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Book Girls Don’t Cry: Halloween Reads!

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Halloween Reads!

Since October is almost among us *sobs* it’s time to dish out all those fabulous books that would be perfect for Halloween!  PS – Covers link to Goodreads!

My Halloween recs!
Some are horrors, some are more thrillers or gothics. I picked then for their eerie vibe!

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H9 H3 H8
H5 H4 H10

Books on my TBR this Halloween!
Obviously I won’t get through all of these read on Halloween, but I would like to get a couple of them read from now until then! 🙂
T5 T4 T3
T2 T1 T10

What are your Halloween recs?
Any creepy ones on your list to read this Halloween?

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38 Responses to “Book Girls Don’t Cry: Halloween Reads!”

  1. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    Those are some great picks. My birthday is on Halloween, so I’d rather not spend my time reading creepy books!
    But I must read some before. There’s a ton of books that are on my TBR : The Waking Dark, I Hunt Killers and The Replacement.
    The cover for The Replacement is so perfect.
    Thanks for sharing, Giselle and I hope these reads put you in the mood for Halloween! 🙂

  2. Bethzaida (bookittyblog)

    There’s 2 books that came to my mind right now. Unbreakable which I read recently and loved! But one that scared the living daylights out me was Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice) by Joseph Delaney! OMG! So scary!

  3. Ellie

    I’ve already made a start on mine, with Psycho by Robert Bloch (I watched the Hitchcock movie too) and The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin. Now I’m reading Coraline, and after that I might pull out the big guns and dare myself to read The Shining! I have the movie too but I’ve never dared read OR watch it… there’s something about this time of year that just makes me want to challenge myself to choose something super-freaky! 🙂

  4. Kristilyn (Reading in Winter)

    I have The Deepest Cut, The Waking Dark, and Night Film on my list, too … I loooooove a good, scary read! Personally, I loved Darkhouse, Jenny Pox, Ten, and Anna Dressed in Blood. Another great one is The Unquiet by Jeaniene Garsee and Let the Right One In by John Lindqvist. I love the Halloween season!

  5. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    I had some mixed thoughts on Ashes, but I thought it was a pretty decent read overall. I loved Anna and the Forest of Hands and Teeth. I so need to check out The Waking Dark! I think it’s being published over here in the UK too. Great recs, Giselle. 🙂

  6. Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan

    Ahhh, I’ve been on the lookout for creepy reads, so this post was super helpful, thank you! I haven’t read any of the books on there (except for THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH), so I feel like a major failure. ANNA has been getting so many rave reviews, though, that it’s only a matter of time before I give in and just go get myself a darn copy.

    And DUDE. The cover for THE REPLACEMENT. Looks right off a horror film poster! LOVE.

  7. Christianna

    I forgot that I have The Deepest Cut! This makes me wanna pick it up an read it! I also have Anna and haven’t read that either. I need to get on my Halloween reads!

  8. Michelle @ Book Briefs

    I loved dark house and Anna and Ten are both on my halloween TBR list too. Great picks!

    I love halloween time to read some creepy and horror books. I’m not sure why but the fall weather just puts me in the horror and gothic mood. Strange right?

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  9. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    I remember I really liked Hushed, one of the first really dark YA book I had read.
    And OMG, Darkhouse is NOTHING compared to how creepy the series gets. I’m on book 3, Dead Sky Morning and it is the creepiest so far. Rabid raccoons, scary babies with eyeballs falling off, ghost, walking coffins, body parts *shudders* I think you would really love that series. Dex and Perry are awesome!
    Scary reads aren’t my favorite because I’m a big ass chicken but I do like them every once in a while. When I do read them, they better be scary enough to make me scare to go pee at night 😉

  10. Molli

    Ooh, wonderful lists, Giselle! I really want to read ANNA – have been meaning to for ages and ages. I decided this year I’m going to re-read The Near Witch, and finish Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series as part of a paranormal challenge for October. I hope you get to read and enjoy some from your TBR.

  11. Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader

    This is such a wonderful idea for a post, Giselle, and I appreciated that you posted it early enough to allow people the time to find and read these before Halloween 🙂 I was looking for some spookier reads to enjoy in October, and I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post and taking you up on a few of your suggestions. I only hope you enjoy Gretchen McNeil’s Ten more than I did! After you’ve watched as many horror films as I have, it seemed like the same old tired schtick, unfortunately. On a positive note, it’s fast-paced and easy to read in a matter of hours!

  12. Bonnie

    Night Film is fantastic, I hope you get around to that one!
    I’ve decided to read all the spooky books for the whole month of October. lol You know, because I’m not behind on my ARCs enough as it is. I’ve always wanted to do something like that but never have. I think I’ll be adding Jenny Pox to that list!

  13. fishgirl182 @ nite lite

    every year i say that i am going to read some scary books for halloween but i never do it. i think i may try again this year. i definitely want to read the sequel to i hunt killers and maybe i will finally get to the replacement.

  14. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m hoping to read Ten this October as well. I think it will make a lovely Halloween read. From your top list, I want to read Jenny Pox (it’s on my kindle, so I should aim for October too…), I Hunt Killers (need to buy at some point) and Hushed (another need to buy).

  15. kay

    I’m reading Night Film right now (am almost done with it!) and it is a perfect read for October! I’d describe it as a contemporary mystery with a gothic edge to it, if that makes sense. I like it, looking forward to see how it ends!

  16. Aman

    OMG!!! That cover with the creepy girl is going to give me nightmares! It should come with it’s own warning. lol. I haven’t read Anna and this Halloween I’m planning to read that series for sure. I have heard great things about Forest of hands and teeth, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind too. Plus, I love when the series are complete and can be read back to back. Great list!

  17. Emily

    YES. Those are all that give the goosebumps and the willies xO I haven’t actually read most of them, but have heard so much! You should add Another Little Piece onto that list! That was super freaky, yet good!
    I’m looking forward to Ten as well. An adaptation of Agatha Christie? Yes please! xD
    Great selection there Giselle!! <33

  18. Mary @ BookSwarm

    I love October and Halloween and fall but I do not usually like the scary so much. A book or two, a movie or two and I’m set for the year. The Shining (both book & movie) usually do the trick.

  19. S.Huston

    OOoooh I had forgot about The Deepest Cut! I really want to read that so thanks for reminding me!! Ten sounds like a perfect suspenseful read for Halloween, I may need to add that to my TBR… Happy Reading 🙂

  20. Amy @ Book Loving Mom

    We both have The Forest of Hands and Teeth and The First Days!! I seriously just threw together my post like 3 and a half hours before it is posting so mine pretty much sucks. I couldn’t think lol!! That’s what I get for waiting until the last minute. I’ve had a great, but busy week. I trained for my new job the past three days so I haven’t been home much. Great list hon. I wish I had done mine earlier so it didn’t suck so much.

  21. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    The Waking Dark is an excellent choice for Halloween. Just saying. You’ll probably enjoy The Forest of Hands and Teeth, even if that series does make me ranty, because of reasons not so apparent in the first book. Ashes is super creepy as well, though not always sensical. You might want to skip Ten. It’s probably not actually scary.

  22. Charlotte

    I love Halloween but I don’t think I’d love to spend it reading scary books, Giselle. I have a very minimum tolerance for scary books. Haha.

    Maybe I’ll just content myself pestering the neighbors for trick and treat. And see if one of them will give me some books instead of sweets.

  23. Jackie G.

    I have that Jenny Pox book on my e-reader. I will be reading it once the air becomes chillier and the night spookier.

    I used to read spooky books, but I really have not picked up a horror novel in over a decade. I used to be a huge fan of those Fear Street books by R.L. Stine. I’ve often thought of revisiting them, but what if they are not as good as I remember?

  24. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

    I am actually just making up my Halloween list now so I don’t have many to add, but Ten & Possess by Gretchen McNeil are on there as is the Waking Dark. Thanks so much for the recommendation of Hushed, it sounds amazing and I had never heard of it before 🙂