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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why Marie Kondo Doesn’t Actually Want You To Throw Out All Your Books

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Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her ‘revolutionary’ tidying up ideas with her bestselling books. On January 1st, Netflix decided to drop “The Art of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” bringing even more people on board the KonMari train but also causing many people to lose their minds when Marie Kondo ‘made’ people get rid of their books in an effort to clean up and take back their living spaces. 

Except she didn’t???

I haven’t finished watching the series nor have I had the privilege of reading any of her books but based on what I have seen and what I know about her books, nowhere does she explicitly state you should get rid of your books and everything else you love.

I am a lover of reality shows that focus on lifestyle so when I dove into Tidying Up With Marie Kondo I was expecting the kind of reality TV that usually airs on American TV. Tons of drama, crying, etc, etc. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has such a completely different vibe though – in the way The Great British Bake Off  is so vastly different from anything on Food Network. 

Marie Kondo is one of the few, if not the only, host of a show like this that doesn’t ever pressure people to do anything they don’t want to. She doesn’t talk down. She doesn’t judge. 

If people criticizing her for wanting everyone to throw everything out took more than a second to watch and appreciate what is happening, they’d understand that. 

Marie Kondo wanders from home to home giving people the tools they need to tidy up and have that lifestyle they have always dreamed of. She sits down with people and helps them re-evaluate their relationship to the items they own. She does not want you to throw out things you love dearly in an attempt to make space and have a house that looks right out of a magazine, Marie Kondo wants you to get rid of stuff for which you have no use and that brings you no joy. And honestly, she doesn’t really want you to do that either. You are in charge, not she. You can keep whatever you want to without any judgement from her because the ultimate goal is not for your house to be rid of stuff, its for you to reevaluate the stuff you own and your relationship to your stuff.

SO NO. MARIE KONDO DOES NOT WANT YOU TO THROW OUT ALL YOUR BOOKS. IF YOUR BOOKS BRING YOU JOY (and don’t @ me with literature does not solely exist to provide joy, that is not what this is about), YOU GET TO KEEP THEM. 

There is legitimate critique about the show out there too and I don’t mean to disregard that, but if you are shitting on Marie Kondo – the nicest woman ever – because you think she wants you to throw your books out, you need to reevaluate what it is about Marie Kondo that pisses you off more than anyone else who does the same. 

The unreasonable standards Marie Kondo and her show are being held up to really show that people are willing to find the pettiest crap to criticize non-white women about. I am not here for that. 

The Heist Novel We Need: Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig

The Heist Novel We Need: Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig

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In 2019 and we’re finally getting all the heist/thief books we deserve. Death Prefers Blondes is one such heist book and IT IS AMAZING. Maybe you’ve read Caleb Roehrig before or maybe you’re drawn by the fantastic premise and gorgeous gover. Regardless, this book is both quintessentially Roehrig and also different from what he has written before. His previous books are more on the fun end of the spectrum (WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING. I love fun books!) and while Death Prefers Blondes is incredibly fun, it also has a tendency to punch you in the guts. TO SAY EVEN MORE because I clearly cannot shut up, Death Prefers Blondes is not a short book but it FLIES by. It was so well written and visuals/imagery were done so…

Amazing Friendships: Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills

Amazing Friendships: Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills

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I slept on Emma Mills for AGES but with a little peer pressure, I finally binge read all of her published books last year. I can honestly say that it was life changing. Not necessarily because her books in of themselves changed my life but they were so good and I was so happy to finally have them in my life. WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY is that if you still have not read a single Emma Mills novel in your life, you need to fix that. If you have, then I am guessing you’re gonna pick this book up regardless of anything I have to say so hope you have a nice life. Here, have some cookies on your way out! I made them myself!

Lately, I feel…

And That’s a Wrap: 2018 Edition

And That’s a Wrap: 2018 Edition

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Last year, I just did a general roundup trying to include best books and all that jazz but this year I wanted to do a more detailed book roundup. I wasn’t sure if I should do a personal roundup too but its such a good way for me to reflect on the year and figure out what I want from the next one SO HERE WE ARE!

– I survived???? I really haven’t accomplished much this year but with the amount of turmoil I’ve experienced, I feel like surviving is a huge feat. *gently pats self on back*

-I also baked a lot this year and I stepped outside of my comfort zone! I made pain au chocolat, made the perfect batch of cookies, a good scone, biscuits (I…

Xpresso Reads’ Best Books of 2018

Xpresso Reads’ Best Books of 2018

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Wow. I genuinely cannot believe the end of the year is here???? And I have to pick favorite books I’ve read?? (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A COUPLE MORE I WANT TO READ) Ugh. I decided to bring back this format from 2016 because it is way more fun then just listing a bunch of books I liked.

A book with a title that SCREAMS ‘read me’

Yes. I am secretly 10. I mostly read this book because this title made me feel like I was going to dive into a cute read but holy fuck, Death by Toilet Paper hit all the right emotional notes. This book is funny but more than that, its actually heart breaking????? I did not expect a book with a title like this to actually…

Twelve 2019 Books I Am Most Looking Forward To

Twelve 2019 Books I Am Most Looking Forward To

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I’ve been so bad with new releases this year that I am not sure I even deserve to do a post about 2019 books I am most looking forward to but you know… every year is a good year for books and 2019 is no different!!! These occur in no particular order and there are tons I haven’t mentioned but I wanted to keep this as short as possible. 

1. What Lies Between You In Me by Courtney Milan

Its funny because I mentioned this last year as a sequel I was looking forward to in 2018 but 2018 has passed and I am still waiting. I JUST WANT TO BE REUNITED WITH MY 55 yo son. 

2. Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki

Ridiculously Awesome and Fun: The Disasters by M.K. England

Ridiculously Awesome and Fun: The Disasters by M.K. England

Posted by on 12/24/2018 • 1 Comment

I dove into The Disasters with almost no expectations. I had grabbed it on a whim and only vaguely remembered it had something to do with space. I’d say I regretted doing this but honestly, it was truly the best way to read this book because I ended up being taken completely by surprise by its awesomeness and just, IT WAS SO GOOD and it’s so GREAT to have a book completely surprise you.

There are many space books out there and it’s likely you’ve read and loved some of them. I am here to tell you The Disasters is better (or at least I think it is.) It’s the space book I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I NEEDED. Are you tired of all those space books that are super…

Summer-y YA for Winter Blues Mini Reviews

Summer-y YA for Winter Blues Mini Reviews

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Love & Luck Jenna Evans Welch


Addie is visiting Ireland for her aunt’s over-the-top destination wedding, and hoping she can stop thinking about the one horrible thing she did that left her miserable and heartbroken—and threatens her future. But her brother, Ian, isn’t about to let her forget, and his constant needling leads to arguments and even a fistfight between the two once inseparable siblings. Miserable, Addie can’t wait to visit her friend in Italy and leave her brother—and her problems—behind.

So when Addie discovers an unusual guidebook, Ireland for the Heartbroken, hidden in the dusty shelves of the hotel library, she’s able to finally escape her anxious mind and Ian’s criticism.

And then their travel plans change. Suddenly Addie finds…