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Monday, September 29, 2014

My Book Life!

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I was tagged by Lisa Loves Literature to participate in this fun book blog tag – Book Life Tag. If I tag you, I will let you know (likely through Twitter). Don’t forget to link back to me so I can see your answers! Even if you weren’t tagged, feel free to participate, too, it’s a super fun idea (at least I think so ;)).


Book Life Tag!

Who would be your father?

You mean fatherS! Because I’d pick Adam and Seth from My Life After Now. When I think about best dads in YA, this novel comes first to mind. The MC lived in a 2 dad household and they were just so supportive and wonderful.

Who would be your mother?

Sooo.. I can’t pick from TV, right? Bc hands-down: Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)! >.< But in books I would have to say Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter series. That woman is fierce and has the biggest heart ever! She did raise 7 wonderful kids, after all! ;)(Plus I would be Ron’s sister = win!)

Who would be your sister?

I have a pretty awesome sister already irl, but a book character would need to be Darla from the Ashfall series. That girl kicks some serious butt and would make sure we both survive whatever we’re going through – end of the world and all!

Who would be your brother?

Can I pick 4? I’m picking 4! Because I want all 4 Merrick brothers from the Elemental series to be my brothers! 😀 I totally win at this game!

Who would be your pet?

Really, any Pandora from Fire & Flood – who doesn’t want a pet with powers and abilities!? That just trumps regular old pets. Yep.

Where would you live?

How about where I don’t want to live? Because I read mostly darker books – and yeah, no :S This was a hard one. At first I was thinking the world in Cinder – only so I could hang out with all the awesome characters. But they I remember they have weird diseases on there so but I’m going to go with 1920’s NYC from Born of Illusion! (Imagine living pre-internet! *gasp*)

Where would you go to school?

Well, the obvious answer here is Hogwarts. But since everyone is likely to pick that one I’m going to veer off course and say Vampire Academy. As a vampire, of course.

What would be your fictional job?

I think it would be exciting to work at Merlotte’s from the Sookie series. There’s always some sort of excitement going on there! I would never be in harm’s way, of course, just enjoying the drama! >.<

Who would be your best friend?
Catching Jordan

Jordan from Catching Jordan, for sure! That girl is just hilarious and all-together made of awesome! Plus, then I would get to see Sam Henry’s shenanigans with my own eyes!

Who would be your significant other?
Sins & Needles

I have to just pick one, right? Gah! Well the first that came to mind was Camden from Sins & Needles. Read it, and you will understand all!

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Do I live an awesome life, or what?
Do we have any that would match?