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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Infinite Variants of YA: The One Where Caleb Roehrig Chooses b/w an Alpaca and a Pony

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HELLO and welcome back to this fancy feature that Nick (Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist) and I are collaborating on! This month I have a really fun interview to share with the famously amazing Caleb Roehrig to share with you. He is hilarious and just as much fun to talk to as his book is to read! If you haven’t already read Last Seen Leaving, get on it because its a YA mystery you don’t want to miss. NOW. PLEASE PUT YOUR HANDS UP (or flail around, I don’t have a preference) for Caleb Roehrig!!!


1. You’ve travelled A LOT. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?

Oh, man. I have definitely done a lot of travel, and I’ve been a lot of places I could see myself living quite comfortably, but this would probably come down to a death match between Venice, Italy, and Seville, Spain. Venice is my absolute favorite city in Europe, bar none; I’ve gone a few times, and it never loses any of its magic…but it’s also sorta kinda gradually sinking into the lagoon?? And I’m not sure I want to deal with that. Seville is beautiful and eclectic, with rambling promenades, picturesque alleys, and performances of flamenco and Spanish guitar around every corner. Good food and great wine practically run from the tap, too, so maybe I’d move there. I can visit Venice on weekends.

2. What would Flynn’s (the main character of LAST SEEN LEAVING) ideal meal look like?

Ha! Flynn has fairly uncomplicated tastes. I think his ideal meal would be a two-liter of Coke and either a large double-cheese pizza or else a huge mountain of spaghetti with extra parmesan. (Much like me, he really, really likes cheese.)

3. What book do you wish you could have read as a teenager?

I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson. The writing is exquisite, and the story—about Jude and Noah Sweetwine, two artistic and emotionally-driven siblings who struggle to heal and reconnect after tragedy and misunderstanding drive them apart—is profoundly moving. Noah, a gay teenager who feels things acutely and sees the world in a way many people around him don’t fully understand, is a character I identify with even as an adult; I would love to have “met” him when I was his same age and dealing with some of the same issues.

4. What classic mystery book would you recommend?

THE BIG SLEEP by Raymond Chandler is one of my all-time favorites. It’s quintessential noir: a sarcastic and tough-talking detective, sultry femmes fatale, and prose that is somehow both lyrical and hard-boiled all at the same time. Raymond Chandler may not have created the pulp detective fiction that flourished in the nineteen-thirties and forties, but he absolutely perfected it. This novel, about blackmail and dark deeds in sunny, seedy Los Angeles, is his best.

5. Would you rather be a character in a murder mystery or an epic scavenger hunt book?

As long as I was neither the victim nor the main suspect, I’ll take murder every time! (Also, I call dibs on I’LL TAKE MURDER as a future book title, so hands off, everybody else!)

6. Would you rather have a pet alpaca or a pet pony?

This is a question?? OBVIOUSLY an alpaca! (YES they are kinda stinky and mean and like to spit a lot, but they are so soft!)

7. A chocolate fountain or fondue fountain?

THIS IS SO HARD but I think I’m going with a fondue fountain. I looooove chocolate, but I might actually love cheese just a little bit more (see: answer to question 2!)

About the Book

The Infinite Variants of YA: The One Where Caleb Roehrig Chooses b/w an Alpaca and a Pony
Last Seen Leaving
Caleb Roehrig
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, YA
Publication date: October 4th, 2016
by Feiwel & Friends

Flynn's girlfriend has disappeared. How can he uncover her secrets without revealing his own?

Flynn's girlfriend, January, is missing. The cops are asking questions he can't answer, and her friends are telling stories that don't add up. All eyes are on Flynn—as January's boyfriend, he must know something.

But Flynn has a secret of his own. And as he struggles to uncover the truth about January's disappearance, he must also face the truth about himself.


Last Seen Leaving in emojis

Thanks so much to Caleb Roehrig for joining us today!

Don’t forget to check out Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist later this month for another author-thing and come back again at the end of the month for a round up of diverse releases in the month of March!

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