far is great too but it’s very short so it’s not very reliable yet >.<

  19. Kelley @ Another Novel Read

    What a great discussion – thanks for posting this! I’ve been curious about this “new adult” genre that’s popping up everywhere, so your assessment helped me a lot. It looks like what I need to start reading is New Adult instead of only YA (because I DO get frustrated a lot with YA books/MCs). This is so good to hear! 😀

  20. Kim

    To add to that list, here are a few of my faves:
    Flat-out Love by Jessica Park
    The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

    I also liked the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle and the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning for non-contemporary NA. Do they still classify? The heroines are in their early 20’s.

    The NA genre is a hit and miss for me though. I’ve read more bad ones than good. I think the idea is awesome and the storylines have a lot of potential but often the writing is unoriginal and mediocre. For instance, in the contemporary NA genre, I find a lot of authors throw in tragedy after tragedy to their main characters to get us to sympathize and “feel” for them. I love reading books that make me cry but in the case of “bad” NA I’ve read lately, they just feel forced.

    • Giselle

      I LOVED The Sea of Tranquility! I read it maybe a month ago and it’s fantastic! I’m also a huge fan of the Fever series though I consider them Adult mostly bc that’s the feel I got from it but I could see it could be NA, too. A few others recommended Flat-out Love I’m definitely putting it on my list! Thanks! 🙂

  21. Cayce

    What a coincidence, I just posted about the NA books I liked/didn’t like/might be interested in today 🙂
    I agree with what Gellie said: “don’t really care much of the genre as long as it has a great story and characters.”
    And I wholeheartedly recommend The Edge of Never and all the books written by Colleen Hoover 🙂

  22. DeeDee Griffin

    I love a lot of the ones on your list, especially Nyrae Dawn and Colleen Hoover! I haven’t seen Flawed before so will definitely be checking that out. Some that I’ve loved that aren’t on the list are Relentless by Cassia Leo, The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher, On the island by Tracy Garvis-Graves (I think it’s NA but not sure), and Tasting Never by CM Stunich.

  23. Micheline D

    I too really wish there were more sub-genres in the NA category! I see people talking about NA but I still haven’t read any recent reads that would qualify as NA. After posting on Jenni’s Book Girls post I started thinking if I could even think of one NA book other then contemporaries & I couldn’t. Since I haven’t been into contemporaries for years that explains why I haven’t read any yet. I’m REALLY temped about the Sins & Needles books though! But yeah where are the fantasy, dystopian & apocalyptic NA books?! I want them too 😀 When I need a break from angst, juvenile situations & allusions to sex, I’m forced to go full on adult! (Or MG & Children’s where at least the love element is missing and usually the frustrations are too!) Glad you ladies chose this topic!!

    • Giselle

      Did you ever try contemps? I didn’t read them until last year either and now I love it! I think you should try some good ones and S&N is definitely awesome–though that one is 100% adult! I’d love to see apocalyptic NA!!

  24. Danny

    AAaaaa!!! I love New Adult!!! It’s fantastic! and it’s not just YA with Sex, not there is so much more. It’s the emotional deepness what I love the most. I never cried harder! Of course, the conflicts are often deeper than what we can find in YA, mainly because the people are older and therefore have a few years more to experience more.

    I am a big fan of this genre and I am eating these up!!!

    I loved Slammed and Hopeless and Easy, all of these are amazing books to start with!

    • Giselle

      Yay! I love your love of NA you added a whole bunch to me TBR list this past year! >.<

      I’m thinking Easy will be my next read, and then Hopeless since I got it from EW recently! I can’t wait!!

    • Giselle

      Oh I don’t care either I love all genres. But it’s great to know what you’re getting into and this genre is so hyped up and some don’t understand what’s different about it 🙂

    • LTM

      Yes, THIS. ^ ^ ^ I re-picked up an old Barbara Kingsolver book over the weekend (Prodigal Summer), and it is SO lush and sexy and amazing… and it’s totally Old Adult–LOLOL! Love that, btw. 😀 <3

  25. Sirtsu

    Babe, you should read EASY, CHARADE, HOPELESS and SLAMMED SO VERY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN! LIKE NOW, GISELLE, NOW!! I agree 110% with you that NA is more independent, silly and the drama is actually good for a change. It’s not so childish + college years are supposed to be one’s greatest and I sure enjoy them right now so why not give people a little reminder of how great it was to have the world as your oyster and feel invincible. Plus, the sizzling chemimstry and reckless minds are always fun to read about. Love your discussion. Now, now, get on ’em books girl! =)

    • Giselle

      I want to read Losing it, especially now that it has a different cover (the one with the initial boy where you see his whole face is bleh–he looks like he’s 12 it’s creepy and I know I would have imagined a creepy 12yo boy while reading it! lol)

  26. Sam

    NA and I aren’t very well acquainted. I can’t think of many that have appealed to me, and those that have have had very little to do with romance. I suppose it’s also because the vast majority of of NA books fall into the contemporary genre, which I always hesitate to delve into. Personally, I don’t think of NA as a genre in itself. I makes more sense to me as an age category. Though, as is the case with these things, the lines are forever blurred in several places. Liked Flawed, for instance, which I considered a YA book. I hope you get around to reading some of those choices though! I’ve heard good things about most of those, too. 🙂

    • Giselle

      Did you like Pushing the Limits? If so I think you should really try The Sea of Tranquility!! I guess Flawed is technically marketed as YA but my friends who read it told me it was more NA but it’s definitely not black and white. I don’t know what makes a book NA and not adult sometimes, too.

  27. Camille Picott

    I love this column, Giselle! I haven’t delved into NA myself, but I have to say I love the concept. I get so bored with YA romance, just because it’s so different from the romance I experience as an adult. I find it refreshing to know there’s a new genre that deals with a part of life that is very different from the teen years.

    Great post! I’m with you, I would like to see some genre books in this category!

  28. Alexandra Lanc

    I love that you wrote a post about NA. I’m a somewhat new NA author, and it’s very refreshing to see that readers are starting to discover that NA isn’t just YA with sex, as it’s been pawned off as up until now. In fact, it’s anything but that, because there is so much more.

    I recently wrote a post about NA fiction, and I’ll summarize it for you (and give you the link). NA is basically fiction that focuses on the transition from childhood to adulthood, and everything that comes with it. Yes, sex and relationships do play a part, particularly the transitioning into real adult relationships as you’ve mentioned, but also there’s a focus on becoming responsible, getting a job/home, transitioning into the real world after college, defining your beliefs and person. All of these play into NA.

    Link for my post about NA:

    NA is a baby category right now, so it’s still being defined. I think the reason why there’s the “NA is all about sex” is because the popular NA titles at the moment are. But, that’s changing.

    If you want something other than contemporary, that’s changing, too. There are some great authors who are coming out with more multi-genre titles. Here are some links:

    Stitch, by Samantha Durante (website say YA, but believe me, it’s NA college-aged dystopia):

    Gothic, by Nicole Fergusson, Paranormal:

    Strength, by Carrie Butler, Paranormal:

    I actually have a new NA title coming out next week, a urban fantasy/dystopia. If you’re interested in reviewing, please email at alexandralanc (at) aol (dot) com ~ here’s the link to the book page on my website:

    Thanks again for posting this! I hope you’re able to enjoy some more NA. 🙂


    • Giselle

      Thanks for all the recs I love it! I actually had heard of Strength I did a blog tour for it and so many people loved it I definitely want to give it a try! And thanks for your post link I’ll go have a look! 🙂

  29. Eva S

    Hopeless, Slammed, Easy, and Charade are my favorites from those — they are all excellent!!! I wasn’t particularly fond of The Edge of Never or Avoiding Commitment (train-wreck!). Just bought Wait For You and can’t wait to read it!

    I would also recommend Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park, My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea Cameron, Lengths by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt, and
    Tidal by Emily Snow — all great NA books!
    Great topic!

    Eva @ All Books Considered

    • Giselle

      Thanks I’ll check out Flat Out Love the cover is quirky I like it (kind of getting bored of the kissing couple cover O_O). Another commenter told me I would probably hate Avoiding Commitment so… dunno about that one now. lol

  30. Trish Hannon

    Good post, I have only read a few NA – Easy, Hopeless, Slammed and Point of Retreat – but loved all 4. Definitely on the lookout for more, some interesting choices above to point me in the right direction.

    Agree that NA makes for more interesting, more complex relationships and that leads to a better read for us.

    BookishTrish from Between the Lines

  31. Cherie Searles

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. For me, NA is a step up from YA in maturity. These are characters that have already gone through their “coming-of-age” and are more comfortable in their own skin. They may not have everything figured out yet but they have more of an idea of where they want to be – professionally, romantically and emotionally.

    I HIGHLY recommend Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and Slammed was also phenomenal.

    • Giselle

      YES! You described it perfectly!

      Hopeless and Slammed are both high on my TBR list. Plus I just got Hopeless from Edelweiss (It’s being released by Atria! 🙂

  32. fishgirl182

    i haven’t read any of these yet but do have a couple waiting on my kindle. the only thing that’s confusing to me is having yet another genre to sort of keep track of. i’ll read anything if it looks good so i don’t mind this category. plus i do find teens kind of whiny sometimes. 🙂 happy reading!

    fishgirl182 @ nite lite book reviews

  33. Jenn@OwlReadIt

    I’ve only read one NA book so far, which was Beautiful Disaster. Lets just say I finished it and then went online to preorder Walking Disaster. 🙂 I’m very much a fan and need to read more of these!

    I think that more sub genres would be great! The possibilities!!

  34. Maji Bookshelf

    I love the NA genre!!! I agree with you, NA has more mature characters and none of the cliche YA plots are in the books. Insta love kills me! As for some NA books, one that isn’t on the list is The Boys of Summer. Not sure if you’ve read it but it’s amazing!! I’ve also read Easy, Slammed (ALL TIME FAVORITE!) and Hopeless.

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    • Giselle

      Oh The Boys of Summer looks good to I did a blitz for it and people said great things about it! Slammed will be one of my first next NA reads, too! 😀

  35. Candace

    This is a great topic! I haven’t read a lot of NA books, but I HAVE a lot of them that I really want to read. One that isn’t contemporary NA is E.J. Wesley’s Moonsong’s series. They are like serials since they are shorter, but they are AMAZING! Blood Fugue is the first.

    • Giselle

      Oh that Moonsong series looks good! I think I even remember reading your review before( (just stalked it on GR >.<) wish it had better covers though O_O

  36. Smash Attack!

    Thank you so much for your thoughts on NA, as well as highlighting some great books in the genre. I have yet to read this genre but really look forward to the mature aspect…

  37. Ning

    I haven’t read many in this genre yet, but I have to disagree about the angst. The few I’ve read seem to have more angst than the YA books I’ve read, which is what’s been keeping me away from the genre. The characters are not necessary more mature, but seems more immature as the love in the NA genre is so much more all consuming and intense. Take Beautiful Disaster for example. I’ve never read two peopl who are more immature, or just messed up. It seems most NA books focused on characters who are “messed up” in one way or another, with a love story that’s meant to be intense to the point of being unhealthily obsessive.

    As for the no insta-luv part, I think that’s because most NA as of now are contemporaries, like you said. Most YA insta-love happens when it’s in the paranormal genre, when the two are “meant” to be together, thus the insta-love. NA is much more about insta-lust or attraction that brings the two people together, people who fight against loving on another with plenty of angst.

    I still tend to avoid the genre, but I will be reading one or two that’s piqued my interest.

    • Giselle

      Seems like you read a different batch than I did. The few I have read in NA have been very mature overall and not just bc the relationship was intense. Sea of Tranquility is one and the relationship is actually very slow moving and they only get together towards the ending. I’m sure there are some NA books that fit the actual genre much better than others. Some authors are simply writing to follow the hype and write until the misconception that it’s YA with sex. I’m no pro though, just voicing what I found and come to expect from NA so far. Good point about the insta love being more in paranormal I hadn’t really realized but you’re right! Happens a lot of dystopians too due to the nature of being in a high intensity life or death situation together.

  38. Nick

    Well, this is a fabulously well-written post, Giselle. I agree with you when you mention that there should be more NA sub-genre.
    I’ve always thought that NA had a lot more depth than YA. The books are very much character driven and that what makes it so enjoyable. However, I’m beginning to see a lot of the repetitive themes in NA nowadays, that is 2 broken characters falling for each other. I think the genre needs to expand a little and we definitely need more original ideas. It’s a genre with a lot of possibilities, so I’m excited to see what it has in store for the future.
    Great post, Giselle!

    P.S You really need to read Easy before you read anything else! (THIS IS AN ORDER!)

    • Giselle

      Haha Easy is winning hands down so I’ll be getting to it first–plus I already own it so I have no excuse! Thanks for the topic, to,, missy! 😉

  39. Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)

    I do really like the NA books … it’s nice because they’re not totally serious like adult books, but not SO innocent like YA books. It’s a nice in-between stage. And when there are a few sexytimes, that’s not bad at all!

    I do have to second (or third) the Experiment in Terror series — I don’t think it’s NA, but it’s freaking AWESOME!

    • Giselle

      Yay I actually read the first EiT book and I really enjoyed it and I hear they get pretty epic so I can’t wait to get a chance to finish the series!

  40. Michaniya @ Bookmarked For Later

    Does this mean you’ll be reading Hopeless right after? *Fingers Crossed* It’s a great book!

    Also, I completely agree with you, I love NA because it presents a love story/romance that is more likely to stick, which makes it more believable. Whenever I read a YA book where the high school girl falls head over heels in love with the jock, I think, “seriously, your romance will be over in the next two weeks.” I do still love YA, but NA is a nice in between.

    • Giselle

      Haha well I think I’ll read Easy first, but then yes Hopeless will be next bc I got it for review for the Atria release and I’m soo excited!!

      YA romance can be great, but yeah a lot of the times it’s just not as passionate bc you know it won’t last. Or that it goes WAY too fast and you don’t even have time to enjoy seeing their relationship grow realistically.

  41. Shooting Stars Mag

    I can’t vote because I haven’t read any of these, but I’m so down for more New Adult. I wish traditional publishers would give it more of a chance. College kids DO read and besides, adults read down…so why not read up a bit from YA? And teens like to read up; I know I did! There would still be a market. Anywhoo…I didn’t realize Flawed was NA. I still really want to read that one. It looks SO good. I’d recommend that just because I want to read it, but don’t have a copy yet. haha


  42. Emma Adams

    This is a fantastic post that sums up exactly what I love about NA – it really irritates me when people try and categorise it as ‘YA erotica’ because there’s so much more to it than that! I hadn’t heard of the term ‘new adult’ until I’d already finished the draft of my university-set paranormal/urban fantasy novel, but I realised it described my book perfectly. I think NA is about the period of your life where you’re legally an adult, but are still figuring everything out. It’s about discovering your own identity, and I think that’s why so many readers, young and old, can identify with it. Personally I’m enjoying discovering NA books in other genres than romance, which seems to be the focus at the moment (at least, in terms of the books being self-pub’d then picked up by publishers), although I really enjoyed Easy, Hopeless and Losing It.

    Again, thank you for the fantastic post! It’s great to see so many bloggers getting excited by New Adult.

  43. Silverlight

    Fab. post doll! Glad I didn’t miss it! I LOVE the NA genre. It has rocked my world, lately. I’ve actually read more of them then PNR/Fantasy books, lately! I love how so many of the books I’ve read sound so relatable, and bring me back to my wild and crazy 20’s.

    Some books I would recommend:

    All above! Although, The Edge Of Never, Wait For You were meh for me.
    I can say I loved,
    Slammed-although not quite as NA as I would of liked, it felt like YA, but written really well.
    Avoiding was a good series but not everyone liked the idea of it-I loved it.

    I would also recommend,
    the Thoughtless series by SC Stephens -Too Far series by Abbie Glines -The Bad Boys by M. Leighton -Wallbanger by Alice Clayton -and so many more….

  44. LTM

    Well, of COURSE, I want you to read ROUGE, but like I noted above, it’s sort of a special NA… I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to call it that because I didn’t know if NA HAD to be contemporary…? The MC is 18, and she IS dealing with that “middle” stage of life (after HS/before marriage, etc.). But that story falls into the Romantic Suspense category…

    Anyway, of the contemporary NAs, I’d have to say read EASY. Simply because that was the one that started it all, and it’s such a great book. And Tammara is such a sweet person. You will love her book.

    I also LOVED Sea of Tranquility, but I’m not sure that’s NA…? The characters are in high school…? Regardless, it’s sooo good, and you should read it, too! Fun stuff! Yaay books! :o) <3

    • Giselle

      I don’t think NA has to be contemp at all I think it all falls on what stage of their lives the characters are. Like someone said above NA characters are transitioning from teens to adults. So I think ROUGE would fit for sure–sounds awesome btw!

      I also would class Sea of Tranquility is NA, personally–that’s the feel I got from it anyways it felt a lot more mature and if I recall they were 18 or 19. LOVED that book too!

    • LTM

      cool! Thanks, Giselle! <3 And of course, I'll want to know what you think! 😀 I totally agree about the stage of life, and I think now that people are waiting later to marry, this makes total sense. There's a gap of reflected experience, and books have to keep up! 😀

      (Is that right about SoT? I just remember they’re in HS. But it IS def. more mature. More John Greene-YA. It’s a great book, AND I see that you’ve read it–d’oh! LOL! If I were closer to my old book club, we’d be all over this discussion, btw.) <3

  45. Christina

    I don’t necessarily agree that the characters in NA are more mature, at least in my small sampling, though they are perhaps immature in different, sexier ways. lol.

    I will never respect NA until it stops being a sub-genre of romance, because the name is stupid if it’s not going to be a legit age classification. *rants*

    Anyway, you’re going to read Easy. BOOM.

  46. Randi M

    I definitely second (or third!) Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park – awesome! And also Lengths by Liz Reinhardt and Steph Campbell. I’m not sure if Rachel Vincent’s Shifters category would be considered New Adult? If so, it’s paranormal about werecats – loved that series. Great post!

  47. YA Anonymous

    Write in vote: I absolutely loved Holier than Thou by Laura Buzo. To me, that’s what the New Adult genre is all about. Someone starting off in the professional world, just moving into her first place, trying to keep up childhood and college relationships. It’s Australian so it might not be readily available, but it is so worth getting, Giselle!


    • Carolyn

      I completely second this– Holier than thou is AMAZING… definitely the best New Adult I’ve read and the story has stuck in my mind for quite a while. Also, I just read Star Crossed by Jennifer Echols– the protags are 28ish – maybe that’s too far out for NA- but it’s got a similar feel (no husbands/wives and kids yet) and it was really good! You should look into it.

  48. Tressa S

    I think it would be great to have a recommended list. I just know the ones I have read so far haven’t been that great (at least the ones I’ve been aware were NA), so I haven’t felt it would be worth me trying others. Plus I can’t do the books with covers of half dressed people or making out. I’ve got little kids and I share my books with everyone, so I like to get books I can actually recommend. I just posted a comment on Christine Reads YA” about this and followed her link here. Because I like my books clean, NA is a tough genre for me, but that’s just me. I have Beautiful Disaster and didn’t realize it falls under NA. Haven’t read it yet, but I will and see what I think. I think we need someone to put together a list with some content advisories so I know what is worth a read in this genre.

    Tressa @ Tressa’s Wishful Endings

  49. Lauren

    I love this topic, thanks for discussing NA this week, Giselle! And thanks to Nick for suggesting it. I’ll be honest, I was wary of NA at first, so I’m woefully behind in reading some of the most popular NA books, but I love what I’m hearing about the relationships and lack of teen angst. This especially makes me think I’m missing out by holding off on this genre: “For me, though, what stands out the most are the relationships themselves. In NA book, they are simply better: stronger, more powerful.” That is what I want—more powerful, realistic and emotional relationships. I’ve had so many recommendations thrown my way (Bewitched Bookworms have given some great NA reviews), and many of them are on this list. I think I might need to import this list in my TBR. I’m looking forward to your reviews of some of these too! Great discussion 🙂