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Book Girls Don’t Cry: My Reading Life

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Inspired by Book Buzzers, Book Girls Don’t Cry is a weekly feature where we each discuss/vent/advise on the chosen weekly bookish topic. Don’t miss Jenni on Mondays, and Amy on Saturdays:

This week’s topic was suggested by from Siiri of Little Pieces of Imagination

The Life of a Book Addict

This week we’ll be showing you our reading habits – as you can guess (if you know me at all) mine will include a lot of food and coffee… and well yeah who needs anything else? >.< Also, it will be brought to you mostly via pictures – brace yourselves! 😉

I do the most of my reading in the morning right after I ship the lil one to daycare and before the rest of the world is awake and emailing me – aka my workday. So at 7am EST I’m found lounging on this couch in my sunny living room with a book and a coffee:

Although this table is not usually so empty. So how about we add the necessities:


Yup. I love candy. I even wear it (and I was, in fact, reading in this picture):

But don’t worry, I indulge in healthy snacks once in a while:

But mostly this is what happens when I try for healthy:

 For when coffee just isn’t enough:

I also usually have cute, cuddly company:

And I wish I could say I read a lot outside (I love the outdoors), I actually don’t very much. We don’t have a gazebo and bugs love me for some reason. But I do go down to my mother’s once in a while and enjoy reading in her backyard:

 However that can only happen for 2-3 months in the year, because I’m in Canada. Meaning:

 Sometimes I read in the evenings too, but usually I’m preoccupied by the cuteness:

Or if he’s in bed, books on TV!

And once in a while, I do work and stuff:

(but even then I have the necessities of life)

So that’s my reading habits/life in a nutshell! 
What are some of your reading habits?
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Xoxo, Book Girl!
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42 Responses to “Book Girls Don’t Cry: My Reading Life”

  1. Kezia D

    Giselle I LOVE your mugs! (Lol, that’s the first thing that popped on my mind when I first read this post.) And you’re not alone — I also eat snacks when I’m reading on my computer :3 your sofa looks comfortable and just so…snuggle-able…Is that even a word? xD

    When I’m reading I love to write down quotes on a piece of paper and then slip it inside the book once I’ve finished. I just don’t like highlighting or scribbling anything on my books 😛 I like to read on my bed or my desk but sometimes I bring books to school to read at break times. I don’t do this often anymore though because my friends were annoyed that I ignored them over a book xD

    Pansycake Reader

  2. Nick

    Your M&M pants are the best!
    Loved seeing all your reading spots, Giselle. I see that your cat has taken over your little one’s baby sofa! He looks like he’s very comfortable on that.
    I read on my bed a.k.a a boring spot!
    Thanks for sharing, Giselle!

  3. Amy

    Awesome! I’m glad I’m not the only one who took lots of pics of food and beverages! Love that pic of the lil’ man too. He’s so adorable!!

  4. Kristin A.

    Oh I love those mugs and your little one is so adorable. I wish I could say I read outside a lot but I don’t. Once summer hits I’m a hermit. I hate the heat.

  5. Tammy Sparks

    OMG your son is so CUTE!! I just can’t get past that…OK, I love all your mugs and snacks, a girl after my own heart! Thanks for showing us a peek into your reading life:)

  6. Siiri

    Hahahaha. You have so much going on, I see 😀 Your son is ajsi ahdoi hsad had j cute :))) oh, and can I be friends with your Mom? If she lets me read in her bakcyard, I’ll clean her house when the sun isn’t shining. LOL. That’d acquire me flying half across the world to get to Canada though.. Anyhow, you sure love your coffee and candy! I want a pair of those pants, too. They’re crazy awesome. Btw, your living room is gorgeous! My own room is very sunny on summer nights and sometimes I even have to bring the curtains down since it’s almost blinging LOL. I love it though. At least it isn’t crazy hot in the morgings *phew*. I’m so glad you guys picked this topic since I was really curious to see otehr people’s reading habits. Thanks for sharing, Giselle:)

  7. Bonnie R

    I LOVE your eeyore mug and your cat is freaking adorable in its little chair!! Gosh your mom’s pool is gorgeous, I would sit next to it (with a big umbrella because the sun hates me) all day. You have the best taste in snacks. 😉

  8. Micheline D

    I love all your cups, especially the colours patterns and quotes on them. I collect a lot of cups too but because I always want those HUGE ‘Friends’-style cups, I have to sacrifice coolness for size >.< Oh and I have a cup/teapot warmer too but mine runs by candle bahaha, because I am from the stone ages, I guess?! Oh and I love seeing a kitty shot, and even more love for the way she owns the chair! PS- bright, colourful pjs+reading=win

  9. Aneeqah

    Bahaha this is such an adorable post!! Your living room is so pretty. And look at all of those coffee mugs!! WANT. Although, you know, I kind of hate coffee, but still! The mugs are very cute. I also totally eat a bunch of crap food while I’m working on my blog or making my commenting rounds (at the moment, I’m about to go get up and grab a glass of apple juice- which is like, my life’s addiction) (besides books, of course). Your mom’s pool is SO gorgeous, although, I’m sure the snow disturbs those poolside reading days in the winter. 😉 I actually used to live in a place where it snowed a lot, but now that I live in the grand ol’ state of Texas, I don’t get much snow. We got 4 inches one night and the entire state freaked out and shut everything down. 😉

    Anyways, lovely post! I really enjoyed reading this. 😀

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  10. Rita_h

    You had me laughing out loud with this post–thanks so much for the effort it took to share! Too funny and probably too true for many of us! Enjoy your week of reading.

  11. Megan Hand

    I absolutely LOVE this! Gotta love the burnt bread (grilled cheese?), been there lol. And the cuteness, gotta love the cuteness 😉 This is a really cool post!! <3

  12. Megan K.

    You have some seriously cozy reading places! And also, sweet pants. All those snacks are making me really hungry, and your little tyke is ADORBS. I now know what it feels like to have the urge to squeeze someone’s cheeks, haha. I love how you’re flashing Antigoddess in this post, too. 😉

  13. Aman

    Haha! I eat candies while reading books too, they are so delish! LOVE your mugs! I don’t usually read outside too, it’s either too hot or too cold. I yearn for rainy days. Awesome post, Giselle!

  14. Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader

    This is such a cute idea for a post 🙂 I really enjoyed your pictures, particularly the one with all the snow. I hear you! As a fellow Canadian we really need to enjoy the weather while we can as it’ll be gone again before you know it. We only really have two seasons: Winter and construction 😛

    P.S. Thanks for awakening my craving for cupcakes. That one picture looks good enough to eat!

  15. Christina (Christinareadsya)

    You have the best mugs. And way better M&M pants. (I only have a racing M&M shirt from my Mars employee cousin). Your son is adorable, and you’ve now made me hungry for fruit and chocolate, which is an awesome combination, so I’m not blaming you ;). Hope you get more of that sunshine!

  16. Megan R

    You have such an awesome mug collection! Reading outside doesn’t work well for me either. Between mosquitos and ants and poking grass and glaring sun, not working. Unless I’m waiting for the bus or the train. That’s where I did a ton of my reading while I was in university.

  17. Alexa Y.

    This post is just so darn ADORABLE. I love your reading spot – that couch looks comfy! And all the snacks and drinks are things I definitely approve it. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your reading life!

  18. Hell-Bent to Read

    Is that a cat-sized armchair?! That is adorable! I also do most of my reading indoors. I live in Texas, and during the Summer, we’re lucky if we get below 90 degrees. I like to be comfortable when reading, not cooking. 😛

  19. Jesse Burgoyne

    Hehe! This is so funny! My attempts to eat healthy usually come out the same as yours! I would love to read outside more often but I usually get distracted by my dog. If I’m outside she’s dropping her rubber bone on me for me to throw!

  20. Alexia

    I do all of my reading indoors as I HATE being outdoors.Yes I know how blasphemous(see I made a new word)that is.I have a super comfy chair in my house that overlooks my gorgeous backyard and I’m usually sitting there with a cup of coffee or one of those new Ice zero calorie fizzy waters. 9 times out of ten I usually have food with me.A bag of barbecued chips (my weakness) or something chocolate.

  21. Tabitha Sanchez

    You’re a lo like me when it comes to reading habits! I ALWAYS have a cup of coffee and some sort of snack with me. It’s pretty unhealthy on my part, but I know a books good when my snacks left untouched by the time I’m finished reading. I really like your coffee mugs! Mine are all Disney ones from our trips to Disneyland when I was younger.

    I loved getting to see a bit into your reading habits!

    – Tabitha @ Tabitha’s Book Blog

  22. Lauren Elizabeth

    I love your M&M pjs! I really need more candy covered clothing. All these snack pics are making me hungry. This is what happens to me when I hit up my foodie blogs, not my book blogs! Time to raid the fridge…

    PS – your little one is adorable! 🙂

  23. Marmaladelibby (aka Ange)

    I’m totally a pj’s girl (or leggings) too!! AND, coffee OR tea OR mt. dew OR wine (but it makes me too sleepy) OR water…then there are SKITTLES AND there are always the best honey roasted peanuts AND my quilt AND usually a cat or a dog or a small child or a husband cuddling up! During the school-year when I’m teaching (school librarian of two school libraries by day) I rarely get to read (I know, bizarre but true twisted truth of my life!) so there is rarely reading ever…so reading is only at night in bed just before sleep. But now that it’s summer and I’m on “summer break” (haha, if you’re a teacher you know what I mean by this) now I can at least get some reading done which is awesome! This means I read as much & as often as I can! 🙂 WOOT! WOOT! I am a reading machine! I wish I had a way to be outside w/o bugs b/c I’d be out there all the time! BUT, I don’t really like the sun. LOL! 😛

  24. Jennifer Messerschmidt

    Your moms pool looks so pretty! I love reading outside by it does have to be perfect weather and towards nighttime the mosquitos do come out to bite. I mostly read in bed or on the couch. I listen to audiobooks in the car. I also usually carry my kindle so if I’m stuck waiting anywhere I have something to read.

  25. Jennifer Bielman

    Ahh, can I live with you?? hehe. Your reading lounge looks so pretty. And your mom’s place is to die for. I don’t know how you read so early though. I’m a night reader. And I can’t stand eating while reading. Weird, right? So when I need to lose a few pounds, I just read all day.

    Just so you know, I inspire to be like you. I want to do all the things you do, web designing and blog touring. I am going back to school to learn web design. I am very excited.

  26. Melanie

    Giselle, why are you so so awesome? I must steal one of those coffee cups you have as they are AMAZING! And the toast…. dayum. How the hell did that happen?! Must’ve tasted revoulting if you ate it.

    AND IT’S SNOWING! ERMAHGERD. It never snows here. *sadface* HUMPH.

    Thanks for showing a day of your crazy life! Loved it and made my day. <33

  27. Jasprit

    This is wonderful post Giselle, I adore all of your photos, I have so many different mugs too, my sister is always on at me for buying more, but they’re so cute I just can’t stop. And I love your snacks! I’m such a food junkie, I have such a hard time eating healthy at all especially when you’re at a crucial part in a book and you just need to grab something quickly. I hope you get a decent Summer this year and are able to read outside more! 🙂

  28. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    Your little boy is adorable! Reading and eating is like the best combo, it’s dangerous. I wish I had more time to read but it’s mostly during my lunch hour and late at night after my girls are asleep. But I’ll take anything I can get. And I hate to admit it but I’m an ebook addict now. I can’t even remember the last time I read a print book 🙁

  29. Shae Carcar

    Aww I really enjoyed reading this post. It gave me a little inside peak of the woman behind the blog 🙂 I am also extremely addicted to candy, and lol I like how you said you indulge in healthy snacks ONCE IN A WHILE! Hehe! Also, I’m so JEALOUS of your mom’s backyard. If my mom’s backyard looked like that, I’d never leave! Great post; it made me smile 🙂

  30. Jaz

    That was such an awesome post Giselle!

    All that food, I was literally reaching my hand out to my screen when I saw all that candy <3 I love them M&Ms pants 😀

    But WOAH all that coffee! How do you sleep at night? I can’t drink coffee at a ll… the taste just isn’t for me 🙁

    Your mother’s place looks awesome, that pool omgosh.

  31. Jennifer | Book Den

    Oh, the cuteness. Your kiddo is PRECIOUS. Girl, I love me some candy, too. I can’t believe you are Canadian and wearing M&M pants. Shouldn’t you have pictures of Smarties?! 🙂