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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bookish Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life

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Holidays are officially in season! I mean they’ve technically been in season for a while but… its all official now. Happy first day of Hannukah to those who celebrate! It’s last minute but today I am bringing you a list of bookish goodies to buy the bookworm in your life. I promise it’ll be more helpful than last year (but, okay, if anyone got me any of those things, I’d be a happy person.) A little last minute shopping never hurt anyone!

1. Puffin Classics

They are fairly inexpensive and come with jaw-dropping covers. Know a bookworm in your life who appreciates classics and gorgeous covers? Cannot go wrong with one of these:

2. Notebooks

There are lots of them out there and a bookworm will always cherish a bookish notebook to keep all their scribbles about books in. Or you know, about anything else. Some of us just like taking notes or making lists.

3. Socks

Maybe you didn’t know this but some bookworms are also humans so they like their toes to be warm and cozy. Maybe get them a pair of some book themed socks? Even regular ones will do, tbh. We just want our feet to be warm.

4. A pretty case for their e-reader.

It’s probably been a while since they replaced that. Or maybe that’s just me. We like to spend our money on books so if you want to give us a little something to help protect one of the most important electronic devices in our life, it will definitely be appreciated.

5. Some bookends

Book ends are so pretty. You should definitely get them some so they can make their clustered shelves look a little bit nicer

6. A mug for all the caffeine they consume

Bookworms need caffeine after pulling many an all-nighter to finish that book (even though they said only one more page.) And a mug to put that source of caffeine in is always helpful.

7. Some literary postcards

A lot of bookworms have friends across the globe and it’s nice to have some fun stationary we can use to write them letters.

8. A book protector

Preferably a waterproof one. I’ve had at least two accidents with books and water in the past 8 years and I am comfortable speaking for all bookworms when I say that we HATE it when one of our books is damaged. We fear for the books we carry around in our bags and a book protector would be a good way to get rid of at least on of those fears.

Whats on your wishlist besides books? Anything important I missed in this guide to gifts for bookworms? Do you have 1,000,000 to give to me?

Bookish Confessions

Bookish Confessions

Posted by on 12/10/2017 • 6 Comments

The new year is just around the corner and it’s gonna be a new year, new me (probably for like 5 seconds.) To aid my journey of reinventing myself for 2018, I thought I’d get some deep, dark, confessions off my chest. I hope you’ll still want to hang with me after learning about some of the horrifying things I’ve done but if not, I understand.


1. Like a regular person, I like to eat while I read but one time, while I was reading Breaking Dawn which I had borrowed from my review, I accidentally dropped the slice of pizza I was eating inside the book and never told my friend. She never said anything and didn’t disown me so I guess she never found out.


Book Girls Don’t Cry… They Angst About How to Arrange Their Bookshelves

Book Girls Don’t Cry… They Angst About How to Arrange Their Bookshelves

Posted by on 12/07/2017 • 14 Comments

If you identify as a bookworm, it is likely that you at least own a couple books. If you own a couple books, you’ve probably spend at least a little time wondering how you should arrange them. Author’s last name? Rainbows? Sizes? So many options. What it comes down to is

aesthetic vs convenience

Some people are fine arranging their books in color because they are really familiar with the color on the spines of the books they own. I am not that person. It takes me 5 mins to find a book when my shelves are in color vs the handful of seconds it takes me when they are arranged by authors last name. But, both ways have their pros and cons and I think it just comes down…

The Five Stages of a Book Slump

The Five Stages of a Book Slump

Posted by on 12/05/2017 • 12 Comments

I have a shameful secret. I’ve sorta of been in a book slump these past couple weeks. I am still reading but nothing really calls out to me and I’d honestly rather just watch TV than read a book. I wonder if its because I have a craving for a certain kind of book and cannot find something that fits the bill or if its just because I am extremely exhausted (emotionally & mentally) and don’t want to do anything anymore.

1. No book looks good.

You’ve tried starting five but have DNFed 10. Will a book ever look good again?

2. So you start watching TV.

You are now 6 seasons deep into a show you started 3 days ago, with no end in sight. Will this be over?…

The Hamilton-Insipired Romances You Didn’t Know You Wanted: Hamilton’s Battalion

The Hamilton-Insipired Romances You Didn’t Know You Wanted: Hamilton’s Battalion

Posted by on 11/30/2017 • 1 Comment

Hamilton’s Battalion is one of the most unique romance anthologies I’ve had the pleasure of reading, ever. You’ve probably heard of Hamilton unless you live under the rock. The musical has really brought a lot of attention to Alexander Hamilton and given way to a lot of other media that adapts and retells historical events. This trio of romances is not only perfect for fans of historical romance but also for any Hamilton fans who just want ~more~.

This anthology is not only unique because it is one of the first ones that are inspired by Hamilton but also because even though it is three different stories by three different authors, the stories have a common overarching story.

Eliza Hamilton is collecting stories about her late husband and has reached…

Cute But Not Much Else: Cast No Shadow by Nick Tapalansky & Anissa Espinosa

Cute But Not Much Else: Cast No Shadow by Nick Tapalansky & Anissa Espinosa

Posted by on 11/29/2017 • 1 Comment

Cast No Shadow was a surprise graphic novel I received but it looked really cute and I couldn’t help but read it right away. Of course, this was some time ago and I am only now getting around to writing the review for the book so forgive me.

Greg has no shadow and is kind of an outcast. One day, he discovers a haunted mansion and ends up falling in love with the resident ghost. Obviously, things get a little complicated and there is some good angst going on there too.

The graphic novel is as cute as it sounds but doesn’t necessarily leave a lasting impression. Not every book I read, or anyone reads, needs to be revolutionary but I think the premise is so unique that I would…

5 Books I Am Thankful For

5 Books I Am Thankful For

Posted by on 11/23/2017 • 3 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!!!!!!! Long time no see?? I just finished my last finals of undergrad so it’s definitely been a busy time for me but I am home now and have more time to spend blogging. I don’t necessarily celebrate Thanksgiving but (its tragic history aside) I do like taking a moment to reflect on the various things I am grateful for this year. Right now, I am extremely grateful to all my friends without whom I am not sure I would have survived the year. I am, as always, thankful to my fam and books. So without further ado, here is a list of 5 books I am grateful exist.

1. American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

I feel like, at some point, people are…

Middle Grade Mini-Reviews

Middle Grade Mini-Reviews

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I actually haven’t had as much time to read lately which is why I haven’t been posting more but hey, this is my last week of school ever??!?!?! It’s wild, intense and incredibly stressful. I have a bajillion emotions but this isn’t really the time to talk about them. I have been reading some MG and Picture Books to destress though so today, I bring to you, some mini-reviews of middle grade novels I’ve read in the past month-ish?? However long it’s been. IDK.


Just, Dance Patricia MacLachlan 


Sylvie Bloom wants to find something new and exciting this summer—at least more exciting than the cows, goats, and chickens on her family’s farm that she’s become accustomed to. Luckily, Sylvie’s teacher Mrs. Ludolf…