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Xpresso Weekly: Stacking the Shelves (10)

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Xpresso Weekly is my edition of Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews featuring the books
I got this week, and I also mention blog news/happenings of the past week

This week at Xpresso Reads

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We had crap weather this week but the weekend is full of sun! 😀 So what did you miss this week? What about the TON of new covers that were revealed! I posted a bunch on Facebook, I’ll just link you to the reveal album here, the new ones are on top it’ll just be easier. Includes Requiem (Delirium, #3), Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2), The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines, #3) & more! On the blog I had the Temptation blog tour that stopped by for my review, a guest post, and you can enter two fabulous giveaways. One includes a prize pack with copies of Speechless, Inside Out, and Temptation! As for future tours, you can look forward to the Ashen Winter blog tour that will be dropping by in October which I’m extremely excited for! All tour dates can be found on the sidebar.

This week’s reviews:
Stacking the Shelves
As some of you can’t or don’t like to watch vlogs, the pictures are below! I got distracted and forgot to say a BIG thank you to Henrietta from Leisure Reads for the gifted book! 
And after I say bye, I come back for an encore >.<

Bloggers mentionned:
-Jenni from Alluring Reads
-Kara from Great Imaginations
-Henrietta from Leisure Reads

Click on covers or title links below for Goodreads
I got for review:

*Huge thank you to Random House Canada, Hachette Book Group Canada, HarperCollins Canada, Random House Children’s Books, Macmillan Publishers, Bloomsbury UK, St. Martin’s Press, and Deb Hanrahan for these review copies -making my week epic!*

I was gifted:

From the lovely Henrietta from Leisure Reads (Thanks so much, muffin!)

Hope you all had a fantastic week! 
Leave me a link to your book haul! 🙂 
Love your faces!

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64 Responses to “Xpresso Weekly: Stacking the Shelves (10)”

  1. speculatef

    Your son is a cutey-pie! *waves*

    How awesome you got books just as you finished the vlog! I have Throne of Glass too! I’m hoping to read it soon. I saw the Shadow Society when you linked to the cover reveal, it does indeed look interesting 🙂

    I hope you love your books 😀

    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
    Come and check out my new weekly book haul feature, Stocktake Saturday.

  2. Jenni @ Alluring Reads

    Henrietta is seriously so sweet! That’s awesome. I’m really interested to see what you think of Vestige, that one sounds really good. And also the epic-ness that is Stormdancer, I have that problem too where I am often let down by titles that are raved about by everyone else but I have a REALLY good feeling about this one and I think I (and you) are going to love it!

    Hi Alek! You are so adorable, that chunky little hand, so freaking cute!

    Love seeing your face every week now 🙂

  3. A. Knight @ Paranormal Indulgence

    I JUST LOVE YOU, girl.

    AND HANDSOME. *squeals* HANDSOME WAS IN A VIDEO!! *DIES* So fraking cute, that kid is.

    And I’m really digging your haul, Giselle. *fist-bumps* all around for Throne of Glass and Mystic City. Just got those and have to add them officially to my reading lists. LOOK SO GOOD. And I know what you mean about Stormdancer. I think I’ll hold off on that one for a while yet…


  4. Natalia Belikov @ Dazzling Reads

    My dear Giselle!!
    It is so nice to see you talking <3 <3 ^___^
    I really like the way you talk. Is it my idea or you have an accent? or is that NB’s accent? whatever it is, is very nice!!
    YOu got amazing stuff mydear! and OMG! Throne of Glass is EPIC!! read it asap! =DDDD



  5. Nazish Reads

    Awesome book Haul!
    Stormdancer and The Shadow Society look and sound interesting. I’ve been wanting to read throne of Glass for months, just a little over a month left until it releases, I’m so impatient, lol.
    Enjoy your books.

    Here’s my weekly book haul: Saturday on the Shelves (9)

  6. bookworm105

    So many good books! Cross My Heart and Hop To Spy is really good. Forget about Josh because you’re meeting THE guy in this one!

    I really want to read Mystic City and Stormdancer! So lucky that you have The Shadow Society. The Lost Girls sound good.

    Happy reading! =D

  7. Sam

    Throne of Glass! Eeee!! I hope you love it as much as I did! 😀 I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Shadow Society and Erasing Time. I’m really looking forward to both those books! An amazing haul this week Giselle. Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Amy

    You had an awesome week!! OMG your son is adorable!! My daughter was watching and I was like, “There’s your boyfriend!!.” Lol!! Stormdancer sounds so awesome!! What’s Left of Me and Erasing Time are both ones I am looking forward to. Vestige I think is going to be really great. Lost Girls sounds good too. Love your face chick!!

  9. Danny

    OoOo amazing books you got!! Can’t wait for Stormdancer and Mystic City!
    I loved Throne of Glass so I hope you are going to like it :)) Have fun with your books!

  10. Theta Sigma

    Throne of Glass is doing the rounds at the mo and it’s one that I was having the same thoughts as yourself about it but with so many people talking about it, I decided to put it on my Wish List.

    Hope you like The Night Circus. It’s a beautifully written book.

  11. Sarah (saz101)

    ME. WITH THE DYING! Stormdance and Throne of Glass are two of my most insaley anticipated reads, and What’s Left Of Me looks AMAZING! Enjoy!

  12. Aneeqah

    That’s one epic book haul!! I’m totally jealous that you got Throne of Glass and What’s Left of Me. Both look super fantastic! And Shadow Society also looks really good. I’m looking forward to your review on that one!

    Happy reading! <3

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  13. Valia Lind

    I still havent read Night Circus but I’ve heard such great things!!! Erasing Time was interesting, And I adore Ally Carter books!!! Enjoy all your goodies!

  14. Addie R.

    Oohh soo many great books! I got Midnight City this week too and I’m super excited to read it! And this is my first time hearing of Vestige and it sounds awesome! Happy reading!:)

    My STS

  15. Katie @ BlookGirl

    ::dreamy sigh:: Oh, Stormdancer… how I love you… 🙂 Giselle, your book haul this week ROCKS MY FACE OFF!!!

    I need to read Kara’s review for Long Lankin. I do love the cover! Mystic City is also one of the books I received. Can’t wait to compare notes 🙂

    Hope you enjoy ALL your lovelies from this past week. Give Alek a BIG smooch for me. He is TOO CUTE for his own good <3

  16. Alexa

    What an amazing haul! I’m so jealous of What’s Left of Me – I’m dying to read that one. And Throne of Glass was absolutely brilliant!

  17. margie c {the bumble girl}

    Throne of Glass and What’s Left of Me both sound like great reads! and I was so happy to have found Falling for Hamlet on your blog the other day! I had not heard about it before and it really sounds like one that I will enjoy and re-read too! I’ve added it to my list 🙂 Thanks!… happy reading!

  18. Silverlight

    Great book week, chick!

    OMG – those *tiny fingers*…eep! lol, he’s a cutie pie!

    Ok onto the books
    -Vestige looks eerie w/the triple 6 on the cover
    -Lost Girls, Mystic City, and Stormdancer =awesome
    -Love this cover for Throne Of Glass-which I just started reading, yesterday, and I’m already enjoying-hate the cover w/ the blond girl on the cover
    Have a great week, hun!!!

  19. BookStacksOnDeck

    Oh yea – that Stormdancer cover is amazing! The Mystic City & Throne of Glass ones looks cool too! Might like that Throne of Glass cover version better – looks more badass! Can’t wait to read What’s Left of Me – sounds really good! Enjoy <3!
    -heather//my stack

  20. Shane

    totally awesome. we have some of the same but others i have no idea about, especially shadow society and lost girls. great haul!

  21. ShreShre

    LOVE THE HAUL GISELLE!! ;D I really want to read Stormdancer! You will absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Throne of Glass. I really want to read What’s Left of Me 😛 and Erasing Time sounds intriguing, might have to add that to my TBR list 😀 I also got Night Circus this week, and i can’t wait to start it! AND LASTLYYYYy, you know JUST how happy i am for you to be reading Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy. ENJOY YOUR LOVELY BOOKS!!!!

    My Book Haul 😀

  22. Kara_Malinczak

    #1- Thanks for the mention and I hope you really like Long Lankin.

    #2- Your son is sooo cute and I miss you guys. Don’t forget about me this month when I’m not around that much.

    #3- E-Galley of Stormdancer? How? *grabby hands* I want!

  23. Bea

    ooo, you have The Night Circus! I want to read that one. As usual, you have an excellent haul. Thanks for the pics for those of who don’t do vlogs. It’s much appreciated.

  24. Novels On The Run

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of Stormdancer, don’t be afraid of the hype..hehe!! I am part of the hype:S It is a most awesome read. But , ya never know you may be the black sheep:D

    Great reads. I have Throne Of Glass to read so fingers crossed it is awesome as I have been hearing!