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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Review: Friends for Life by Andrew Norris

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I received this book for free from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Friends for Life by Andrew NorrisFriends for Life Published by David Fickling Books on August 25th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Middle-Grade, Paranormal
Source: Scholastic
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A timeless and uplifting book about friendship, filled with humor and heart.

When Jessica sits next to Francis on a bench during recess, he's surprised to learn that she isn't actually alive--she's a ghost. And she's surprised, too, because Francis is the first person who has been able to see her since she died.

Before long, Francis and Jessica are best friends, enjoying life more than they ever have. When they meet two more friends who can also see Jessica, the question arises: What is it that they have in common? And does it have something to do with Jessica being a ghost?

This book was actually much different than I thought it would be. It was a much deeper and serious story than I had originally thought going into it. I thought it was going to be a cute MG about a boy who is friends with a ghost. In a way it is, but it’s so much more. He can see the ghost for a certain reason, and then other people can too. Jessica is actually visible because they need her help and she also needs theirs so she can move on. This was a fantastic gem of a story where I was expecting something cute. It really hit me right in the feels and I think it was wonderful.

Francis is a loner. He is different so he doesn’t have any friends. He gets picked on because of his love for fashion. Other people don’t understand. Not until he meets Jessica one day when he is trying to hide away from the other kids at school on a bench out in the cold. Only she isn’t just anyone, she’s a ghost and he is the first person to be able to see her. They become friends and he discovers things about her and himself. He also makes some real friends along the way. A bond that will never be broken. Not only are they the only other people to be able to see Jessica, but they all have something in common. They are all outcasts with no friends. People who are bullied. Jessica may be the thing that brings them together, but what they find in each other is what makes them become so close.

I can’t tell much about this book without ruining what it’s really all about, but I can tell you that it was a pleasant surprise and I am glad that I didn’t know how things were going to go when I picked it up. I loved getting to know the characters, and to see what would happen next. They are all smart and great kids with a bright future ahead of them. I also loved how much the parents are in the story too. Such an important thing, especially being that this is a book where the characters are younger. Even though the book is lighthearted, it really has a deeper story to it. This is a perfect book about issues for a younger age group. It’s quick and easy to read, but not quick to forget. This book will stick with you.


3.5 Hot Espressos

Interview with Kady Cross + Giveaway!

Interview with Kady Cross + Giveaway!

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Being a huge fan of ghost stories, I’m excited to be a part of the Sisters of Blood and Spirit blog tour! I’ve got the lovely Kady Cross on the blog today for a short interview along with a giveaway! First, let’s see what this book is all about in case you missed out on this one so far:

Interview with Kady Cross Let’s start with giving us a brief description of this book using a tweet (140 characters or less).

Sweet Valley High meets Supernatural.

What was the hardest part of writing Sisters of Blood and Spirit?

Sorting out, and keeping track of what ghosts can and can’t do in this world, and then staying on top of which of those rules Wren…

Review: Dreamfire by Kit Alloway

Review: Dreamfire by Kit Alloway

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This was my mantra upon finishing this book. And boy, did I keep on repeating this with much fervor and passionate flailing. I mean, guys. GUYS. I found a 5 star book. THIS IS NOT A DRILL: I FOUND A 5 STAR BOOK. Where’s the confetti?! Where are the champagne?! WE NEED A GODDAMN CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN OVER HERE.

I am getting goosebumps all over my skin as I type this. I don’t even know how I’m going to review this book in the most logical, coherent way possible. I usually write my reviews in a calculated, objective (with a tint of emotional bias) manner, but right now, I don’t think that is possible. Warning: I may repeat the words awesome, fantastic, excellent, sublime,…

Review: When by Victoria Laurie

Review: When by Victoria Laurie

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If you think this is your usual paranormal book where a girl finds herself capable of doing some pretty cool shit and doesn’t know how to use it and consequently gets frustrated until she finds the Love Interest/s who help/s her channel her powers for good before they run off to the sunset to their happily ever after, STOP RIGHT THERE! I shit you not, When by Victoria Laurie is anything but… that. It gets rid of the overused PR formula and breathes into it new life. I’m telling you right now that this book will surprise you in the sickest way possible (and I mean that very positively).

Being able to know when someone will die is definitely not an easy burden. If I had this curse put upon me, I…

Giveaway: Half Wild by Sally Green

Giveaway: Half Wild by Sally Green

Posted by on 03/20/2015 • 5 Comments

On March 24th, Penguin will publish HALF WILD (Viking; on sale: March 24, 2015; 9780670017133; ages 12 up; $18.99), the second installment in Sally Green’s dark and captivating Half Bad trilogy. HALF WILD has already received two starred reviews, with Publishers Weekly raving that it “features the same powerful language, well-developed characters, fascinating magic, and harrowing action sequences as its predecessor and will leave its readers anxiously awaiting the final volume.”

When Half Bad released in the US, the critical response was resounding. TIME Magazine named Half Bad one of the “Best Books of 2014 So Far,” calling it “highly entertaining and dangerously addictive”. USA Today called it “refreshing” while The Boston Globe declared it “much more than a book about witches…a ruminative exploration of the nature of evil.”


Surviving A Redeemer: Guest Post by O’Dell Hutchison + Giveaway!

Surviving A Redeemer: Guest Post by O’Dell Hutchison + Giveaway!

Posted by on 03/04/2015 • 9 Comments

I’m very happy to welcome O’Dell Hutchison on the blog today after the release of his newest book, Fingers in the Mist. I had the chance to read this way back before it got published and I loved it! If you love horror this one is not to be missed! Here’s a bit more about the book, and then O’Dell will tell us how doomed we all are!

Guest Post by O’Dell Hutchison

Surviving in the Face of a Redeemer… or Not.

The normal, everyday Joe would not be able to survive a Redeemer. In fact, until Caitlyn came along, no one has ever (to the knowledge of the townsfolk of Highland Falls) been able to survive them. The rules are simple:

First of all,…

Review: Jinn and Juice by Nicole Peeler

Review: Jinn and Juice by Nicole Peeler

Posted by on 02/17/2015 • 12 Comments

I love chips. I know they’re unhealthy and will probably shorten my life span and that I will regret it later when I’m old and senile and cranky as frack, but I just can’t help it. I love chips of all flavors – cheese, BBQ, sour cream, cheesy jalapeño – you name it. I see a bag of chips and I brighten up quickly. They’re one of my guilty pleasures.

However, there are exceptions. There are times a bag of chips make me unhappy and unsatisfied. Like, you open one and realize that puffy bag of chips was actually made up of 25% fatty goodness and 75% air.


You’re probably wondering the relevance of my silly “bag-o-chips” drivel. Well, to be completely honest, there’s…

Giveaway: Half Bad by Sally Green

Giveaway: Half Bad by Sally Green

Posted by on 01/19/2015 • 9 Comments

To celebrate the new paperback release of Half Bad that came out on the 13th, you can all enter to win your very own copy (plus some more goodies)! I read this one last year and realy enjoyed it, I def think you should all give it a try! You can find my review here.

Half Wild, the sequel, will be out in March! Click on the cover for Goodreads:

Don’t forget to: Visit the Half Bad website Find Sally Green on Twitter and Wattpad Share using hashtag #HalfBad


Penguin has generously offered up WINTER WITCHES BREW prize pack for giveaway! Brew a winter concoction to settle in and read Half Bad before the release of Half…