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Giselle’s Stacking the Shelves [August 3rd]

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Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews featuring the books we got this week, and I also mention blog news/happenings of the past week.

Happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians (is it one in the US too? I’m not sure). And I can’t believe we’re already in August! Summer is going by way too quickly! So this week was pretty hectic for me – being back from vacation that backlogged my work load, so I’m sorry if I’m a bit slow to return comments and such. I got some eBook pretties this week! Let’s have a look:


I received for review:

IMM9 A Darker Shade final for Irene IMM13

*Thanks to MacKids Books, Harlequin Teen, Amulet Books, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, and HarperCollins for these pretties!*

That’s all for me this week!

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21 Responses to “Giselle’s Stacking the Shelves [August 3rd]”

  1. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    OH GOSH. These just look so good and I’m absolutely dashing to Goodreads to look at Blood of My Blood and Shutter. I’m excited for Cut Me Free too, because I did enjoy Insomnia. ^.^ And I love to see how authors grow in their writing as they go on!

  2. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Omg omg you got the next V.E. Schwab book, that is awesome! I am yet to read one of hers yet but I know lots of people love em. I’ve been wanting to read Liars Inc too, considering how Paula Stokes wrote a contemporary romance previously. Enjoy your reads Giselle!

  3. Rashika

    Ahh so many pretties this week, Giselle! 😀 Totally jealous of A Darker Shade of Magic but I’ll be on the lookout for how you felt about it! 😀

    All those HarperCollins pretties though. I am super excited about Liars, Inc and A Wicked Thing. I hadn’t even heard about it until I saw it up on EW and then I was like zomg, re-telling, WANT.

    Anywayyy I hope you have a GREAT week of reading and a great week in general, hon!! 🙂

  4. Kristin @ My ParaHangover

    I’m soooooo glad I made it over this week! I have to go hunt down A Darker Shade of Magic!!! That one looks so great! I hope it’s on Edelweiss – although it’s a wee bit of work to remember I only get 3 months with the title and to remember to re-download it when I get close and I haven’t read it yet 😉

    For some reason I felt totally guilty of all the books I got so I held back on A Wicked Thing and Liars, Inc but I’m downloading them next week. I guess I feel bad or something, I have no clue why!

    But you got some great books! A lot of these I haven’t seen – Blood of My Blood – that’s why everyone is reading his books right now! I’ll have to make sure we have that book on order at work 😉

    Have a great week!!

  5. Alexia @ Adventures in Reading

    Oh how I love Edelweiss. Giselle, you and I picked up 5 of the same titles and I am so excited to read all of them. I really should have limited myself, but I think everyone knows my self restraint is zero. I am most excited about Everything That Makes You.

    Happy reading lovely!

  6. Dea S.

    Wow, fantastic haul, Giselle! Those are some gorgeous looking books! I’m a cover whore and seeing these all together makes me happy~ Can’t wait to see what you thought of Liars, Inc., A Darker Shade of Magic, and The Secrets We Keep!

  7. Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

    Nope. No long weekend for us. Boo.

    Tons of eBook pretties! I also snagged The Cure for Dreaming which I’m crazy excited about. In The Shadow of Blackbirds was incredible so I have super high hopes for this one. Happy Reading!

  8. Amy @ Book Loving Mom

    I got a lot of the same books, but didn’t have time to do a StS post. Hubs has been taking Saturdays off too and I can’t do any blog stuff when he’s around lol!! Shutter looks so creepy and awesome!! The Cure for Dreaming looks awesome too. Enjoy all the new pretties!!

  9. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    The cover for Shutter still gives me the creeps! I grabbed that one too and really hope it’ll be good. I’m also excited about Liars Inc and The Cure for Dreaming. Can’t wait to see what you think of all of these! 🙂

  10. Kayla (The Bookish Owl)

    CAT WINTERS?!?!?!??!?1!11 *incoherent screaming*

    Blood of my Blood looks really intriguing and is it just me or does that title remind you of Game of Thrones, specifically, Khal Drogo and Khaleesi?

    Shutter looks terrifying. I won’t be reading that before bedtime anytime soon, LOL.

    Enjoy your great books! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them! 🙂

  11. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    The cure for dreaming and A wicked thing are two of the books I got as well. I can’t wait 😀 Arrow looks like a good, classic type of fantasy book. I can’t wait for A darker shade of magic. Happy reading!