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Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: The Clairvoyance Clock by KM Parr

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The Clairvoyance Clock
(Alex in Wunderstrande, #1)
K.M. Parr
Release date: November 22nd, 2011

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For seventeen-year-old Alexander Rosengrant, the recent war in Wunderstrande was anything but victorious. Angry that he was forced to stay home while his friends risked their lives as soldiers, Alex harbors resentment toward his Uncle Brody, Lancaster’s star general. In the midst of this controversy, the mention of a mad scientist’s strange heirloom soon propels Alex on a risky journey, leading him to question all that Lancaster had been fighting for. Along the way, Alex discovers that not only is his life a tangled mess of lies, but the situation surrounding the war was nothing he could have ever imagined.

*A copy was provided by KM Parr for review purposes*
I really thought I wasn’t going to be into it much when I first started reading this book. It was a bit slow and felt a little disjointed, but once the half way mark hit it really started to move along and turned it into a real page turner. I was completely taken by surprise at how much I ended up enjoying this story afterall.

When starting The Clairvoyance Clock we’re immediately thrown into the life of Alex who is living with his uncle in Lancaster and has been rebelling to get a little more freedom. At first I was a bit confused about the setting of the story. It’s never made clear if it’s based in its own world and what exactly it entails. Does this world have magic? Does it include a whole universe? And most importantly- What exactly is Wunderstande: a country, a planet, a city? These were all questions that circled my mind during the first part of the book; In turn, making me feel a bit distanced from the story. However, during the second half, I suddenly ended up being able to visualize this glamorous world which is, in fact, wonderfully detailed. I didn’t even realize it – one moment, it was just there in my mind, clear as day. Instead of being explained from page one, the world building is left to our own disclosure. While I usually like books clearly illustrated so I can situate myself in it, I found myself really enjoying the way KM Parr created a journey for us, as much as for her characters. And all throughout my confusion at the start, I realize I never felt like the world building was inadequate.

The slow beginning is not without substance. We get to know our wonderful and misguided protagonist, Alex, who shows considerable character growth throughout the story. He starts off as this seemingly unruly child who eventually matures into a strong and brave young man. It’s impressive how well his character is developed. It is of no wonder, though, seeing how much affliction this journey encompasses. I’m going to warn you that this book does have some violence. KM makes some pretty bold moves during this story that will likely make some eyebrows rise. Though most, like me, will see how much power, even beauty, it gives to the storyline; It’s austere, but genuine and shows us we’re in for quite a ride.

The Clairvoyance Clock is an admirable start to its series that has more than enough entertaining twists and turns to make up for its slow start. These incredible twists – that I never saw coming might I add – will undoubtedly send us on an exciting adventure in the upcoming installments that I’m now highly anticipating. 

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